Love is not louder. Education is Louder.

All this bully stuff in the news is driving me nutters.  Everyone is acting like bullying is some new phenomena.  Because it’s cyber bullying, everyone is all “OMG!”  How quick we’ve forgotten about all those school shootings.  Didn’t the news tell us that bullying was the cause of all those?  And *gasp* how many years has it been and what? There’s still bullying only it’s gone to the internets?

*big fat eye roll*

You know what is louder than love? Realizing that children are bullying other children because their parents and their school are failing them.  If a kid has a healthy and well rounded home life, they most likely won’t skip off to call some kid a horrible name.  If schools weren’t so slacking, these kids wouldn’t be tormented and terrorized on school grounds.  I hear people tell me all the time “you don’t have kids, you don’t understand, we can’t be there 24/7.”  That’s a load of crap.  I WAS a child.  I WAS bullied.  I can tell you that if the teachers gave an ounce of shit there would be a lot less kids that are being teased.  And where exactly are the classes on this?  You put kids in health class.  Why isn’t there a class on emotions?  Let’s step up our educational system.  Let’s make a class where we teach kids how to deal with jealousy, rage, anger, disappointment, fear, greed, sexual feelings, guilt, confusion, grief.   Kids are flying blind.  No one told me how to deal with any of that.   It’s not their fault.  Biologically, children/teens/young adults do not have the mental capacity to stop impulses.  That ability grows with age.

So the younger generation has all these impulses, they have shitty home lives, they go to school where the teachers just don’t care and anything goes, what more can we expect them to do but bully other people?  Because here’s the big hush hush, while everyone has been a victim of a bully, everyone has also at some point bullied someone else.  Yeah.  We’ve been there, we’ve done that.  So why can’t we look back and see that these kids need resources, they need classes, they need to know what is going on in their brains and how to deal with that so that they can at the very least have the information to make the right decisions.  Bullying is about being insecure about yourself.  You can be a little more secure if you know every other person is feeling every other emotion you are and they are sitting the same class and they are learning the same information.  You aren’t just some freak.   We as members of society have no control over what happens in the home.  But we do have control over our school system so let’s get in there and let’s give kids a better chance in the real world.  Educate the fuck out of them.  What can it hurt?  Have you ever heard someone say “oh gosh, I hate my old school, they gave me too much information and too much education.”  Hells no.

There! I’ve solved bullying.  Next problem please.

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  1. I totally agree … there needs to be more attention paid. I mean, I was a teacher, it’s not hard to pay attention to those things. If you actually know your class … you KNOW how they feel. They come in one day OK, and the next with some huge attitude because that’s how they think that they need to deal with it. So, the teacher, seeing this attitude problem, gets all pissy and doesn’t HELP them!

    We had a case of bullying at Westfield last year. A really quite boy all of a sudden turned CRAZY nasty on the teacher down the hall … instead of writing that off as “wow, what a fuck head” she talked to him and eventually got him to tell her what was wrong. Apparently, between classes … senior boys would find him in the hall way and just punch him for no reason! They were able to get it on camera and get it stopped … and the kid went back to being good in her class. If she would have just turned her back on him, who knows where that would have went.

    There needs to be more ATTENTION paid!

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