How very high school

You can put people into two groups.  People who have class and people who don’t.  Princess Diana had both class and style.  Sandra Bullock too.  And then you have the Uchitel’s of the world.  When you see these people or hear about their antics, you just want to go BLECH.

I have a vice.  Celeb gossip.  My mom got People mag when I was growing up and I loved reading it.  I don’t remember where I first read it but I stumbled across a story about this Leann Rimes twitter feud.  A little background for anyone who is unfamiliar, Leann Rimes entered the music scene with Blue back in 1996.  I first heard about her singing How Do I Live but being replaced by Trisha Yearwood for the movie Con Air.  Which I wasn’t too upset about because Leann sounded like she was saying how do I leave and I was a big fan of Trisha Yearwood.  She came up again during the Coyote Ugly movie and I thought, okay I like these few songs.  And I hadn’t thought anything else about her until I see this video gossip sites were posting online.  Leann had married her backup dancer, Dean Sheremet 2001.  Yet here she was, obviously out on a date with another man.  In fact, that man was Eddie Cibrian.  Her Northern Lights co-star.  Now before you say, hey a gal and a guy can have a dinner without making it into adultery.  And you might be right if they weren’t holding hands when they walked in, if he hadn’t been kissing her hand at the table, and sucking face right there in front of everyone.

One might wonder what kind of people would do that.  I’m not saying the people who hide behind doors are right in their actions because they are horrible as well but whew! To have the balls to do it in public….WOW.  She’d been married for 8 years.  He’d been married for 8 years and had two children.  And there they were…  If I’d been at a restaurant, and the couple at the table that close by couldn’t stop making out, there would be some mean looks.  And you gotta wonder if they took their rings off.

Of course the video hits the web and the respective spouses are left to deal with the aftermath.  It’s one thing to have your spouse come home and say they want a divorce and they are in love with someone else.  It’s another to see the father of your children making out with someone in public.  Or your wife of 8 years making out with someone else.  In public.  Have I mentioned this was in public?

Which leads me to a while back when I see a story about Leann feuding with Brandi (the mother of Eddie’s children) on Twitter. Curious, I head on over to Google and find Leann’s twitter.  It read like the Energizer Bunny on meth.   If you go back and look at the times spanning days of constant hours of twittering.   Most made no sense.  At first, I thought that was just twitter.  It’s hard having to go back and forth, trying to figure out what anyone is talking about.  Especially when it’s tons of tweets.  But then I saw these insane passive-aggressive or sometimes just aggressive tweets.  I saw her using someone else’s children for her own gain.  I also saw a mother going online begging the woman who broke up her family to please stop talking publicly about HER children. The children SHE birthed that SHE brought into the world.   And I saw Leann ignore those pleas and continue to tweet.

At first, I didn’t really see it as any more than entertainment for when I had a few bored minutes to read.  Then Leann decided to protect her tweets and I lost interest.  I’ve heard since that she was still using twitter to show how much class she is lacking.  Protected or not, that horrid behavior continued.  I’ve caught up since and I learned that she’d been posting under another account and her ex-husband called her out on it.  A normal person would have been shamed into acting right.  Leann seems to have hid behind other accounts, bashing the mother of her fiance’s children.  She’s supported people who bash Brandi. When a group of women started calling her out on all these things, this war erupted and it’s been chaos ever since.  The same women some how gathered proof that Leann was using her own phone to log into these accounts and harass the mother of her fiance’s children.  That’s illegal in California now and poof, accounts vanished.

Have you noticed me referring to Brandi as the mother of his children instead of his ex-wife?  Because when you have children with someone, you never have an ex-wife or ex-husband.  That person isn’t an ex, it’s the father or mother of your children.  The sexual-personal-spousal side isn’t there but your life should shift into your relationship being about the children and nothing else.  That’s what you owe to your children. Proposing to the woman who is harassing the mother of your children supports that behavior and shows your children that you really don’t care about them.  Especially when they get old enough to hear about that online or worse, from friends or kids at school.  If it’s online, it’s forever.  Diane Down’s daughter learned of her mom’s actions from a cruel boyfriend showing her the movie Small Sacrifices.  Won’t it be nice for those kids to see that lovely video of Daddy cheating on Mommy?

Angelina Jolie stole Brad Pitt away from Jennifer Aniston.  But goodness, as trashy as her actions were, at least she’s not going on Twitter every day posting tasteless comments about someone’s mother.  Or encouraging stalking behavior.  It’s sad when you have less class than Tiger Woods.  For all his mistakes, at least he kept it in the hotel room.  He wasn’t ambien sexing up whoever the slut of the moment was out in pubilc.  I seriously doubt Monica Lewinsky was sending mean notes to Hilary.

So the ‘Brandi Bunch’ demand Leann delete those accounts or they’ll show proof and it gets deleted and then both Leann and Brandi post that they have called a truce.  I thought, great! Finally some adult behavior.  Brandi had gotten a DUI recently as well which is beyond irresponsible.  That could not only harm you, which harms your kids but it could hurt someone else.  Some innocent person.  Or innocent people or innocent children.  But here, a truce could mean all this could stop.

Of course it didn’t.  Of course both sides are continuing to fuel this ball of lameness.  It doesn’t matter who is in the wrong at this point.  It’s that every side continues this pointless behavior.  On all sides, it must be nice to have so much time that you can post about things like that.  Wouldn’t it be great if every single one of those people use all that time to go on Free Rice and feed people who need it.   Instead of singing at the boys’ school, how about using that time and money to adopt a school that needs teachers and textbooks and safety from bullies.  Instead of twattering about a homewrecking loser, contribute to the world.  Someone said this twitter thing had been going on for a year.  I see post after post after post from all these people and I think, yeah, no wonder the world is in the state that it’s in.  These people have devoted words on the internet for an entire year.  A year! I’m beyond amazed to see what people decide to put their free time towards.

Could you imagine a child having a mentor for an entire year?  A shelter having a steady volunteer for an entire year.  A elderly home having someone read to them or simply sit and listen to their stories for an entire year.  How many blankets, scarves or hats could you knit for the homeless in a year?  Or for cancer patients. Or for children who have families who cannot afford to buy them warm clothes.  How many schools could use volunteers for the year?

And here is this celebrity! Celebrity Net Worth has here clocking in at $38 million.  Curiously it says when not performing, she’s actively involved in cancer research charities.  I know that the classy and lovely Kristen Bell has a twitter and for her birthday this year, she encouraged everyone to donate for clean water.  I’ve seen her use twitter for many different charities.  I see her using her time and effort to help people.  She uses what she’s earned.  All I’ve seen Leann do is twitter about what she’s eating to prove that she doesn’t have anorexia, twitter about whatever airport she seems to be at, twitter about loving some random internet person, twitter about following Eddie to the Bunny pilot, twitter to the Bunnies…and so on and so on.  It’s one thing to connect with the fans because the fans give you every single dollar you make.  It doesn’t matter how good you are if no one is listening.  But it’s another to take something to the level it’s at.  I feel the same way about the BBs.  Some must have families and children they are ignoring.  Yes, everyone needs an outlet but I see the “I’m going to bed” posts and two hours later there’s been tons of posts.

Logically, if someone works a 9-5 job.  You have from 5:30-9 (depending on children/spouse bedtimes) to spend with your family.  Cutting that in half just to go online to complain that someone is a moron and taking it away from your family? That’s probably another reason we have children who can’t read, children who are being bullied to death, children who grow up to be serial killers at young ages.  It’s just as bad as those Facebook games.  It’s only a matter of time before we see “child gets seriously injured while mother tweets insults to homewrecking country singer.”

As for me, I think I’ve read enough.  I feel stupid for wasting the time that I did reading all of it.  Silver lining is that I read super duper fast so it wasn’t much time.  But still, that’s time I could have spent towards the Free Rice.  At least there I learn new words.  I can’t say I learned anything from Leann’s drama.  Someone should clue her in on the whole “don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit” quote.  And the others should hear the “don’t fan the fire” quote.

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