Liar Liar…

Rarely do people annoy me and grind on my very last nerve like Bristol Palin.  I barely tolerated her before.  I have zero respect for women who get pregnant and then cannot give their children a well rounded family.  Whether or not you hate your child’s father, he is still your child’s father.  Which means you separate your past from your child’s future.  You put all the drama aside and do your best for your child to be with their father and their father’s family.

Levi’s sister, Mercede, has a blog.  She’s posted screen shots of the things Bristol says on Facebook along with a lot of stories about what Bristol is really all about.  Although she’s the baby’s aunt, she never gets to see him.  Neither does Levi or their mother.  There’s also a custody agreement that neither parent would trash talk the other in the press.  I suppose a book stating that your virginity was raped away isn’t trash talking.

Let’s break it down.  Every adult has done stupid things as a teenager.  It’s a rite of passage.  How many of you drank when you weren’t supposed to?  Yeah, me too.  Now if Bristol said they were mixing drinks or doing shots, I’d believe her story.  But she drank wine coolers.  How many would she have to drink to blackout?  Besides Mercede saying they were having sex way before the camping trip, even her first time drinking, it would be highly unlikely that she would blackout.

And isn’t that such a pretty little excuse?  It automatically casts Levi in a bad light, that he took advantage of her.  It’s your by the book idea of date rape.  It places all the responsibility on him.  And then saying, oh well, I’d already broke my morals clause so I figured, why not keep on going?  I’m sorry but a girl who drank so much she blacked out and lost the most precious thing to her would not just keep having sex like it was no big deal.  And from what Mercede’s blog states…very loud and enjoyable sex.  I remember sex at that age.  The screaming is pretty much a big show.  For a girl, sex at 15 is sort of…well let’s just say it’s not as satisfying as say, college sex.  It’s more about learning.  What you do like, what you don’t like.  Sure, it’s fun.  But I have a really hard time believing a 15 year old boy can make a girl scream the way she would be screaming later on in life.

So what she’s saying is she was date raped and then loved sex so kept on going.  Well alright then… When Paige was dated raped on Degrassi, she had horrible flashbacks.  But hey, different strokes for different folks.

So now they have sex.  Levi says they used condoms most of the time.  That’s teenage boy speak for not very often but enough to say we used them.  But Bristol was on birth control for cramps.  Do I believe she was on it for cramps?  Sure.  I was on it very early on for an ovarian cyst.  I was happy I was on it when I decided to start having sex.  And my doctor and mom were both very clear that for it to work, I had to take it every day at the same time.  Back then, the same time part was super duper important.  Also, the information that came with the pills every single month was very clear about what you had to do if you missed one pill.  Much less missing FOUR.

I’ve seen friends “miss” pills and oppsie! Pregnant!  If she missed one here or there, I would say typical teenager.  Four?  Really?  I knew a girl who told her boyfriend that she was pregnant.  And then she said she miscarried.  And then she said because she miscarried, she couldn’t get pregnant for a long time so they didn’t have to use condoms.  Was anyone surprised when she got pregnant?  No.  And an ex-friend would skip her pills all the time.  We had quite a few discussions about how important it was to take every pill.  You couldn’t skip them.  You really couldn’t skip them every weekend.  But she figured that was the easiest way to keep her boyfriend.

When I heard Bristol talked about missing four pills, that was pretty much a confirmation that she’d pulled the same crap.  Only she banked on her bullshit.  Most teen mothers who get pregnant don’t make tons of money from appearances and talks and books.  I feel like she’s teaching girls the wrong idea.  That if they get pregnant on purpose, they can get famous. Between 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom and Bristol Palin, who is teaching them otherwise?

And Levi….he’s teaching teen fathers that they can ditch their kids.  Why isn’t he fighting to spend time with his son?  Why isn’t he fighting so his family can spend time with his son?  He’s happy to pose naked, he’s happy to write a book and go on interviews but actually being a father?  Not so much.  It’s disappointing to see a teen father in the spotlight who doesn’t seem to care that his child is out in the world without him.  My opinion is that he’s not really a man.

The Palin family is pretty dysfunctional.  Only, they are all secret about it.  Palin has another child who can’t seem to figure out how birth control works.  I don’t get it.  There’s so many options these days.  Condoms.  If you are smart, you’ll pair condoms with something else like spermicide film.  There’s the pill.  In many forms.  Low dose, one that gives you one period a year or four periods a year.  The patch.  The ring.  The implant.  The shot. IUD.  Yet teen pregnancy rates are sky high.  And those teens go on to have more kids.  With multiple partners.  The kids grow up poor, in horrible schools.  They don’t get the option of going to college.  They don’t grow up and have good relationships because they never saw what a good relationship is.  It’s a vicious cycle that could be ended so easily.

Bristol can get a new face, she can write a book, she can go on interviews but people can still see the real Bristol.  With or without blogs and gossip and speculation, a good mother would do what’s best for her child.  A good mother would put their child’s needs above their needs for attention and fame.  A child shouldn’t grow up being able to see the horrible things his or her parents are saying about each other in the press and in print.  That’s such a hard burden to carry.  And I have absolutely zero respect for Bristol and Levi and I have a feeling millions of Americans agree.

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