The Runway Jury

Good grief, there are actually jurors who might make money off of Caylee’s death.  Please, someone tell me that there will be laws against this soon!  Part of being on a jury should include a clause that states that you cannot make money from the case you were on.  It’s just….beyond words, I think.

An alternate said they’d find her not guilty too.  Really?  So you can say that without deliberating?  Classy.

Juror #3 said just because they found her not guilty doesn’t mean they think she’s innocent.  Actually, yeah it does.  Casey looked up how to make chloroform 84 times.  Casey didn’t report her daughter missing.  Casey lied about having a job.  Casey lied about Zanny the nanny.  Casey partied while her daughter was dead. Science proved there was human decomposition in the trunk.  Chloroform.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there are circumstancial cases.  There’s not always a video or a picture or DNA on everything.  Caylee’s body was left to the elements for 6 months.  And if there was DNA on anything, I’m sure Baez would have said, “of course Casey’s DNA was on Caylee, she’s Caylee’s mother.” There WAS evidence, they just couldn’t be bothered to see it.

It pisses me off to hear the jury say they were sick to their stomachs giving that verdict.  What more did they want? There’s not always a cause of death.  Especially in a body that’s so far gone that it’s just bones.  Add in animals, bugs, water, heat, cold.  I think today, we are far too into crime shows and jurors think every little loose end is tied up with forensics.  And to say there was no proof, just makes me wonder if they saw the same trial I did.  Then again, they couldn’t bother to take notes so honestly, what do we expect?

Casey isn’t the only one who has to live with this.  Those jurors will have to live with their decision as well.  And I hope they think about what the world thinks of them right now.  There’s nothing that they can say to change that.  It doesn’t help their image that they are asking for money for information.  Far from classy and far from justice.

And how is it that they ‘went into hiding’ yet the day after, there they are giving interviews.  I think it was #3 said they didn’t want to add to the media circus.  So what? Wait 24 hours and magically, everything is all better?

If I’m being hard on them, it’s because they had a really big job and I feel like they failed.  Epic failure.

Really, I hope this case shows the world that our justice system is severely flawed.  The vast variation of sentencing, the allowance of expert witnesses to charge outrageous prices to testify, the shady tactics of lawyers on both sides.  I think a defendant should be questioned.  I know, I know, 5th amendment rights but life is so complicated and our justice system is old and based on life from forever ago.  People grow in all ways, why hasn’t the law grown?  Why can’t we update our court systems?  Why did it take THREE YEARS to get to this trial?  Why does it take 20 years to execute someone?  Explain to me how someone can take a life and still have rights?  They can get a degree on the tax payers money.  If you are given a life sentence, that should be it.  You should get the bare minimum.  No tv, no gym, no hot meals, no visitors, no books, no magazines.  Don’t even get me started on the war on drugs.

Can you tell my anger has yet to fade?  Ah well.  It will.  Eventually.  Hopefully.

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