Cindy Strikes Again

A little business before I get started, I do moderate comments and if you want yours approved, try using your words.  Don’t say you hope the prosecution gets the death penalty because that’s just crazy with a capital F.   I’m all for hearing pro-Casey people but like I said, use your words.  Explain why you think Casey is innocent.  I’ll be the first to admit, if Baez puts on a witness that has real information that proves Casey’s side, I’ll change my mind.  I’m basing my opinion on forensic evidence and police and FBI interviews with Casey, Cindy and George along with Casey’s jail videos.  So far, I haven’t heard one thing that made me go “hmmm…I wonder if she didn’t do it.”  And that’s really rare for me when reading and researching cases.  There’s always some “what if” that I can think of but so far, not a one when it comes to Casey and Caylee.

Now, had Casey called the police and said Caylee was kidnapped right away or called and said she accidentally died, I think we’d all still be wondering what really happened to Caylee.  Look at how long it took to clear The Ramsey’s.  I went back and forth on that case until the new DNA evidence came out excluding everyone in the family.  Then I was like oh wow, okay, there’s no way they did it.  My forensic science teacher loved to drive me nuts and call it the Patsy note and we examined the ransom note for a really long time and I still couldn’t decide if she wrote it or not.

But, Casey didn’t call anyone.  She waited a month.  She didn’t just wait a month.  For most of Caylee’s life, she’d created all these people.  A nanny.   Caylee’s father.  Her boyfriend, Jeff.  Her best friend Juliette.   Her job.  She went to Blockbuster the day her daughter supposedly drowned.  I don’t care what has happened to you, a mother who cared about her daughter would not be with her boyfriend the day that her daughter died, accidental or not.  Every friend testified that she was just fine during all that time.

Now on to Cindy’s testimony today…another big fat WOW.  I don’t get how she can get on the stand and say the things she’s saying.  Any three year old can climb stairs.  That’s common sense.  Three year olds can climb on anything.  That’s about the age where you start wishing they never learned how to walk.  They are fast and sneaky.  So it wasn’t some bombshell revelation that yes, Caylee could climb the ladder to the pool.  The prosecution did very well in asking Cindy if she could get the stairs put onto the pool and get past the gate.  I was happy to hear that despite having a pool with a toddler running around, they had safety features to protect Caylee from accidentally drowning.

I think if Cindy wanted to help, she could have said that Casey left the ladder up and the gate open because they were going to swim and Caylee ran out all excited and fell in before Casey could notice.  That would be believable.   That would make me go…okay, that’s probable.  Just throwing out some half information though….I was disappointed.  Either go all out or don’t go at all.

Lee’s testimony was kind of weird.  I’m not sure where they were trying to go, asking him why he didn’t go see Casey at the hospital.  I know they tried making it sound like despite negative paternity tests, that Lee was Caylee’s father.  Dirty pool, right there.  But you know, having your 19 year old sister get pregnant and refuse to even admit she’s pregnant and having a nurse for a mother refuse to admit that her daughter is pregnant, that can cause some weirdness between Lee and his sister and parents.  I feel like he should have been there for Casey, as a good brother should, but that’s his business.  It was really…off putting that Baez was all, “Lee wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and molest Casey.”  It was just a really horrible way of phrasing that.

Let’s look at that.  Abuse is a cycle.  If Lee was going to follow in his dad’s footsteps, that’s rape.  Wouldn’t there be more instances where Lee was raping people?  I know there are situational offenders but I’ve never seen a rapist who only raped one person, one time.

The last two hours of court today were super boring.  The jury was sent back out because Baez wanted to have a witness talk about bugging the Anthony’s and something about the cops but the Judge wasn’t having any of that since there was no relevance to it.  Then there was talk of how much longer this will go on.  The state wants a full day for closing arguments.  I think that’s a really long time and it’s going to lose the jurors attentions around lunch.  Baez said he was fine with half a day but he wants all the lawyers to take parts of the closing and then the prosecution can have different lawyers do rebuttals.  That seems a bit confusing.  I feel like the jury needs to connect to a face and having a bunch of different people, different voices, difference speech patterns will make for a boring or a confusing day but I guess we’ll see.  I’m very eager to watch closing because it would be a really great learning experience.  It looks like we’ll have about a week before this case goes to the jury and then it doesn’t matter what anyone says, it’s in their hands.

I had the chance to be involved in a mock trial in a class about expert witness testimony and it was quite interesting.  Lawyers have difficult jobs.  They have to present their case, listen to witnesses and come up with questions on the spot and cover every little thing.  Missing one aspect or one train of thought or one questionable answer could cost them the entire case.  Can you imagine having to do that job and give a case that’s going to put someone to death or defend a case that could put your client to death on top of knowing you are being broadcasted to the entire internet?  It was hard enough doing it in front of a class, much less in front of the world.  So despite thinking Baez is a dirty, dirty lawyer, I do have a tiny bit of respect for taking on such an enormous case with equally enormous consequences.  Tiny like a grain of salt, but it’s there nonetheless.

It will be interesting to see what charges the jury comes back with.  It sounds like, from what I understood today, that they have a pretty big spectrum.  From murder 1 to manslaughter.  They can really take the evidence and interpret it in so many different ways.  For anyone who has watched the case from day one, what happened to Kathy Reichs? I thought she was part of the ‘dream team’ but I haven’t heard a peep about this in a few years.  I’d love to hear what she got from examining Caylee’s bones and it speaks loudly that she’s not testifying right?


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2 responses to “Cindy Strikes Again

  1. Autumn

    sounds like you had a run in with whackjob Michelle from Madison lol, she is a nut and is banned from most every blog, there is also rumor that its not even a she, they are saying it is a man trolling blogs leaving all kinds of crazy stuff under posts… You can google michellefrommadison just as i typed it and you will see how the trouble she/he causes…. just thought i would give you a heads up and by reading your blog i can tell because that is one of the crazy comments she/he has been leaving… love reading your entries, great job.


    • Thanks for the heads up! She was def the one who left the comment and I figured she was one of the many internet crazies. I have a feeling s/he’s one of the insane people who sent Casey money for candy and probably spends a lot of time writing Casey love letters.

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