Another Delay

Another delay in the case today and no reason given.  I feel really bad for the jurors.  This has been going on for weeks and they aren’t allowed to go home or go to work.  It’s hard times and I know it’s a huge burden to go through something like that much less having such a big decision on their hands.  Kudos to them.

So what do I want from this trial?  Because a little girl died at the hands of her mother, I want her to get the death penalty.  There’s no way that Caylee did not suffer and no three year old should suffer like that.  Or decompose in a very hot car or be thrown away like trash.  But I will also be perfectly happy with life in prison and a first degree murder charge.  Simply because Casey will have to grow old in jail and knowing her ego, that will really grind her gears.

I understand that we don’t know all the facts.  Caylee was left outside for such a long period of time.  But remember Laci Peterson?  We know that Laci was home.  Something happened.  Laci was on Scott’s boat and then she was in the Bay.  Just because there’s no smoking gun, it doesn’t mean we can’t put the pieces together.  Like Casey, Scott lied his ass off.

Casey lies about Zanny.  Casey is the last person seen with Caylee.  Casey hides Caylee being missing for a month from everyone.  Casey ditches her car that smells like decomposition. Casey parties for a month.  She gets a tattoo.  She rents movies.  She does shots.  She hides from the two people that care the most about Caylee.  Casey lies to the cops.  Casey continues to lie even when confronted with proof of her lies. Ipso Facto Columbo Oreo….

I’m hugely disappointed in the defense.  I expected some big show.  Mostly, it’s just been them putting their own forensic witnesses on to try to combat the State’s witnesses.  I expected them to prove that George was at home that day.  Neighbors that would say they saw his car there all day.  Friends of the Anthony’s who woulds say that George and Cindy dropped out of sight during that month Caylee was missing.  Friend’s Casey’s who would go on the stand and say how they always felt a little uncomfortable during sleepovers but they could never put their finger on why.  The one friend that would solemnly say, “there was this one time where Casey got really upset, she was crying and I felt like she was going to tell me something big but the phone rang and we never talked about it again.”  A few teachers who remembered Casey being withdrawn at school or acted out.  Drinking buddies of George who would testify that one night George said something strange about Casey and we didn’t remember it until now.

Seriously, with that opening statement, I expected fireworks.  This case is huge! Why hasn’t any guys come forward to say they could be Caylee’s father?  A case this big and with this much publicity, there’s always some crazies that come out and claim all kinds of things.  Childhood friends.  Coworkers.  Something!

This is why I disagree that Casey Anthony’s trial is the new OJ trial.  OJ’s dream team, as sleazy as they were, had pizazz.

Hmmmm…with nothing going on today in court, I kinda don’t have a ton to talk about.  Oh well, I’m sure next week will be filled with tons of stuff with the last of the defense’s side and closing statements.

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