Justice for Libby and Abby

I’m sure by now you guys, like me, have been watching the new clip and listening to the new audio over and over and over.  Did anyone else want to reach out and hug the shit out of Superintendent Doug Carter? Every word dripped with emotion.  Anger and grief.  If anyone questioned whether or not they still cared about Abby and Libby getting justice, this pretty much puts that to rest. Yes, yes they very much still care.

So let’s chat.  How is everyone feeling about that age range? It’s quite vast.  All we really know is it’s not some old dude.  18-40 would mean 16 at the time of the murders right? That’s a little scary that they could be considering it may be someone who knew them? I feel like closer to 40 would mean someone peripheral otherwise he would have been caught by now.  But 18-22 could mean someone closer to their age range and could have traveled in the same circles-ish. I delved into Reddit a little bit and they seemed to be thinking more at the older side of the age range.  It’s just really weird. The girls were out of school that day.  It wasn’t a planned ahead adventure. It sounded like a hey we have the day off let’s go adventure kind of thing.

As much as I’ve thought about this case, I always come back to two scenarios.  Someone knew they would be there and took advantage of them being alone.  Or it was someone out hunting.  Bundy hunted his victims.  Richard Allen Davis hunted sweet Polly. Sorry but I refuse to use the word stalked.  When the end game is murder, it’s hunting.  Neither is any less heart breaking for the family.

The clip today showed something interesting.  Years have been spent speculating if BG was wearing a fanny pack since his jacket was bulged.

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 11.37.23 PM

I feel like the clip showed a lot more definition. You can see his hands in his pockets.

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 12.38.06 AM

So if his hands are in his pants pockets, what’s in his right jacket pocket?

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 12.38.53 AM

Does anyone else think that looks like a gun? A gun would make two girls listen to a strange adult or an adult they know. When an adult with a gun tells you to go down the hill, how can you run? If you run, at least one of you gets shot if not both.  A gun would mean he could easily corral them to a remote location.

I just hope this means BG, whoever he is, gets arrested soon.

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How about that Netflix?

Anyone else have Bundy overload? Or are you a newbie and you’ve stumbled onto my blog from the slew of new press?

I’m intrigued, y’all.  I just watched a short interview with Lily Collins who said Liz and Tina spent time on set.  It’s been 30 years of radio silence and now….I still really want to know what her perspective is now three decades removed from the Liz she was then.  I hope we get to see that in the movie.  I’m playing with fire a tiny little bit because…well enuii is a bitch.

In other news, Colorado has a problem with monsters killing their children’s mothers.  Between Shan’ann Watts and Kelsey Berreth, they have their hands full. But gone are the days of JonBenet and both times, the CBI are ON IT.  Both monsters are in jail. One already pled guilty and another has his mama pleading the 5th for his stupid ass.  Really wish these guys would just learn to co-parent with the women they chose to have children with.  The Watts children deserved a better father. And Kelsey’s little girl will grow up knowing she was there when her father murdered her mother…and had his girlfriend come clean it up…and her grandmother watched her mother’s body burn.  That is cruel and hateful to saddle an innocent child with.



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Cranky pants

Y’all, I’ve been a cranky pants lately.  I guess I’ve been off pouting that I got a hand slap.  But I can’t pout forever and life goes on. And so do we. Just how we do it is no mystery. One by one…we fill the days a thousand different ways.  Points to anyone who knows what that is from without looking it up.

The reason I’m back is there’s an old case that was renewed a bit with a recent mini series called Waco.  One of the survivors and one of the negotiators consulted to show each side of the siege.   But I still have SO MANY QUESTIONS.  Anyone familiar with the details?


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I guess we need a refresher

Back in the day when I was posting Liz’s book often, I’d have assholes coming posting links to PDF versions of the book or Facebook pages of the book.  Y’all aren’t dumb.  If you want to read it bad enough, it was out there.  I took me all of a 5 second google search to find the entire PDF when I get the C&D on a HUGE website.  Ironically the next day, it was taken down so I’m guessing they got a C&D as well.  From what her lawyers said, they were basically sending it to everyone who posted it.  I wasn’t told exactly what triggered it other than they do that from time to time.

I posted the book for MY enjoyment.  I loved reading your comments and hearing other’s perspectives.  It was like having a really cool book club.  I did it at my own pace when time allowed since yes, I do have a life. I know, shocker, I don’t actually live in this blog 😉

So when people would come in and spoil the fun, I’d mark the comments as spam and move along.  But a few years ago, I noticed a flurry of the same link being posted.  On my side of the blog, I get to see the IP address of people who comment.  It’s not something I even looked at before but I started to and made note of the addresses of the comments and after a bit, was able to link them together.  Called out those people. And moved along with my blog and my life.

Yet again, I’m being told how and when I should use my blog.  Quite frankly, that pisses me THE FUCK OFF.  So once again let’s talk about the rules for MY BLOG.

The most important rule of all:

Unless I’m posting your published material, you don’t get to tell me what, when or how I blog.  At all. Ever. 

My only other rule is for commenters to be respectful of each other.

Luckily, I’ve never had an issue with that last rule.  Because the majority of you totally and beyond ROCK and I love that you take time out of your day to comment and share your thoughts and feelings.  You have no idea how much those comments mean to me.  It was literally the hardest part of taking down everything.  When I first got the email from Liz’s lawyer, I’ll be honest, I cried.  Because every comment was special to me.  I felt like I let everyone down.  That was a hard thing to swallow and post and tell you guys what happened.  But at the same time, I knew I had to do the right thing because above all, it’s Liz’s book and we all had to respect her wishes.

But here we are again.  Where people think it’s okay to call me a control freak for not posting on their schedule.  And then emotionally unstable for calling them out for being an asshole two years ago.  It really makes me angry.  I spent hours upon hours on my blog.  Connecting with people.  Honestly, I’m sick of explaining how this is my blog.  You’d think this being my domain would make all this self explanatory but I guess not. I guess it has to be said yet again that this is my blog.

This.  Is.  MY.  Blog.


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Let’s talk about why

Unless you live under a rock, I’m sure you’ve read the news about the church shooting this past weekend.

White male.  DV record.

What is up with that combination equaling a mass shooter?  Mass murder has never been a focus of my crime interests.  I don’t find myself wanting to really get the why of it.  I’ve always felt the why was simply because that person was incredibly selfish. Like epic level selfish.  I equate them to mothers who kill their children.  Yeah, I’m talking about YOU Susan Smith.

Mass shooters go into it knowing there’s a high probability they won’t come out alive. Much like a suicide bomber.  Also don’t give shits about them either. They too are on the too selfish to be alive list.  The only problem is, they know that. And they want to take out as many people as possible.  They think it will make their death more meaningful.  But have you noticed we now refer to them as “the shooter” and not by name anymore?  Finally, we are learning to take their power away.



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What’s Next?

Real lawyer was real and I’ve got the feelings about it but I knew this was a possibility from the start and I’m thankful to have had so many years with you amazing readers, reading along with me.  A rare adventure I will cherish.

Ted is old news anyway.  There’s a new killer in town and there’s a case that I’ve been fascinated with since the beginning of the year.  I’ve even stooped to reading gossip that can’t possibly be confirmed.

The murders of Abby Williams and Libby German.

This case hit me in the feels.  When I was their age, my best friend and I would adventure in the woods near my house.  We would walk around her neighborhood on the army base without a care in the world.  If we had camera phones and Snapchat back then, I’m sure we would have taken similar pictures. Every summer we’d sleep in and then walk to the pool.  No adults really checked in with us until after they got off work. I supposed if we hadn’t been home by then, they would have raised an alarm.  Much like Abby and Libby, we might have been long gone.

What’s scary is that there’s audio clips of the killer along with pictures and it’s rumored that there’s a lot more on the girls’ phones.  What’s even scarier? The killer has yet to be caught.

Hit me with what you know, what are your theories and tell me someone has an insight to what’s what on this because I’m obsessed.

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I’m sure y’all can figure it out ;)



November 1, 2017 · 6:02 am

Well shit

I have to apologize for two things.

First, I know I’ve been MIA forever and a day but I’ve got a queue of cases to discuss to make up for the lack of posting.

Second, as much as I’ve loved reading The Phantom Prince with all of you, I got a letter from a lawyer asking me to take all the pictures down.  As soon as I get confirmation that they are who they say they are, they will have to come down.  I’m sorry guys! I thought because I was posting personal pictures from my own copy of an out of print book, it wouldn’t cause any trouble.  I have explained that the purpose of the pictures is for discussion since the book is bonkers expensive and has been out of print for 30 years. But none of that matters because it’s Liz’s book and she’s allowed, under the law, to ask me to take it down.

I’ve been posting this for years now and in the beginning, I pondered if this day would ever come.  And if it did, what would it look like.  I always assumed it would be in a comment.  Not an official letter from a lawyer literally listing every single link.  That was a little bit scary.  Don’t get me wrong, lawyer was super nice in the letter.  It’s my first lawyer letter.  It’s kind of like getting a speeding ticket for the first time.  A tiny part of me wondered if whoever handled this also took the time to read the other stuff I’ve written.  If Kyle is still out there, they are totally cool with me keeping my Fuck You Kyle posts, that wasn’t in the list of required links to take down.

The real question is did Liz read it… <—I’m too scared to ask myself that yet.  My opinion of her choices at that time in her life aren’t exactly hidden throughout this blog.

Thus ends an era.


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Hell in an Orange Handbasket


I don’t know about you but I’m scared as fuck.  I don’t know what in the bloody hell happened in America last week but everyone pretty much went bonkers.  We know that’s going to be a cluster fuck of epic proportions so let’s talk about all the other stuff that happened while the world was ending.

Two things in California didn’t pass that I thought were interesting.  First was something I never thought I’d have to research to vote on but that was condoms in porn.  I didn’t even know where to start on that on to build an opinion.  I had so many questions.  Like why was it my business what someone else did in their sex life?  While these people were getting paid to have sex, a lot of people have to do that for free and no one was telling them they had to wear condoms.  I really didn’t forsee myself having sex with a porn star at any point in the future (not a knock to them because whew some of them would totally be on my list, I’m all kinds of happily married) so I felt like this had pretty much zero to do with me. And then was it a visual thing? Do people not want to see condoms? And then I realize it really wasn’t my business what people want or don’t want to see in their porn.

The results of that prop perplexed me almost as much as the prop itself.  Almost five and a half million people voted no.  Over four and a half voted yes.  That’s like eleven million people had to literally think if they were pro or against condoms in porn.  And yes, I giggled at that. Like… someone’s granny had to vote on that. It didn’t pass.

The second was repealing the death penalty.  There’s a man on death row in California that I’ve waited to be executed for years. Over 20 years actually.  Richard Allen Davis.  And even though Cali will probably never pick back up on executions, just the thought of that murdering rapist bastard getting a paper in the mail saying his death sentence was commuted to life made me hot white raging mad.  Second on that list is Scott Peterson. Out right repeal got denied but there’s another one that’s waiting to be called since it was too close.

Another thing I found interesting was how much money was spent on the props. For example, big pharm and friends spent $109,033,854.64 so drug pricing standards wouldn’t pass.  Tobacco spent $71,261,719.99 against a $2 tax on cigarettes.

What interesting props did you have to vote for?

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Chapter 17….Part 1

Alright, I’ve dragged this out and honestly, I’m sad to start posting chapter 17 because that’s it. That’s the last chapter.  Something I started doing years ago will be over.  I thought I’d be excited to finish but I’m sad.  Perhaps it’s the events of the last week and then some.  I’m only going to torture you guys a tiny bit.  Part one will post today and Part two will post next week.  And that will be all our Liz wrote.  At least that we know of.



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