Really Cindy?

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The ball is in the defense’s court and at this point, I don’t even think they know what game they are playing.  After a few delays, all I’ve seen until today has been forensic experts contradicting what the State’s have said.  I think you can tell how half assed Baez is coming at this case because they had this guy who said that there was no dead body in the car based on an experiment he did with a pig.  However, any good scientist is going to follow the exact conditions and this guy just threw a pig in the trunk of a car and Caylee was supposed to have been wrapped in a blanket.

Want to understand what an unfeeling bitch Casey is?  When this guy was asked why his pig wasn’t in a blanket, she laughed.  LAUGHED.  That pig is supposed to represent her daughter and she laughs.  WOW.  Yet we are supposed to believe that she’s truly crying at a replica of Caylee’s skull.  Uh no.

Today they bring in Cindy.  I have major issues with this woman.  Why is Casey the way she is?  She gets it straight from Cindy.  From seeing Cindy’s interviews compared to her testimony today, I think it was pretty obvious that she was lying.  And really that was the best they could come up with?  The dogs were eating bamboo and she was worried and some how that ended up with her looking up how to make chloroform 84 times?  I’m pretty sure the forensic computer expert was specific, the searches were for how to make chloroform.  And that was 84 times.  The only think I could look up 84 times is David Boreanaz’s face.  And I research the shit out of everything.  I’ve read just about all the crime stories on Wiki and still, I’ve never read a case 84 times.

Of course the prosecution was all over that.  Records show Mama Liar was working.  When asked if she could remember if she used the computer (because remember she’s gotten on the witness stand, sworn she’d tell the truth and told detailed details about all those internet searches), she said it was possible.  Uhhh….either you did or you didn’t.  Her excuse was she went home early to look up these things.

I have to say that the difference between Casey’s lies and Cindy’s lies is that Casey whole heartedly believes her lies.  Cindy looked and sounded nervous.   Baez should have had Casey train Cindy on this.  I’m amazed that Cindy got on the stand and tried lying to save the daughter that accused her husband and son of molestation and killing her granddaughter.  But then again, even shown proof that Casey’s friends were all made up, Cindy wouldn’t believe it.

Their lawyer made a statement that they don’t think Casey is innocent but then he kinda clarified that it doesn’t mean they think she’s guilty of what she’s charged with.  But he didn’t take back his statement so I was honestly surprised to see Cindy up there lying her ass off. Especially considering that Baez was fighting to keep the Anthony’s out of the courtroom.

Today, Baez has to tell the judge how many more witnesses he plans on calling so he can get an idea of when this circus will end.  Any takers on how long the jury will deliberate?  I know people are calling it the new OJ trial but any educated, reasonable person could put the pieces together and come up with Casey killing her gorgeous little girl.  So far, we haven’t seen Baez prove anything from his opening statement.  He can call George to the stand but he’s already said he had no part in killing Caylee.  And he never touched his daughter.  They can call Lee and he’ll say the same thing, he didn’t touch his sister.  How will he sway the jury?  Honestly, I don’t think he will.  He clearly doesn’t know what he’s doing and I think he’s banking on appeals.


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