Monday Monday…Case Continues….

I’m watching the private investigator hired by the Anthony’s right now.  He and Baez is arguing about if he tried selling some videos.  It’s no wonder he didn’t get anything for his videos.  They look like they are outtakes from The Blair Witch movie.  Or that they were taken by a nine year old with ADD.  Honestly, the video is of the woods and some guy poking a stick into things.  They “find” a flower bed with a trash bag in it.  He digs with a trowel.  Then he pokes the ground with his magic stick.  Really?  Don’t get me started on people searching for a crime scene without gloves on and touching things without gloves.  But if you find a trash bag buried in a flower bed, would you just poke the ground with a stick? Or would you DIG IT UP?!

He’s still yapping about how he thought it was taped over.  He talks faster than me and that’s sad.  Did nobody prep this guy?   This is Baez’s witness.  He never answers questions clearly.  He just comes back with “Well, they blah blah.”

HAHA the judge just told this guy to calm the hell down.  Because this guy is getting sassy.

Anyways, there was also a chemistry expert who seemed to come out on the side of the State.  That’s pretty awesome.  Was anyone else surprised at how much trash was in Casey’s car?  I understand it’s in a trash bag but I’ve never lived in an apartment that didn’t have trash bins so why would she put a bag of trash in her car?  My car is certainly far from clean.  I’ve got a soccer ball that I colored with glitter nail polish years and years ago.  Sleepy pants and a Ninja Turtles jacket.  Text books.  Old mail.  A fire extinguisher that my dad makes me keep in my car.  But I wouldn’t put anything in there that could stink.

It’s interesting that Casey’s competency came into question this weekend.  It seems as if one of her defense team brought it up and he’s not in good favor anymore but he can’t get off the case since it’s so far into it.  Now, if Baez was the one who brought it up, I’d be the first screaming SCAM!  But she must have said something pretty serious to have three psychologists/psychiatrists examine her.  I noticed she looks a little spacey today.  I wonder if she’s medicated today.  She usually has wide eyes and shows some annoyance every now and then but for the past few hours, her eyelids have been a little droopy.

With all the notes Cindy and George are taking, I wonder if they are going to write a book about Casey’s trial.  Didn’t Scott’s family do the same thing?  And then his half sister wrote a book too.  George and Cindy are broke so I wouldn’t doubt a book being in the works.

Well, so far today I’ve been bored to tears and it’s pretty much drained my laptop battery.   Once again the defense disappoints.  I know the point of the poking around the woods tape is to “prove” George hid Caylee but honestly, all you see is woods and poking.  If they’d found something of importance, it would be different but they didn’t.  Mr. Hoover should consider a new job.  Because as a private investigator, he looked very amateur.

New witness! Trial must be going a little later today.  Ahhh…it’s the poker.  Mr. Casey.  Whoa he had just gotten his license for private investigation the same year he got working for George and Cindy and he had worked for Baez’s law firm.  Oh yeah, I expect him to be real professional like.   He has an interesting accent. Sometimes it’s southern, sometimes it’s British.

I can’t believe people would take time away from their own family and life to go “protest” in front of the Anthony’s house.  What sad people.  Pathetic people actually.  What good does that do?  Like protesting is going to make her parents tell her to confess?  It’s just like people lining up to get tickets to sit in the courtroom.  I felt like after that last big fight out there in the queue, the judge should have closed the trial to outsiders.  It’s enough that it’s being broadcast live.

Oh Mr. Casey is hilarious!  He’s not allowed to say anything anyone else has told him and he’s all, “Well…I can’t tell you…so what do I do?”  I hate that I have to go grocery shopping because he’s a lot better than Mr. Hoover.  And the whole “to prove a psychic wrong” was really good.  I like this guy.  Poker or not.

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