The Wonderful World of Harry Potter

New subject for a bit to take a break from the anger and outrage of a certain trial.

Friday marks the end of an amazing journey that the world has taken together.  The world that J.K. Rowling created has reached the ends of the Earth.  People of all ages, colors, shapes and beliefs have read the Harry Potter books and watched the movies and absolutely fell in love with the wizarding world.

Although I’m a ginormous bookworm, I’m incredibly impatient and the idea of waiting years to read the end of a series made me twitchy.  But from the very first trailer for the first movie, I was hooked.  I watched in wide eyed amazement at a young boy who came into his own and discovered a completely new world where he was famous.  And he’d bested death.  Sitting in that theater, I had no idea what the series would become.

It’s now ten years and 6 billion dollars later.  Four years ago, I started the books.  I started them about a week before the last one came out.  I read very fast so I was ready for the end.  At least, I thought I was ready.  It was just a book right?  Boy, I was so wrong.  I’ve never cried that much in my life.  And I have to say, I still cry when I read it.  I’ve read the series about 10 times.  It’s very hard once you stop.  You get pulled into the spells, the potions, the battle between good and evil.

Ultimately, these books are about love.  Sure, Voldemort is evil, Harry is good but the unsung hero is Severus Snape.  A man who as a boy loved a girl.  Sounds like the same old song and dance but it’s not.  Severus loved Lily from the moment he saw her.  He went to Hogwarts with her.  He loved her even when she chose another.  He loved her so much that even after her death, he gave his life for her son.  A son that looked just like his father.  The father he hated.  Except for the eyes.  Harry had Lily’s eyes.

When Dumbledore asks Snape, “Still?” Severus Snape cast his patronus charm which was a doe.  Her charm.  And said, “Always.”  My heart skips a beat and I get a lump in my throat and I feel like the whole world could come crashing down.  With two words, Rowling owns it.

Rowling gives us this world selflessly.  I think she should be made a saint.  Saint Jo, Patron Saint of the Imagination.

I’m beyond excited for Friday.  I have my tissues ready, my tickets printed.  But I also know how important this end is.  I know what it entails.  And to think that the actors have worked 10 years and really grew up making these movies.  For them, it really is an ending in a beginning.

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