Typical Tuesday

Of course on the day that the family testifies, I sleep through most of the day.  From what I’ve read, Cindy and Lee’s stories don’t match up.  And George was questioned about an affair.  Was this lady a searcher?  The lovely internets say Baez really went after George.  Did he think George would be all “I did it!”?  I wonder if he was hoping for a Jack McCoy moment.  Well, can’t really blame him for trying right?

So I came in right before the jury got sent home for some engagement.  Ummm…is there a jury dance that we weren’t told about?  An entire jury has a 7PM engagement?  Honestly, I don’t care where they went, I care that we weren’t told what was going on.  Haha.  Not knowing things drives me nutters.  After the jury left, this cop testified and I think Judge Perry said that his testimony was pointless but he’d read more about it tonight.  Then Jesse Grund was brought up.  Now we know why Lee was DNA tested.  Casey herself started that rumor.  She told Jesse he was the father of Caylee so I don’t put it past her that she made up stories about her brother.  I think Lee was standoffish because this guy supposedly knocked up his teenage sister.  My brother would act the same way and we barely talk.  And I also think Lee had really big issues with the way his parents handled Casey’s pregnancy.  Denying it for forever.  It seemed like the family was in turmoil already between Cindy’s bitching and George’s gambling.

Lots of objections and arguing.  Baez got his panties all in a twist over some grief expert that he wants.  I see where he is going with it.  She’ll testify that Casey’s emotions were appropriate for someone who is grieving.  He knows that’s something everyone has been talking about.  Casey not reacting to the news that Caylee’s body has been found.  Not showing much emotion during the trial.  I hope the prosecution asks how much she’s being paid to travel and testify.  I’m just saying…

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