Casey Anthony Trial Update

The trial has been underway for a few weeks.  If you are watching, a lot of the trial is show on a split screen so we can see Casey’s every reaction.  I bet she’s wishing these weren’t the days of instant internet and broadcast live trials.  I bet she’s wishing she had a court scene sketcher instead of a camera on her every second because I’m noticing it’s really hard for her to look innocent, grief stricken and appropriately appalled all at once.  Mostly, I just see her sit there with her mouth gaping open like, “how can they be saying these things about me? *gasp*”

There was this moment during the video of one of the visits with her parents where she got all pissed off and started talking to her lawyer.  I kinda felt like since you know, she was there for that visit, there shouldn’t be anything super surprising.  And nothing she can really dispute since, again, she was there.  Someone should have advised her to keep the dramatics to a minimum so that when they showed the crime scene pictures, her reactions would be believable.

But at this point, I’ve seen her giant gaping mouth and her hand over it and her wiping her eyes that seemly don’t ever have tears so many times that it’s just unbelievable.  How many girls look normal when crying that much for that length of time?  None.  And she so meticulously wipes her eyes over and over.  And unless she’s got the best mascara in the world, her tissues are always super clean.  I doubt Miss Body Shots Party Girl would be going sans makeup at a time like this.  If she wasn’t wearing makeup, she wouldn’t be wiping her eyes so carefully.

So when the skull pictures came up and Casey got “sick,” I just thought, well of course.  Google a whole bunch of cases where parents have lost children.  Even years later during trials, there’s just this desperate look that they give off.  Casey looks more annoyed that she’s having to look sad all the time.

The news says she was sobbing during the testimony about animals chewing on Caylee’s bones but I watched that video and she sort of halfway sobs for about a second.  The rest of the time, she’s just looking down and wiping her nose.  She doesn’t wipe her eyes.  She’s clearly got zero tears.  She’s not even taking slow deep breaths like she’s trying not to cry, she’s not clinching her jaw, she’s not gripping the table or reaching for her lawyer.  Yeah…not sobbing.

Unlike Casey’s “sad face,” stupid ass Jose Baez has smiled through the entire trial.  I’m not even kidding.  Almost every picture that I’ve seem of him, he’s smiling.  Who has a great time during a trial?  Especially a trial that includes a murdered little girl?  I feel like he knows he’s going to lose so he’s just setting it up so she can appeal saying he was a total fucktard as her lawyer.  He’s not a stand up guy in the first place.  Considering he wasn’t even paying child support to take care of his own child, it’s not wonder he’ll support a woman who threw hers away after murdering her.  I’m kinda tired of him constantly asking for a mistrial.  It’s like playing Monopoly against the computer and each and every turn, the computer asks you to trade the same property over and over.  He wasn’t even admitted to the bar until 2005.

All he had to do was get ONE juror to like him.  He could have spun this case in many ways that would benefit Casey.  But his opening statements were insane.  He hasn’t been able to prove them at all.  I’m calling this now, as soon as the State rests, he’ll declare that they didn’t show enough evidence and call for a mistrial.  And then he’ll ask for a break because he’s not ready to start his side.  He’s not even likable when he cross examines.  He doesn’t even begin to try to make the state witnesses like him.  He speaks in a voice that’s condescending like they don’t know their job.  He’s out of his league.  He and Casey are two peas in a pod at this point.

I find myself a bit disappointed in the prosecution.  They are YOUR witnesses and you are questioning them like you have no idea what to ask?  The questions aren’t fluid.  It’s like, “ummm…so uhhh…you were standing uhhh, where at this point?”  The young woman testifying about photographing Caylee’s skull called out so many directions, I was just like dude, it’s pretty clear where she was standing so let’s move on.  Show some confidence so the jury will be confident in their decision.

I cannot wait to see the defense side of this case. Especially considering the opening statement.  I mean, there’s no way to prove that Caylee died in the pool and George covered it up without bringing Casey herself to the stand right?

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