Closing Statements- The Casey Anthony Trial

Whew is anyone else exhausted after all that?  I cannot even begin to imagine how the jury feels.  I can space off during 8 hours of class and the only person I hurt is myself.  A woman’s life is in their hands.  That’s a lot of pressure.

As always, there’s a split screen so we can see Casey’s face during every single second.  Save for the few times they cut to George or Cindy.  I noticed Cindy has gotten the hang of keeping right behind the person in front of her so we can’t see her expressions.


It’s no secret that George and Baez dislike each other.   George had an angry face going on while Baez was doing his never ending closing.  Just because you are allowed four hours does not mean you should spend four hours talking.  The prosecution did a little over two hours I believe.  Two and a half probably.  The average attention span is getting shorter and shorter.  Baez didn’t spend much time making sense.  He just sort of got really mad and called thinks junk science and fantasy forensics and the cops this and George that.  He had the nerve to bring up Lee being DNA tested in a way that really made it sound like there was still a possiblity that he was Caylee’s dad during the trial and then said Lee was the only one telling the truth on the stand.  I wish I’d counted how many times Baez said “impeachment.”

Baez said that George threw Casey under the bus and what father would take the stand against his daughter.  Ummm…I don’t think George, Lee or Cindy offered to take the stand.  They couldn’t refuse.  They all have to answer questions when they are in court.  I agree that both parents have gone back and forth with their support for Casey.  I have no idea if they visit her, write her or have supported her during the trial.  I can tell you they certainly aren’t dressing her because she was wearing the same shirt she wore on Friday.

But I understand Baez needs a big bad and if Casey isn’t it, George is.  And he certainly spent a lot of time pushing that.  George bad, Casey good.  It didn’t take four hours to get to that point.  He put up charts and what not.  I couldn’t really read most of what was up there and I’m guessing neither could the jury.   Pictures of Caylee climbing up the ladder of the pool.  Pointing out the Cindy wasn’t really holding her so that proves Caylee could have climbed up the ladder.

But here’s my thing about that.  If she had on no shoes and no socks that proves that she drowned, in Baez’s words, why wasn’t she in her bathing suit?  At almost three, she’s got to be in the phase of wanting to pick out her clothes.  She would know the routine of putting on her suit and even possibly looking for her floaties.  At least, that’s my opinion.

Baez made a big deal about the lacking of discoloration on the skull.  Most of the time, he was contradicting himself.  Suffocation always has discoloration but not always, sometimes it doesn’t.  Well alright then.  I don’t think the person who examined her skull needed to cut the whole thing open.  There’s magnification software and equipment these days and unless they were looking inside her bones and inside the bone of her skull, there wasn’t much of a need to cut it.  But Baez made a giant deal about that.  Only…he slipped and said, “wouldn’t you expect a medical examiner come and tell you about medicine?”  This was the point that I realized that he was going off of his own thoughts.  A medical examiner examines dead people.  Dead people don’t need medication.  Toxicology experts handle that.

He made fun of George’s suicide attempt.  I read the note and I’m going to do a post specifically about that probably while the jury deliberates but making fun of any mental health breakdown is just impolite.  It’s cruel.  It’s like pulling someone’s hair on the playground.  No matter what the motivation, George was held under a psychiatric hold which means he was a threat to himself.   That’s serious and you shouldn’t make fun of that.

He talks about how great Casey was as a mother.  But I kinda feel like if Casey was such a great mother, why were there no child locks?  She could just go into the backyard where a pool was?  A pool she loved?   Baez made a big deal about how Casey had to catch Caylee from running to the pool but she doesn’t take any precautions to make sure Caylee didn’t go into the pool alone.  More contradictions.

The one chart I could read was all the made up people.  Casey’s imaginary friends.  Why was there no psychiatric specialist?  No psychiatrist, no psychologist explaining why Casey makes up people.  If she has so many issues that she’s making people up, why didn’t Baez prove that?  They weren’t fake, they were delusions and I felt like that should have been objected and stricken since it wasn’t proven medically.

Then there was the laughing guy issue.  There isn’t supposed to be any show of emotion and gestures or laughing but this guy was laughing when Baez was all in a huff and then Baez was all “yeah this laughing guy” and the Judge was all “damn it people!”  Second to the jury, the judge has to be ready for this trial to be over.  He’s had to deal with these lawyers acting like children for months now.

Honestly, I cannot get beyond this ugly yellow shirt.  Why not a nice sweater set?  Something that makes her look motherly.  If I remember right, she was crying during the part when Baez talked about how everyone said she was a good mother.  Andrea Yates, Susan Smith, Darlie Routier…I think friends and family of those women could at some point say they were good mothers too.  But didn’t some of Casey’s friends say she was tired of not being able to party and called Caylee a little snot?

But when all is said and done, what we think doesn’t matter.  How we put together evidence and how we come to our conclusions and opinions means nothing.  How the jury does that is what matters.  With 90 witnesses and an entire day of closing and whatever goes on tomorrow, they have to take all that back into a room and as one unit, 12 minds have to come together and decide whether or not Casey is guilty, what she is guilty of and what to do about it.

I would like to see her found guilty of first degree murder.  As much as the accidental drowning theory is shiny, adding in the computer searches…it just doesn’t fly for me.  I can believe a three year old woke up early or Casey slept in and Caylee was like, you know what, I’m gonna go swim.  Kids want.  Kids hate waiting.  But when someone looks up how to make chloroform EIGHTY-FOUR TIMES, I just can’t believe anything was an accident.  When Casey partied for 31 days and hung out with her boyfriend without being upset that night, I cannot believe any good mother would not grieve for her child.  No matter what the cause of death.

But my gut feeling says they’ll come back with second degree murder.  I can’t really explain why.  Hopefully by this time next week, we won’t all be sitting around wondering and we’ll have the jury’s answer.


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