Isaac and Ishmael

I love The West Wing.  Aaron Sorkin is a genius.  What I absolutely love is how far they go to be accurate.  So while I’m engrossed in these amazing characters, I’m actually seeing, within reason it’s still tv, that goings on of the white house.  While every administration is different, the problems are essentially the same.

I was a freshman in college on 9/11.  I woke up to all the tvs in the apartment on and turned to the news.  I called my mom since my uncle worked in the government and she said he was overseas.  I knew my best friend’s dad worked at the Pentagon.  But I could not comprehend what happened.  It wasn’t until a year or so ago that I even tried reading about it.  I just didn’t even want to know the horrors.   This year they released a film that put together all the personal videos of the attack.  People jumping from the building, the plane hitting one of the towers, the smoke, the collapse.  I had to watch.  I just had to.  Then I read a blog by one of my favorite authors, Meg Cabot.  Her husband was there.  If it took me nine years to read the transcripts, listen to the audio and watch the films, what in holy hell must it have felt like to be there.  To have a family member or friend there.

So tonight I rewatched The West Wing’s episode called Isaac and Ishmael.  I know every tv show struggled for their first show after 9/11.  Do you laugh?  Do you cry?  Do you ignore it and just keep going?  What do the people want?  This episode was outside of the normal story line.  In fact, it’s a play.  It brings up so many points that I think Americans need to think about today.

I’ve seen so much hate towards a mosque that might be built near Ground Zero.  How can any American think this is fair?  How can we punish an entire religion for the actions of extremists?  Muslims died in those buildings.  None of them were suicide bombers.  None of them agreed to give their lives. So why can’t people from their religion practice their religion near there?  The entire south wouldn’t have churches if someone had said “excuse me but….the KKK did ____ here so you can’t build your christian church here.”  Think about that one.

Yesterday I saw a story on CNN about Osama being in Pakistan.  He and his people have been living in a house, in comfort.  Why is it NINE years later and CNN can post information about where he is and we are in TWO wars and still what? He’s still out there.  COME ON.  We look like morons.  And until the people start giving a shit and start reading the news and not just which celebrity is in rehab that week to avoid jail, he’s going to stay out there.  As divided as we are, it’s on a matter of time before someone actually comes and kicks our asses and we’ll be someone else’s bitches.  Nothing lasts forever.

So anyways watch The West Wing.  A lot of the answers I know on Jeopardy comes from The West Wing.  Also, weirdly, the Gilmore Girls.  That’s life for you.

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  1. I’ve never watched The West Wing … but I would like to see this episode. Do you know where to find it?

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