Absolutely Shocking Verdict

Well….I think we can all agree (minus the few nutters people) that this was a disappointing and shocking outcome.

I have big issues with this and it’s not because she was found not guilty.  The jury didn’t take the time they needed.  There were some who didn’t even take notes during the trial.  Over a month of trial, 90 witnesses, tons of evidence and no notes?  Why were there no questions from the jury?  And 10 hours?  After the computer searches months before Caylee died, they still thought she accidentally died and covered it up.  Casey lied for over a year.  She hid Caylee being missing for a month.  She made up people.  I think it’s cowardly that the jury went into hiding.  If you are sure of your decision, you should stand tall and stand by it.  They ran away because they came out of their little bubble (just in time for that cruise I might add…) and saw that no one else agrees with them.

There was about the same amount of evidence in the Scott Peterson trial and he was found guilty.  Point A to Point B to a guilty verdict.

How in the world could they get past Casey partying during the 31 days after Caylee died?  She didn’t continue life as normal.  She partied her ASS OFF.

The jury liked Baez and would all say good morning to him….wow.  The same man who toasted to his victory while a child is gone, dust in the wind.  Rank and absolutely arrogant.

But I, like everyone else, could go on and on about how shocked I am.  I stand by my feelings.  My conclusions are based on the same things the jury saw.  Unless new evidence comes up, my opinion won’t change.  I thought comparing this case to the OJ case was a stretch but now I can see it.  OJ was guilty otherwise he wouldn’t have gone out of his way to write the book ‘If I did It.’  Casey could do the same thing tomorrow.  She could go on Dateline or Good Morning America and laugh in our faces and tell us how she did it and there would be no punishments.

When I think more about it, my anger fades and clarity makes an appearance.  Casey in jail means a routine, a roof over her head, safety, three square meals and all the candy she can buy.  She could get a degree.  She could get free medical and free dental.  But in a short time, she’ll be released into a world where she’s the most hated woman in America.  She’ll never have a real life.  Even if she changed her name, we all watched the trial.  We all know her face.  Judging just by Facebook alone, most Americans believe and know in their hearts that she murdered her daughter.  Every where she goes, she’ll be stared at.  She’ll be called a baby killer.  She’ll never hold a job.  She’ll never have a healthy relationship.  If she ever has another child, she’ll be watched like a hawk and her child(ren) will know that their mother probably killed their sister.  She will never EVER be able to get away from the memory of Caylee because America will never forget her.  And we’ll never let Casey forget Caylee.  In jail, she could make a life for herself with other people proclaiming innocence and understanding.  Outside, she’ll be alone.  Perhaps justice has been done.  Just not in the way we’d planned.

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2 responses to “Absolutely Shocking Verdict

  1. Denise Andrea

    The “not guilty” verdict in this “Casey case” is an abomination … as Nancy Grace stated, “the devil is dancing tonight” speaks volumes regarding the INJUSTICE of this innocent child. We, as believers of the almighty judge, our

    • I absolutely agree. I think the jury hiding just shows how little they put into this case. I would have respected their decision had they taken the time Caylee deserved. If they still came to the not guilty verdict, it would be a case of agreeing to disagree. 10 hours was not enough time, reports of jurors ready to go home and not wanting a long sentencing period and the guy going on the cruise was too much for me to believe this was a just decision. Along with jurors not taking notes. If you spent a month in the same class for 8 hours a day without taking notes, could you pass a comprehensive exam? No way.

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