The Silly That Is Facebook

People use Facebook for just about everything.  Keeping in touch with old and new friends.  Or family.  Stalking old loves.  Stalking new loves.  Posting endless videos and pictures that most people don’t care about or even look at.  Facebook is both good and evil.  And most of the time, it keeps a fine balance.  But sometimes you get an asshole that you just can’t help calling out.

Today I noticed a post from an old high school mate.  We don’t talk much but I read everything that’s on my news feed so I read his venting post.  It was like most venting posts.  He didn’t call anyone out but he pointed out something everyone probably gets frustrated by.  People not answering their phones or returning calls.  But his particular situation was him calling from out of the country and leaving voicemails for someone and they deleted them without listening.  I would be frustrated by that as well.  And I probably would put that frustration into a status message.  Facebook is a great place for people to say, “we feel the same way!”  And when you see that you aren’t alone, you feel better.

Normally, you’d get a bunch of “yeah, I hate that too” replies.  But here was someone being a real bitch to him.  I’m good with bitch replies because sometimes people need to be put in their place but she was snotty and arrogant over nothing.  She called him dramatic and all this other stuff.  Then she says she has a law degree.  Because…ummm…that what?  Explains why she couldn’t spell or talk correctly?  If it had been one reply, I would have ignored it.  But I’ve about had it with people who think they can say whatever they want because they are behind a computer or a cell phone.  I’m all about owning your actions.  This cunt was being a cunt for the sake of being a cunt.  So I simply said that I was disturbed that someone with a law degree couldn’t spell.  And I added a little winky face for the fun of it.  Kind of a “people are reading this so let’s stop showing what kind of a degree having moron you are.”  She immediately replies asking why I would ‘attack’ someone I did not know and ‘be blessed.’

Oh. Hell. No.

I can Boom Roast like no other.  I’m Veronica Mars witty.  She could have gotten a very different calling out but I figured she could bow out gracefully after 10 or so really hateful messages that were open for anyone to read.  I expected a reply but be blessed?  Really?  Because there was zero Christianess in her replies.  Adding that was arrogant and stupid.  I politely pointed out that no Christian God that I’d heard of would approve of her words so she can keep on keeping on but keep the blessings to herself.  There’s a reason I’m not religious and she is the perfect example of the straight up hypocritcal bullshit I see so called Christians put out every single day.

I mean…really?!  Be blessed?  She needs an exorcism and a dictionary.  To the face.  BOOM ROASTED.  I have no idea the history between her and the original poster but I’ve had enough of people acting like there’s no consequences for their actions.  If I post something online for the world to see, I accept that I can be called out for anything I say.  I welcome it.  Checks and balances.  And it seems like no one is willing to check or balance anything these days and I seem to have no problem with either.  Such is my lot in life, I suppose.  I accept that.

She quieted down and cut ties with the original poster.  I figure that’s a good thing.  They seemed to have a history that wasn’t full of puppies and sunshine.  There’s no point in having toxic people in your life, even on Facebook.  Plus, who wants a lawyer who can’t spell.  Even if it’s online, on Facebook.   Tuck your tail and run, lawyer-lady.  If God is real, I’m sure he’s watching your nonsense and shaking his head.

*Just FYI, feel free to comment on any of my posts.  I’m open to any and all comments, questions or concerns.  Just say hi!  Agree with me!  Disagree with me!

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