Shark Week

It’s Shark Week again.  I wasn’t sure if I’d watch this year.  Last year hardly had anything new.  It gets boring watching the same old stories.  Tonight had lots of new ones and this bad ass video that this fisherman took.  He was out on a boat and there were some kayakers fishing as well and all of a sudden, there’s a big ass shark circling them.  He knocks one kayaker over.  The boat fisherman got him back up and they took off and the sharks was all, no way dudes, I’m gonna eat your faces and followed them.  Another boat rescued them.

The focus this year is on the theory of the rogue shark.  Basically, there was a theory put out there that said cluster shark attacks were from an evil shark wanting to eat people.  Can anyone say Jaws?  Shark experts have been able to come up with explanations for cluster attacks though.  Lots of graphic pictures of wounds this year.

The common thread I found was that every person that told their story said, “well I was swimming/surfing and I just was thinking about shark attacks.”  Holy hell!  And many talked about it being sharky weather.  That’s like walking into a vampire lair and saying, “smells a bit like vampire in here.  I think I’ll make myself at home.”

Another common thread was just about every survivor had major respect for sharks.  They didn’t want to see the sharks harmed.  That’s pretty amazing.  Considering these people had parts of them eaten by sharks.  And they still could come out the other side and show admiration for the creature that hurt them.

I get that though.  The ocean is their domain.  They are apex predators.  Meaning they are at the very top of the food chain.  They fear no one.  Or no fish in this case.  Perhaps they are the humans of the ocean.   When you swim in the ocean, the second your toe hits that water, you have to accept that you are in their world and at their mercy.  I was on vacation in Alabama 12 years ago and my cousin and I were going to swim out to our moms who were lounging on some rafts pretty far out.  We got about half way when a guy was all, “oh look a baby shark!”  That was all it took.  Walking on water was no challenge for us because both of us knew that where there was a baby, there was a very protective mama.  After that, we stuck to the pool.  I have family that surfs and boogies but my feet are firmly planted in the sand unless it’s a pool.  No sharks in the pool.  And this is because the majority of beaches that I’ve vacationed at are in high shark attack areas.

And tonight, they were telling a story of multiple shark attacks and they were saying there were three in one area and then another one.  If I heard about one, I wouldn’t be in the water.  But this one guy was diving and a shark bit his fin.  So they high tailed it out and warned another boat of divers and showed them the fin but the divers didn’t listen.  This one guy dives at the exact same spot and what do you know?  Shark attack.

The guy that built the shark dive cage was also attacked.  He wanted to get back into the water but without, you know, the possibility of getting eaten again.  I’d love to do the shark cage.  I’ve seen a great white in the New Orleans aquarium before.  Actually, I saw it right before Katrina hit and killed most of the fish there.  I wondered if he or she survived.  Part of me imagines the power going out and it going crazy and eating all the others while no one is watching.  But logically, that shark was lazy as hell when I saw it.  Nothing like the ones you see in the shaky videos on shark week.  But I’d like to see one, swimming in the ocean, in it’s element.  San Francisco has this island that has lots of great white activity.  I thought about going but I’m not sure I’d want to see a seal or a sea lion being eaten.  I quite like the sea lions.

And there you go, a completely pointless post about sharks.  Happy August everyone!

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