And Now She’s Free

Well, Casey Anthony is a free woman.  She walked out of jail into the world and now, only time will tell.  Will she collect the million dollar check?  Will she cash in on her daughter’s death?  Will she fade into history, never to be heard from again?

Everyone knows her face.  Everyone knows her story.  So unless she gets some major plastic surgery, which cannot be done unless she makes money, it’s doubtful that she could live a peaceful life.  There’s a whole lot of hatred going around right now.  Even though she’s free, it’s pretty obvious that freedom doesn’t really mean much.  For someone who has been locked up for 3 years, it’s not like she can go to a Mcdonald’s for some fries and a Big Mac without people whipping out their cell phones.  Or worse.  Judging just by the small sampling of Facebook status messages, a lot of America is wishing her harm right now.

No, I suppose she isn’t free.  That’s her punishment for what she did.  Even if Caylee drowned accidentally, she took away a search team that turned down other cases, that could have found other children.  She occupied police and FBI when there are so many other children missing, truly missing, truly in harms way, truly in danger.  But people were busy on her word that Caylee had been taken.  And worse case senario, if she did kill her daughter (which is what I believe), I think it’s a fitting punishment that she can be free without really being free.  Instead of sitting in jail, getting candy and treats from donated money, she’ll have to fend for herself.  She’ll have to make her own way in the world with millions hating her and wishing her gone.  She’ll never be able to go out in public without wondering if one of her haters would be there to hurt her.

The other side of the Casey coin is her partner in crime, Jose Baez.  It’s no doubt that he’ll cash in on this case.  He’s creepy and smirky.  I feel a little like he’s talking up the death threats.  If Casey is getting threats and her parents are getting threats and the jury is getting threats, why isn’t he?  He’s sure able to speak for Casey.  He was the one who picked her up from jail.   Milking that cow for all it’s worth, I guess.

I hope some good will come out of this case.  I hope there’s a salary cap on how much lawyers can make off of cases.  The tax payers have to pay millions to cover Casey’s trial.  I’m also concerned about how much expert witnesses make.  I really wish any expert witness that testified about a client would have to have a mandatory minimum of visits before they got on the stand and acted like they knew what the defendant was thinking.   If they are going to get hundreds of dollars an hour, they should have to work for it.  I don’t think it should take three years to go to trial.  I don’t think they should allow the public to line up for tickets like they are going to a circus either.

But for now…we wait.


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