Bonus Mom? Or Killer?

There’s a story in the news that’s making the rounds.  I was surprised that I’d never heard of this woman before.  Kristine Cushing.  The 90s version of Casey Anthony.  Kristine had two little girls.  One 4 and one 8.  Kristine seemed to be super mom.  Military wives kinda have to be super moms when their husbands are deployed.  It’s like being a temporary single parent.  And let me tell you, they do not get enough praise and support.  Well, the good ones.  This lady needs no praise.

Why?  Because she shot her daughters.  Super mom needed Prozac.  No judgment there.  I know the mental health field before those kind of medications versus after and after wins by a landslide.  This happened in a town in OC, California.  A town I used to frequent.  Wow, that kind makes me sound like a hooker or a bank robber.  I lived near there and would go there a lot.  I had my wisdom teeth taken out there.

While she wasn’t found not guilty like Casey, she was found not guilty by reason of insanity.  I’m thinking that jury probably got a lot of shit too.  But to put it in context, this was during a time when that was a popular defense.  Blame the medication.  We know more now.  But this woman basically got away with murder, was put in a mental hospital for four years.  The same amount of time her youngest got to spend in this world.  The thing with this kind of sentence is that release depends on a recommendation from a doctor.  They are all, “oh yeah she’s loads better, she won’t kill anyone else.  Let’s set her free!”  And the State is all, “okay well we trust you so she’s free.”  In 2005, she got an unconditional release and she’s like full out in society.

John Cushing, Kristine’s husband, had moved on and married Trisha Conlon and had two boys.  Then Kristine got out and John got twitchy and what do you know, he ups and remarries Kristine.  Can you imagine being with the woman who killed your children? Your babies?!  She wasn’t driving and accidentally hit something and they died.  They didn’t die accidental in some tragic way.  She took a gun and shot them.  SHOT THEM.  Well, I think we can guess his character at this point but there’s more to that.  John hides Kristine being around the boys by telling them to call her Mrs. M when talking to their mom.  Oh yeah, he’s real classy.  Divorce is hard enough but making your own children lie to their mother about a killer living in their house?  Dad of the year!

Already, I have issues with their custody agreement.  It’s not 50/50.  One son lives with Trisha and one son lives with John and then they spend holidays together.  Splitting up the kids that are already going through a divorce, who have to deal daily knowing they would have had sisters.  The custody judge dropped the ball on this one.  And the new judge isn’t much better.

Trisha finds out that Mrs. M is Kristine and like any good mother, is really pissed that her child is in the hands of someone that killed their own children.  And that it’d been hidden from her for such a long time.  She confronts John.  John lies and says Kristine moved out and they were getting a divorce.  When she dropped off one of the sons, she saw a painting Kristine did, dated 2010 which pretty much confirms that John lied so she got serious.  She hired a PI.  And sure enough, Kristine was very much in the picture.

She went to court armed with that.  It’s not even just the fact that this guy married a murder and their kids are exposed to her.  It’s the fact that John lied, he had the kids lie and to put already traumatized kids into more turmoil?  I see that very much as negligence.  Abuse.  Commissioner Ponomarchuk  said that since the boys had spent time with her for 3 years now, there’s no reason to think anything will happen.  Really?  Because someone who is in mental treatment for a decade would most likely be on medication.  The same kinds of medications she was on before.  And that medication “made her” kill her children.  So can we not make that circle, Ponomarchuk? Because…I can….very easily.

So you can shoot your own children, blame it on antidepressants, do a little nutters time, come out and be around more children?  If sex offenders can’t be around children, shouldn’t that be the same for murdering moms?

They are appealing this but I’m just kinda amazed at the ruling

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