Let’s talk about why

Unless you live under a rock, I’m sure you’ve read the news about the church shooting this past weekend.

White male.  DV record.

What is up with that combination equaling a mass shooter?  Mass murder has never been a focus of my crime interests.  I don’t find myself wanting to really get the why of it.  I’ve always felt the why was simply because that person was incredibly selfish. Like epic level selfish.  I equate them to mothers who kill their children.  Yeah, I’m talking about YOU Susan Smith.

Mass shooters go into it knowing there’s a high probability they won’t come out alive. Much like a suicide bomber.  Also don’t give shits about them either. They too are on the too selfish to be alive list.  The only problem is, they know that. And they want to take out as many people as possible.  They think it will make their death more meaningful.  But have you noticed we now refer to them as “the shooter” and not by name anymore?  Finally, we are learning to take their power away.




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What’s Next?

Real lawyer was real and I’ve got the feelings about it but I knew this was a possibility from the start and I’m thankful to have had so many years with you amazing readers, reading along with me.  A rare adventure I will cherish.

Ted is old news anyway.  There’s a new killer in town and there’s a case that I’ve been fascinated with since the beginning of the year.  I’ve even stooped to reading gossip that can’t possibly be confirmed.

The murders of Abby Williams and Libby German.

This case hit me in the feels.  When I was their age, my best friend and I would adventure in the woods near my house.  We would walk around her neighborhood on the army base without a care in the world.  If we had camera phones and Snapchat back then, I’m sure we would have taken similar pictures. Every summer we’d sleep in and then walk to the pool.  No adults really checked in with us until after they got off work. I supposed if we hadn’t been home by then, they would have raised an alarm.  Much like Abby and Libby, we might have been long gone.

What’s scary is that there’s audio clips of the killer along with pictures and it’s rumored that there’s a lot more on the girls’ phones.  What’s even scarier? The killer has yet to be caught.

Hit me with what you know, what are your theories and tell me someone has an insight to what’s what on this because I’m obsessed.

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I’m sure y’all can figure it out ;)



November 1, 2017 · 6:02 am

Well shit

I have to apologize for two things.

First, I know I’ve been MIA forever and a day but I’ve got a queue of cases to discuss to make up for the lack of posting.

Second, as much as I’ve loved reading The Phantom Prince with all of you, I got a letter from a lawyer asking me to take all the pictures down.  As soon as I get confirmation that they are who they say they are, they will have to come down.  I’m sorry guys! I thought because I was posting personal pictures from my own copy of an out of print book, it wouldn’t cause any trouble.  I have explained that the purpose of the pictures is for discussion since the book is bonkers expensive and has been out of print for 30 years. But none of that matters because it’s Liz’s book and she’s allowed, under the law, to ask me to take it down.

I’ve been posting this for years now and in the beginning, I pondered if this day would ever come.  And if it did, what would it look like.  I always assumed it would be in a comment.  Not an official letter from a lawyer literally listing every single link.  That was a little bit scary.  Don’t get me wrong, lawyer was super nice in the letter.  It’s my first lawyer letter.  It’s kind of like getting a speeding ticket for the first time.  A tiny part of me wondered if whoever handled this also took the time to read the other stuff I’ve written.  If Kyle is still out there, they are totally cool with me keeping my Fuck You Kyle posts, that wasn’t in the list of required links to take down.

The real question is did Liz read it… <—I’m too scared to ask myself that yet.  My opinion of her choices at that time in her life aren’t exactly hidden throughout this blog.

Thus ends an era.

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Hell in an Orange Handbasket


I don’t know about you but I’m scared as fuck.  I don’t know what in the bloody hell happened in America last week but everyone pretty much went bonkers.  We know that’s going to be a cluster fuck of epic proportions so let’s talk about all the other stuff that happened while the world was ending.

Two things in California didn’t pass that I thought were interesting.  First was something I never thought I’d have to research to vote on but that was condoms in porn.  I didn’t even know where to start on that on to build an opinion.  I had so many questions.  Like why was it my business what someone else did in their sex life?  While these people were getting paid to have sex, a lot of people have to do that for free and no one was telling them they had to wear condoms.  I really didn’t forsee myself having sex with a porn star at any point in the future (not a knock to them because whew some of them would totally be on my list, I’m all kinds of happily married) so I felt like this had pretty much zero to do with me. And then was it a visual thing? Do people not want to see condoms? And then I realize it really wasn’t my business what people want or don’t want to see in their porn.

The results of that prop perplexed me almost as much as the prop itself.  Almost five and a half million people voted no.  Over four and a half voted yes.  That’s like eleven million people had to literally think if they were pro or against condoms in porn.  And yes, I giggled at that. Like… someone’s granny had to vote on that. It didn’t pass.

The second was repealing the death penalty.  There’s a man on death row in California that I’ve waited to be executed for years. Over 20 years actually.  Richard Allen Davis.  And even though Cali will probably never pick back up on executions, just the thought of that murdering rapist bastard getting a paper in the mail saying his death sentence was commuted to life made me hot white raging mad.  Second on that list is Scott Peterson. Out right repeal got denied but there’s another one that’s waiting to be called since it was too close.

Another thing I found interesting was how much money was spent on the props. For example, big pharm and friends spent $109,033,854.64 so drug pricing standards wouldn’t pass.  Tobacco spent $71,261,719.99 against a $2 tax on cigarettes.

What interesting props did you have to vote for?

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Protected: Chapter 17….Part 1

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I’ve got a theory Part 1

That it’s a demon.  A dancing demon! No…something isn’t right there.  It could be bunnies? Or maybe witches…

Now that the whirlwind of shows has calmed down, I’m ready to offer up my theory on what happened to JonBenet.  I had to take a hot second to calm down because there was one show that really really got to me.  Studying forensics has been my life for so long. You start to notice the experts in the field and you begin to respect their opinions especially when you see them over multiple high profile cases. Seeing Dr. Henry Lee dismiss vital forensic evidence left me broken and questioning my opinions on other cases.  Seeing him use faulty recreations as actual forensic testing broke my heart.  Science should be respected.  Forensic science is no exception to this.  The things he and that team did for ratings under the guise of actual forensic investigation made me embarrassed to ever  be a part of that field.

So here’s a warning to anyone coming to this debate armed only with that one horrendous CBS special.  I will break out the memes.

Okay, whew, are we ready? It’s story time.

Obviously I’m a blogger and I’m not a detective so all this is me researching the crap out of the evidence already made public and coming to my own conclusions.

All accounts from family and friends say Patsy adored JonBenet. She was born in 1990 and in 1993, Patsy had ovarian cancer. Stage 4.  I cannot imagine having a 3 year old and a 6 year old and having to go through cancer treatments.  Worrying if you are going to leave your babies without a mom.  Family and friends all have said her babies got her through it.  And after the cancer went into remission, she spent her time living life to the fullest, enjoying every second with her kids.  I’ve also heard JonBenet was a ham and a half especially when they had company. She loved performing and would put on skits and dances for everyone.  Burke was quiet and he loved video games and trains.  John worked a lot but loved his family very much. Loved that he was able to provide so well for them.  They had a nice circle of friends and had settled into their neighborhood.  Even 20 years later, there’s no teachers, friends, family, gardener, pool boy, random mom at Walmart that’s had any stories about Patsy or John being bad parents.

The pageants: I find it hard to believe people are so judgey considering Toddlers and Tiaras still has good ratings and is still on the air.  Patsy herself was in pageants. JonBenet liked to perform.  They found a fun way to bond and spend their time together.  And from season after season of T&T, I can tell you if JonBenet didn’t like doing it, she would not have been prancing across the stage in every video that’s out there.  She looked like she was having a blast and I would bet dance lessons would have been in her future. Maybe ice skating lessons too.  Yes the glitz pageants are bonkers at making little girls look like grownups but it’s a few hours out of a day a weekend every couple of months.  It’s no different than the red lipstick and red blush and boatloads of water proof mascara my mom piled onto my face for every single dance recital for 10 years.

However, I do wonder if her killer had been to her pageants or seen her at one and that’s where she caught his attention.

The pineapple: I fucking hate that bowl of pineapple.  I think it’s super insignificant but it’s been given so much attention.  I think Burke fixed it for himself and JonBenet snagged a few pieces as they played with their Christmas toys before going to the White’s party. I truly don’t think Burke remembers the stupid pineapple.  It was Christmas and he was 9.  His focus was on toys.  To test this theory, I tried to remember two days from my past that had huge events and then I tried to remember what I ate those days.  One event was 20 years ago, one was 12.  Neither times can I remember a single thing I ate that day.  Remember, Burke was 9 and immediately locked down as soon as they found JonBenet’s body.  Probably for a good 10 years, he wasn’t privy to anything that was going on in the media when it came to his sister.  I think he knew the accusations against his parents but I don’t think he sought out details until he was much older, if he did at all.  So it was probably 5+ years before he saw the insane attention that has been spent on this stupid bowl of pineapple.  He would have probably just forgotten he even ate any or asked for any.  From the crime scene photos, the bowl looked fairly full anyway.

Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 2.36.43 PM.png

The bed wetting: It happens.  Yes it can also be used as a red flag for an abused child but also she was 6 and sometimes kids wet the bed.  There was no proof that she wet the bed that night at all. Which immediately discounts the theory that she wet the bed which put Patsy “into a rage.”  Those theory people are the ones that piss me off the most.


Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 2.46.43 PM.png


A few things I do notice though, her pillow is moved to the end of the bed. And the bed ruffles on both beds are weird towards the head of the bed.  Patsy comments during a police interview about another bed having it’s ruffle odd in a spot like these.  Anyone with ruffles want to weigh in? I haven’t had one on my bed since I was a child so I don’t know how easily they get pushed in or pulled out. You couldn’t pay me to have one on my bed now.

To be continued….


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