Downhill From Here

Well, if everything goes as scheduled, the Casey Anthony defense will wrap up tomorrow.  What a ride it’s been right?  And probably, a few more ups and downs to go.

I’m thinking that since they’ll rest tomorrow, Casey won’t be taking the stand.  There are so many questions I’d ask her.

  1.  How much did it bother you that Cindy go to hold Caylee first when she was born?
  2.  Where did you go when you said you were at work?
  3.   Why did you create Zanny way before Caylee went missing?
  4.   Why did you leave your purse when you abandoned your car?
  5.   Who is Caylee’s father?
  6.   Why did you create Jeff and Juilette?
  7.   Why did you tell Jesse he was Caylee’s father?
  8.   What were your hopes and dreams for Caylee?
  9.   Do you wish you had a different lawyer?
  10. Why? Why is Caylee dead?  What could that little girl have done to merit such a death?

Baez pulled out the very common lawyer turn around question.  For example, “Have you beat your wife this week?”  If you answer no, that implies that you beat your wife last week or the week before.  Baez said “you would never admit molesting your daughter, would you?”  Kudos to George for keeping his cool and continuously repeating that he would never harm Casey.  Of course Baez, with his snotty smirk added, “well harm her in that way.”

The meter reader is creepy.  While I don’t think he moved Caylee’s body, I shudder to think that he picked her tiny skull up with his meter stick.

I kinda feel like George had an emotional affair with River Cruise or whatever her name is.  He and Cindy had already separated before so I’m guessing their marriage was on the rocks while they were looking for Caylee and George got attached to this lady.  Honestly, a man doesn’t send a woman a text saying you need them in your life to an entire search group.  Which leaves him being able to tell the truth when he says they didn’t have an affair but it doesn’t look good on him that he’s focusing on someone else while his granddaughter is missing.

The feedback on Facebook is mixed.  Some people couldn’t convict her of first degree.  Some could easily.  Some think she’s innocent and believe the George story.  Some have no idea what to think.  And a handful keep preaching that it’s innocent until found guilty and we shouldn’t be talking about it.  Those people are annoying and rude.

The grief counselor today was also annoying.  If she’d testified at a dozen (obviously her favorite word) trials, she should be able to easily list off the peer reviewed journals to validate her expert witness status.  Instead, she rambled about books and chapters and online newsletters.  That shows lacking on the defense’s part.  They should have had a list printed for her, knowing the State would be questioning her qualifications since they had not talked to her previously.  And I really think she should have her own list because she hadn’t even talked to Casey so there would be questions.  Grief isn’t an exact science.  My aunt and I happily live in denial about my grandmother while my mom and uncle are clearheaded enough to make preparations.  To me and my aunt, she’ll live forever and ever.  And if anyone says otherwise, we’ll stick our hands in our ears and hum loudly.

So making a big stink about her yesterday and asking her hypothetical questions was a waste of time.  Last ditch effort right?  It feels like Baez knows she’ll be found guilty of something since they’ve asked for a mistrial and then said the death penalty was unconstitutional and could they start all over with a new jury.   You don’t do that when you know you are going to win.  You do that when you feel uneasy and worried.

My opinion right now, based on the trial up to today, is that she’ll be found of second degree murder and get life in prison.  I can compare Casey to Scott Peterson but the jury in that case had to remember that he killed his wife and their son.  If he had been born right then that night, he would have lived.  And the defense had no other reasonable alternative other than a cult snatched her.  I can see how a jury could consider Caylee drowning.  In Peterson’s case, there was a hair in pliers in the boat that she could not have been in before that.  Small evidence, but loud and powerful.  There’s nothing like that to tie Casey to Caylee’s death other then Casey being the last person to be seen with Caylee.  Logic says she killed Caylee but I’m not sure that is enough for a jury to find her guilty of first degree murder and sentence her to death.

Had the meter reader not dicked around, we might have had that kind of evidence but as I said, he was majorly creepy and it’s possible he knew where her remains were and just sat on it.  Probably trying to find the best way to make a lot of money from the death of a beautiful, tiny little girl.  Karma will eventually get him though.

I wish someone would publish George’s suicide note.  I’d like to see his handwriting and the overall tone and what words he uses.  It’s much like a puzzle.  I wonder if it will get released after the trial.

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