STFU already!

For the most part, I tend to blog more about crimes, hence the 4n6 part, but I blogged a while back about the bowl full of crazy that is Leann Rimes.  And here I am again, completely appalled at this crazy cunt.  Besides pimping out her “bonus kids” to the paps, she’s now twattering about the horrible Joss Stone story.

See, two men were thwarted from their murder plans, complete with sorts and forensic overalls.  I cannot imagine what Joss Stone is going through.  It seems like pure luck that these creepy men were found lurking about in their car.  I’m not even sure what I would do if I were famous and all of a sudden the police were all, “well we found two men…and swords and a body bag…and a map of your house…”

Are you wondering where the Wicked Witch of Crazy Town comes into this story?  Oh you’ll see.

I’ve met people who can make every single thing about them.  Those types of people shouldn’t even be allowed to talk.  Leann is so beyond desperate for attention, because no one really cares about her affair or her lame ass ‘sex tape’ or her bombing album.  So she turns this horrible even entirely into being about her.  Of course, she has to twit about how she’s happy Joss is safe and lots of love to her.  Considering she spent quite a lot of time twattering to the fake Jamie Lee Curtis….yeah.  And she claims she knows exactly how this feels because it happened twice when she was younger.

Come on!

I find it really hard to believe anyone would plot anything about Leann. Much less plotting when she was younger?  She’s never been that bankable.   She peaked at Blue and that was how many years ago?  This was all about getting her name attached to a big story.  Leann reaches out to Joss Stone, feels her pain.  Really?  More like feels her publicity.   And of course, she has to one up Joss saying she’d been plotted against twice.

Insert giant eye roll.

Just like she piggy backed on Jennifer Aniston’s stylist.  She’s absolutely nutters.  I am counting down the days until she’s exposed on some pro-ana message board.  And of course by exposed, I mean her leaking information on her own for attention.

I think we are all hoping she doesn’t get pregnant…EVER.  Because people like her, who can’t look beyond themselves, make horrible mothers.  They are the ones jealous of their own kids.   Wait…isn’t there a mom like that in the news right now?  Oh yeah….Casey Anthony…

So after this, back to our regular programming.  I’ve watch a few made-for-tv movies with some interesting cases that I’d love to write about.  Until then, if you are looking for a good documentary, check out Dear Zachary.  Make sure you have a few tissues handy.  It’s a really touching movie and a really sad case.

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