Extreme Selfishness

There’s a reason I rarely watch reality television.  It usually just makes me realize what a bunch of complete morons we have in America.  Tonight while I was waiting for towels to dry so I could take a shower, I caught this show on TLC called Extreme Couponing.  More like selfish bitches who spend 60 hours a week on coupons instead of their own families or helping their community.  One lady actually goes to foreclosed homes and steals their newspapers for the coupons.  As if those families don’t have enough on their plate.  How nice would it be if she found those families who lost their homes and took them shopping so they could get tons of things for free.  Instead, she spends tons of time so she can buy soda and candy.

I’m guessing no one else will say it but the episode I watched had two fat ladies.  Neither of them needed non-diet soda or candy.  One lady bought 40 boxes of cake mix.  Really?!  I would be impressed if she took those 40 boxes straight to her school’s band so they could have a bake sale.

The foreclosure coupon stealer says she lets the neighborhood kids take food.  Yeah, I saw the kids with frozen pizza and pudding.  Very healthy.   I’ll be the first person to admit that I am a junk food junkie.  But I’m far from impressed that she can get $500 worth of crap for $30.   Feed your family 3 healthy meals a day on that and then I’ll be impressed.  All I saw was a garage full of food that could go to hungry kids.  She had $20,000 worth of stuff in her garage and she was upset that she had to spend $30 on $500 worth of bullshit.  I’m sure the mom working two jobs to feed her kids would LOVE to be able to spend $30 on that much stuff.  Or how about the kids who actually go without food or only get to eat the free lunches from school.  I’m sure they’d appreciate those 30 jars of peanut butter that you have just sitting there. I was also offended that they dared to call themselves stay at home moms.  Stay at home moms, from my experience, spend time with their children.  If you are spending 60 hours a week on couponing, you are a couponer.

TLC used to be a channel I watched to see families come together.  I’d watch A Wedding Story and A Baby Story in between classes.  Now it’s all about exploiting people.  Making money of people with real mental issues.   These are the times when I wonder what the world is coming to…

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