The Phantom Prince

I was sneaking into my mom’s closet to read true crime books before I hit the double digits.  Polly Klaas was kidnapped when I was 9 years old.  It was the first time that I learned that little girls could be taken into the night by monsters.  It wasn’t long after that I started my closet raid, in hopes to understand why these things happened.  I thought that if I read enough about it, I would one day understand the minds of monsters.  I only learned that it didn’t matter if it was your birthday slumber party.  It didn’t matter if you still had traces of Halloween makeup on your face.  It didn’t matter that your friends were tied up or that your mom and brother slept near by.  Monsters were real and they could get you at any time.  As I grew up and read more books and more cases, I leaned that monsters could be your own family.  Your own spouse. Your own friends.  They didn’t have to be strangers.

They could be outwardly charming and handsome men.  Like Ted Bundy.  He was before my time and my mom tells me that my dad wouldn’t let me watch any news reports on his execution and always changed the channel to protect me from those kinds of things.  Unlike Polly, I’ve only read about Bundy’s case.  I watched Polly’s death unfold as Richard Allen Davis was caught and tried for murder and put on death row.  When I was in high school, my mom gave me A Stranger Beside Me.  All accounts I read talk about how Bundy was handsome.  Good looking.  All American guy.  And oh how he was charming and sweet and smart.  He was a young Republican, you know.  My start and garters, he even worked for a suicide hotline.

I’ve always thought that if I’d met Bundy in real life, I would have known instantly that he was a monster.  Appearances wouldn’t have fooled me.  But when you look at everyone who came into contact with him, they didn’t know the utterly horrid things he was doing to young girls and young woman across the country.  Would I really have been able to see what no one else could have?  I’ll never know.  Ted Bundy had a girlfriend through a lot of his killing years.  Elizabeth Kloepfer.  She wrote a book under the name Elizabeth Kendall.  It’s called The Phantom Prince; My Life With Ted Bundy.  I received this book as a gift for my birthday.  It’s out of print and rather rare so I was thrilled to read it.  And I’ve had the experience of reading it twice, at two very different points in my life.

The first time I read it, I was mesmerized.  This was the woman that Bundy came home to after the things he did.  Things being the raping and the murdering.  And sometimes the going back to see his victims after they were dead to rape them or wash their hair or put makeup on them.  Elizabeth, Liz as she’s called, met Ted Bundy in a bar one night.  She took him home that night, even stopping to pick up her young daughter Tina.  After that, the relationship took off.  It seems as if Ted filled in the father shoes for young Tina.  Although Liz admits others thought he was a bit hard on Tina.  Once they went to the lake and Ted was in a raft, rowing and Tina was swimming behind and when they got to shore, Tina was exhausted and crying because Ted wouldn’t let her in the raft.  It sort of mirrors when he snatched a young girl, took her to a motel, raped her and then drowned her.

The second time I read it, I was educated.  I had two degrees and am in the middle of a Master’s in Forensic Psychology.  I had a better idea of what to look for, how to read things she said.  The first time, I was scared after reading it.  The second I was disgusted at Liz for continuing to sleep with Ted even after she turned him in three separate times and knew the things he did.   How could you tell your nine year old daughter that the man she knew growing up had raped and murdered girls?  And then turn around and stay with him, support him through a trial?  Ted burned a victim’s head in Liz’s fireplace.  How could she not have had an inkling that this man was bad?  She knew he stole everything he owned.  He would blow up at her and then come crawling back and she would just take him back.  He went on “hunting” trips for victims or repeat visits to his dumping grounds upwards of 260 miles away.  How could he disappear so often and she not be suspicious?

At the end of the book, I realized that after she wrote that book, she still loved him.  She still idealized their time together.  She had inserts from his letters to her.  The parts she chose to write about were always him professing his love for her.   It was like she wanted to prove to the world that sure, he was a monster but he LOVED her.  HER.  Not Stephanie, not Kim and not Carole but HER.   The title says it all.  Phantom Prince.  Prince…. After all he’d done, he was still her prince.  Her white knight.  Her outrage, clearly in that passage was about the lies about their relationship.  Not the women who were raped and murdered by the man she loved.

I’ll be very clear, her own words stated that they had sex even after she knew about his crimes.  I don’t care if you are an alcoholic, a drug addict or whatever but that is just insane.  Insane. There’s no other words to describe it.  She’d been the one who turned him in to TWO states.  She’d even called her father to talk to someone to get the police to listen to her.  And after all that, she took him to her parents house and declared that they were getting hitched.  Her friends turned against her.  The love of her life was a man who kidnapped a girl 30 feet from her sorority house.  He kidnapped a woman who’s fiancé had seen her get onto an elevator and a colleague saw her get off.  He snatched her between the time the colleague saw her get off the elevator and her room.  Those two facts alone are beyond scary.

Even in the end, after Florida where he’d killed a twelve year old girl, she ignored the pleas of her current boyfriend and accepted calls from Bundy.  And what did he do?  He admitted the time he tried to kill her and Tina.  Did she turn off her love for him then?  Nope.  Because even the end of the book fawns over his love for her.  The beginning of the book says she wants to tell her story.  There was very little about how she felt about her daughter’s life being in danger or her own life.   No real musings on hind sight, what she should have seen.  I really think that she looked back and just saw that Ted Bundy, Monster, loved her.  How incredibly sad.

Her last words in this book were, “The tragedy is that this warm and loving man is driven to kill.”  No, the tragedy is that countless women were kidnapped, raped, tortured and murdered.  Countless families weren’t able to bring their babies home because he hid them away.  The tragedy was that a twelve year old, barely older than her own daughter Tina, had to have her life ended in such a brutal way.  The tragedy is that Tina will always know the things her mother did with Ted Bundy because here it is, in print.

Liz, Tina, Carole Ann Boone and Rosa (I’ve read that’s what their daughter’s name was) are all living anonymous lives.  Even with all the true crime shows and channels, none have been found although, I’m not sure anyone is looking for them.  I wonder, like others, if Rosa even knows who her father is.  Diane Downs’ daughter knows and she struggled for years with that information.  A cruel boyfriend showed her the made for tv movie about her.  I also wonder what Rosa thinks about Carole and her choices. Or Liz and her choices.  I wonder if Rosa and Tina know each other.  But I’m also glad they aren’t all over the news and the internet.  The way every public person is scrutinized and every breath they take analyses.   Not knowing who they are means I can imagine them with happy lives despite their mothers’ choices.



*Edited 5/20/2014—-Almost 2000 people have read this post.  Years later, this is still a little mind blowing.  An average of 13 people per day read this post.  Thanks to all you snazzy readers!  But if I can be a little pushy, I do have other posts.  Other cases I’ve talked about.  Don’t be afraid to pop on over and read them.

The biggest question I’m asked on here is if I’m posting the book.  I still haven’t gotten an answer on if I can legally.  Or if I’d just get a C&D and a slap on the wrist.  I think this post being years old and you guys are still reading it says there’s an interest in the book.  What do you guys think?*

Edit 7/6/2-14—— If you go to my newest post as of today, there’s something really interesting posted.  It looks like it might be…chapter one 😉


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80 responses to “The Phantom Prince

  1. shelley

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this book. I want to read it but, of course, the cost if just ‘silly’. 🙂

    • Isn’t it though? They should put it back in print because it seems very popular but no one can buy it. You can check your library to see if they have it or if one of their affiliates have it. It’s not a sure thing but it’s def worth the read 🙂

      • Louise

        It is available at libraries – might have to be sent as a transfer from another one if not available from the closest one.

    • Geri

      arrrgh! can’t find affordable copy at all… neeeeeed to read… Help!!!! 🙂

    • My name is penni and in 1981 i was visiting my boyfriend who was on florida’s death row with ted bundy. I am 49 years old now and to describe myself i am a white woman and i am very beautiful and i have long black hair to my shoulders parted in the middle. I knew ted and i would talk with ted in the visiting area on florida’s death row. Ted would also stare at me his eyes fixated on me.

      • Lori

        There is a small chance I was rescued by Ted when I lived in the area he did. It was around 1969. I was almost raped by another man, left at a phone booth near the woods. A small car stopped and a young man with a badge stopped to help me. He gave me a ride home (from Bellevue to Seattle) and didn’t attempt to hurt me. I did have a small child then, and I later remembered that he let one woman free who told him she had a child. I’ll never know if it was Ted, but often wonder if it was.

    • Lori

      I didn’t want to spend the huge amount of money to buy this either so I made a special request through the library and am reading it now. It’s an interesting book. Call your local library. If you live in Washington state they will have it.

    • Thank you for posting this information, i was looking to buy the book but now i know the price of it because it’s out of print, i can only wish i had that kind of money…but because of you, i was able to gain some more insight. Thanks again 🙂

  2. Nicole Ganbold

    Im from Europe and here this book is completly unavailable… I wish I could read this book but its impossible. I really am interested in Ted Bundy and Kendall’s book seems to be very interesting…

    • I do wonder if it would be illegal for me to scan copies of the book and post them. I’m guessing so but it’s obvious that her book is wanted far and wide. It’s definitely a must read.

      • Nicole Ganbold

        OOOh, could you scan this for me and send on my email? It’s legal – I think so 🙂 I cant stop thinking about this book and TED, and I will be the most happy person in the universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Nicole Ganbold

        I think that posting this here is legal

    • Talked with a lawyer friend and since it’s out of print and I’m not making money from my blog, it shouldn’t be an issue. Will start on this when I get some extra time. I will probably do it slowly over a few weeks and take pictures of the pages like I did on this blog. Scanning would be a bit more time consuming and more damaging to the book. Keep an eye out 🙂

      • Nicole Ganbold

        hey, someone has already sent me the phantom prince without last 60 pages, so could you send me these last pages ? Oh, and the page with photos of Ted?

      • Fredrik_sweden

        Hello, I live in sweden and here this book is almost impossible to come by, and if you manage to the costs are just too great to afford. I am very interrested in serial killer, espescially Ted Bundy, and I currently study psychology at a school here which makes this book even more interresting.

        If you are able to somehow send either pictures of the pages in the book or a scan of the pages to my E-mail I would be extremely grateful!

        My E-mail adress is: fredde–

  3. Shelley


    Well, anything you can do to give us the opportunity to finally read this book without damaging your copy would be awesome. I realize it’s a lot of work so thank you!!

  4. sean

    Hello there..
    i really wish to read the book you mentioned,
    i am living in indonesia and it’s absolutely impossible to get any copy of it.
    I really hope this book would teach us to be more careful in living our life, especially with those psychopaths lurking around us.
    Serial killers like Bundy should be erased from this world and young people should prevent themselves from growing into another Bundy.

  5. Jenn

    I have been DYING to read this book! I would rather not pay the ridiculous amount it is online, so if there is any way to get a PDF of it or something… it would make my life! hehe 🙂 Love your insights on Ted btw.

  6. Juditta

    Thank you for shring this. And yes, the cost is absurd. I have finished a screenplay about personality disorders to spread more awareness about certian personalities, one of them is similar to ted. I read almost everything about him and this book i just cant seem to find or afford.
    Could you please send me a copy via email? that would be fantastic, if you were planning to scan it anyway of course 🙂

  7. Shelley

    I am in the same boat, Juditta. The last I heard was that the publishers wanted to re-issue the book but Liz Kendall is not agreeing to it! She was apparently given a very hard time when the book first came out and probably doesn’t want any trouble. Of course, I think enough time has passed that she wouldn’t be bothered at all!

  8. areyou peoplenuts

    i just read wikipedia about him and am so disgusted by the women who stayed with him so i googled their names is found this blog. some of the women commenting here are quite disturbing in their fascination with ted bundy, i dont get it. i just dont get it.

  9. stacy

    Hi.I’m really interested in Ted Bundy for some odd reason and I’ve been wanting to read the Phantom Prince but I simply cannot pay $300.If you ever get the chance, can you post some more interesting pages or excerpts from the book. Thx


  10. roxi

    hi ,i am roxi from italy ,some years ago i bought liz kendall ‘s book ,the phantom prince.if someone is interested i can scan some pages and send them by email.thx

    • Jenn

      Hi there! I would LOVE to read the book! Are you planning on scanning the whole thing? That is very nice of you to do! 🙂 I’ve been looking for this book everywhere with no luck 😦

      Hope to hear from you!

    • Robert Perry

      Hey there, Roxy! If you don’t mind I’d very much like to take you up on your very kind offer of the scanned book The Phantom Prince! That would be HUGELY appreciated. My email address is: Thank you so much in advance!
      Best wishes
      Robert Perry

    • Hey, I was searching on the internet for the way I could get this book in Europe, and this blog popped up among the firsts. I was wondering if you, Roxi, or the owner of the blog could possibly send scannes of book to me? I am sorry to bother you about it, I guess people already asked that a lot :/ If you can, however, my e-mail is
      Thank you in advance! This is a great blog post and it’s great review of the book!

    • Nicole Ganbold

      hey roxi, please, would you be able to send me the prince? my mail


    • Jade

      Yes, OMG I would absolutely love that. I realize this is an older blog but, if you still have the capability to do this I would be very, very grateful. I am in the process of writing about Ted Bundy for an assignment of mine, a collective paper, and having this as a resource would be extremely helpful and I have always wanted to read this specific book in it’s original format and entirety, so I would really love it if you were able to help me in any way! Thank you so, so much!

    • Can you please scan the entire book & send it to i really want to read this book. I’ve been searching for this book everywhere but I can’t find it. I’ve found it on E bay but the price that the average seller is asking is $300 & I’m to poor to afford that. Please send the book to my email.

    • carmen

      hi,, please send a copy to my email i am so into thi story and want a copy of this.. please send to my email

    • Donna Heath

      Hi, I don’t know if your account is still active or not. If it is and you were able to scan and email you pages, is there any chance you still have them and you are able to send them again? I am dying to read this book!! Hopefully speak soon. Donna

  11. Uhm … I’m guessing you get a lot of requests from people who want to read the book, but still, if you ever find the time, I’d really appreciate recieving a copy or at least some excerpts from you. (: – The format or quality doesn’t matter, I’d just love to read the book in any way possible since it’s not available here in Europe!

  12. Heila

    Please please send me a copy of the book, I am from South Africa and can’t find it anywhere.

  13. Arnar Þór

    Can you please send me a copy,

    Thanks in advance!!

  14. Aixela

    Sorry to bother you, but I’ d like to take you up on your offer to send a copy of the book too.
    I live in france and i can’t find it anywhere…
    Thank you very much!

  15. Mel

    Any news yet? I have been reading all the comments and like the rest, I’d love to read the book, unfortunately the price has gone up to above $700, a price I cannot afford. I am not exactly what you would call a Ted Bundy “fangirl”, but I am overall fascinated with serial killers and criminals, and what drives them to do the things they do, their backgrounds, etc, I’m also intrigued by their “normal” life and the facade they present to others. Being a Lawyer myself and from the few excerpts I’ve read from this book, I have now many questions that need answer and I think reading it all would probably give not only insight on how those women perceive serial killers when they are in a relationship with them but also the way they mingle in society without being noticed. Anyway, if you decided to scan the book, or take pictures of it and want to share it, here’s my email address: , thanks in advanced.

  16. Monica Evelina

    Hello Roxi, All. I am also interested in the book. I can read it in english or italian, it doesn’t matter. My address is this

    Thank you in advance, it would really, really mean a lot to me reading it.
    All the best,

  17. Harry

    Please could you send it to me. It would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  18. Jo

    The phantom prince is available on for just 95dollars!

  19. Alex

    I know you get tons of requests, but i would love to read this book as well. I can not fine it for a resonable price. Could you send it to me? Please 🙂

  20. Hi Ms. Roxy,

    The Phantom Prince: My Life with Ted Bundy is not available here in Philippines. My fascination about Bundy has grown even more stronger after reading the Stranger Beside Me of Ann Rule, and after few research I came along with Phantom Prince.

    I read a lot of good reviews about the book. Rare copies are available yet the price is way too much, $180? Please, if you wouldn’t mind, you can send me a copy?


    If you will email me a copy, I’d be the happiest person on earth. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you

  21. Ashley

    It never fails to amaze me how the women who were close to Ted Bundy (actually as close as he’ll let them) still idealize him and love him despite the atrocious acts he’d done over the years even to this day. The author Ann Rule loved Ted like a brother and despite being a former cop actually felt guilty for telling him to the cops! In The Stranger Beside Me it is clear she considers Ted as a victim just a much as Kendell did in the excerpts you posted. Will you please post the rest of the book? I’ve checked the everywhere trying to get this book. I live in South Africa and it’s virtually unavailable here and there are no pdf’s of it on the internet. If you can please take pics of all the pages and post it in a pdf file(just as suggestion).I’ve checked with U.S laws it’s not illegal since it is out of print and the publisher of the book no longer exsists. I’m really desperate to read this book. I’d really appreciate It if you can do this! Thank You!

  22. Shelley

    I finally gave in and bought a copy on eBay for $100. I scanned a few pages to see what the quality would be like and it’s fine. It would be a big “project” to scan the whole book though. Very time consuming.

    If it’s legal to do so, I wouldn’t mind trying to scan at least some of the book. Maybe others with copies could do some too.

    So, I too would like to make sure it’s legal and any confirmation of that would be helpful.

  23. Mohana

    Dear Shelley,

    Im leaving in Malaysia and its difficult to get a copy. I have checked with local bookstores and there is no availability. I really appreciate if you could send me a copy. Im currently studying psychology and it would be very helpful .

    Thanks a lot in advance. 🙂

  24. Ashley

    My cousin is buying me the book! So there’s no need 2 copy 4 me. Thanks!

  25. Jenifer

    I would also be interested in a copy please.

  26. Yuliana

    Oh, Please, I would also like to have a copy, the book is 240 dollars now!!! please!!!

  27. bluemooninmyeye

    I don’t know if this is still an active thread, but I, too, would love to read this book if you’ve already scanned it. Email is Thanks!

  28. Vandreisen

    Hi! I’d be extremely intrested in obtaining a copy of this book if you or someone else had the generosity of scanning it. Many thanks in advance!

    publikprofile at gmail dot com

  29. Kellie


    If anyone on this thread is still active I would be so thankful if someone could send me a copy of the book!
    My email is

    Thank you in advance!
    Kellie, Scotland

  30. Steph

    I am a forensic psychology student from the UK this book would be so benefical to my research & degree but as others have stated the price is ridiculous so if anyone could help out with some extracts or even the full book scanned I would be forever in your debt and credit you in any work I do. Been looking for copies (affordable anyway) for over 2 years.


  31. Hi I am a psychology student and have been interested in reading this book for years, but it is almost impossible to get in Europe and it is too expensive for me to buy at the moment. I would be very grateful if someone could send me a copy if at all possible. My email is

  32. Ann

    If anybody here happens to have a copy or a copy of a copy or anything legible, I’ve been dying to read this book! I’m writing a biography of sorts on Ted Bundy, but I want to focus on the people he knew. You can contact me through

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  33. So I broke down and paid the $70 on Amazon for the book. Finished it in one sitting. I dunno, I’m torn. Firstly, it sounds like Liz should’ve been in therapy long before she met Ted because her self esteem was non-existent. But secondly, in a way, I think I get why she was still willing to believe in him, even after she contacted police. I think she contacted the cops because the gnawing feeling in her gut wouldn’t let her rest, but I think her head was still saying, “It can’t be, he’s not like that, blah, blah, blah.” Her experiences with the cops weren’t necessarily the best, either. She gets two cops who assure her they’ve checked him out thoroughly and he’s not their guy. She has reason to believe the cops are fabricating evidence because she knows parts of their reports are untrue, such as her friend being one of Ted’s “girlfriends”, the patent leather shoes she swore she never saw, her references to him scaring her “all the time” when it only happened playfully a few times. All of this is after his arrest for the DaRonch kidnapping. I think she was such an unsure person, she didn’t really and truly trust her own instincts. I don’t think she knew that a relationship wasn’t supposed to feel like shit, and let’s face it, most women have been there. I’m not sure why she continued to speak with him after Chi Omega and Kimberley Leach. I try to put myself in her place, which is impossible, but I ask myself, if there was someone I loved who did horrible, horrible things……..would I still talk to them? Would I still try to connect with the person I “knew” in trying to understand the evil part of them that I clearly didn’t know? I didn’t come away from the first reading with any disdain for her, only compassion, but that may change when I read it again!

  34. She has to be crazy to love him still. Poor daughter wonder if she has his sickness

  35. We waiting for Chapter 10 😦

  36. Why don’t they print this damn book anymore ?!

  37. mlc

    Your article is great. — (with very few spelling typos). I was trying to google Elizabeth Kloepfer’s name and read more info on her after reading about Ted Bundy on Wiki yesterday. I am kind of mesmerized (spelled wrong) by the story. I would like to see a picture of Rosa or whatever her name is and find out how she is doing. Probably will never find out. Carol should have stayed away from having a kid with Ted, but hopefully the kid turned out “alright” considering and any offspring she may have in future will turn out alright too. Thanks again for posting this. 🙂

  38. Lisabeth

    Hi! If anyone has a copy can you contact me at the email adress I am dying to read it but I found it on amazon at 200$ and it’s too much, I can’t afford it. Also I am not from USA so I will not find it at the library. Thank you so much.

  39. Greg

    I’ve always believed that Bundy’s crimes were the result of identity dysphoria. Hidden in some people’s lives are their trauma induced identities. In the case of Bundy this was particularly cruel as his mother lied to him that she was his sister for the formative years of his life. Imagine that if you can? The truth is that they may have actually had the same father, some speculate, making her not only his mother but if true, half sister, as well. There is some liklihood that Louise Bundy was impregnated by her father, Ted’s grandfather. As we can see with Ted, there are penalties to be paid for erasing and obscuring a person’s identity. For Ted he became locked in a vicious cycle of recreating this pattern throughout his life. In many ways he even got the entire nation to search for who he was. There are sketches of him from witness accounts in the early years of his career as a killer, before anyone knew who the mysterious “Ted” was, of a city searching for him. The ultimate irony being as his mother sat in a Florida courtroom watching her “precious son” defend himself against capital murder charges, she didn’t really know him either – the lie had taken on a life of it’s own. In many ways a creation of her own hidden soul – a fractured man without an identity. A hidden secret. A lie. And the scariest thing is that is the truth.

  40. Rye

    I felt the same way you have described. I think the thing is is that Liz never felt loved or wanted by anyone. Ted made her feel the opposite of that. She was an emotionally damaged woman trying to find love in a dog eat dog world. Ted was able to exploit that. There was an emotional bond there, which sounds ludicrous because Bundy was a bona-fide psychopath. But even the most sociopathic people do have capability to bond with others. Look at Teds relationship with Ann Rule. To me it’s like Bundy regarded her as someone he could trust, like a mother figure. If you read her book it’s clear Bundy admired and liked her because he opened up bout his life to her,minus his secret life as a serial killer. Thoughts?

  41. Cleo

    I skimmed through these replies so forgive me if it’s been mentioned. Please tell me of there is anywhere online I can read this book. Aauuuuuugh.

  42. carmen

    hi,,could anyone please send a copy to my email i am so into this story and want a copy of this.. please send to my email thank youuu

  43. Kate

    I think she was in state called called cognitive dissonance when she wrote this book. I agree, that she doesn’t seem to be over him at the moment when book was realise. She wanted against evidence and her own gut feeling believe he is her “prince” and innocent.
    Relationship with psychopaths have a pattern, people can’t understand what they really witness because of the mask of sanity they put when they pretend to be good and normal. It’s confusing and people usually choose to give benefit of the doubt. It becomes like a spider web, specially when you need other person so badly and you can’t be alone. I hope she got therapy later on in her life and healed. I imagine relationship with Ted being real emotional nightmare and therefore she couldn’t maybe focus on other people pain( having so much pain herself to deal with(?).
    I am sorry for my english, it’s not my native language.

  44. Martin Shelley

    Hi there, I do have it, but the link below appears to be working. If you have any problems opening it then please let me know and I’ll send you a different link to my copy. Enjoy! It’s a great read! All the best,Mart

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