Gang-Free America? It’s Possible.

All the spam comments make me sad.  I think, oh hey, someone cares.  Oh no, it’s just spam over and over.  It’s like getting crappy junk mail.  No one wants your stupid ass comments!

I’m miffed at our president.  Obama went on tv a while back and bragged about how the war in Iraq is over.  Tell that to my very good friend who gets shot at.  Oh and if the war was over, why was my friend’s tour extended?  Don’t go on tv and lie.  Hope and change, my ass.  Gas prices rise higher and higher.  People can’t afford to feed themselves or their families and politicians waste millions on campaigning.  FUCKING A!

The war isn’t doing a damn bit of good.  We double tapped Osama and just yesterday, Osama’s little bitches attacked our Navy Seals.  So I think we need to pull our brave and kick ass men and women and bring them home to clean up our streets.  Yes, I think it’s time to declare the war on gangs.

Have you ever walked down the street and had a gang surround you?  I have.  I flitted between two big gang cities.  San Francisco and Oakland.  Take one wrong turn and you could be sold as a sex slave.  And you know what? That’s acceptable for our country.  How do I come to this conclusion?  Because no one is going anything to stop it.  Oakland has like 8 officer dedicated to the gang unit and there’s thousands of gang members.  Is the math even possible on this one?

The Mission in SF has been overrun by the MS-13s.  After a while, you become good at reading gang tags.  One week, a school painted a beautiful mural.  The next week, it was covered.  You also watch what you are wearing.  Because the wrong color could get you shot.  I couldn’t wear my really adorable pink hoodie because it was too close to red.  I learned to walk really fast to and from the Bart station.  I’ve never been through there without seeing at least one person peeing or pooping out in the open.  And you start to watch the homeless.  Just like in the ocean.  If you see fish acting weird, you get the hell out of there.  When the homeless scatter, you know the gangs are out in full force.

It’s important to keep an eye on the baby bangers.  They are usually used as lookouts.  And they are always very willing to proof their worth and they’ll shoot you or stab you without a blink of an eye.  Sound dramatic?  Go look at how many young people are in jail for murder that did it for their gang.  If you see the baby bangers chattering, it’s best to duck into a store.  Sure, it’s not going to save you if they run in with guns but most store owners in those areas keep guns on the ready.  They know what to expect.

My scary gang experience was on a Sunday.  I’d always been down there during the very bright daylight.  Usually on a Sunday when there was a church service going on outside on the corner.  But daylight savings time had hit and what do you know, the gang was happy to get an extra hour of banging.  The homeless had been replaced by Mexicans.  I’d gotten accustomed to the faces of the homeless and looked out for the one guy in the wheelchair in front of Walgreens.  If he was there, I knew things were going okay.  I popped into the store I’d came to visit and started to head back to the Bart station when  I saw three gang members trying to break into a van while two peed on the mural.  The ones at the van noticed me and started walking behind me.  I know enough spanish to get by and heard one sing out “BLANCA.” Yup, that’s not a great thing.  This alerted the others on the corner.  And I was starting to feel a bit trapped.  I say a bit because I’m hyper vigilant, I knew everything they were wearing, I knew their faces, I knew their positions and I knew I was armed.  And that if it came down to it, I’d have the element of surprise because not one of them would expect this tiny white girl to have a weapon.  Just a tiny perk of PTSD.  Constant vigilance comes with the package.

If I ran, I figured that would let them know I was scared.  I walked fast and I was almost to the Bart stairs when a baby banger started running towards me.  I’ve been through a lot in my life but that’s one time I can say I was really scared.  Quaking in my shape ups scared.  It could have gone down so differently but at the last minute, he ran passed me.  Perhaps they thought my little life wasn’t worth it or that I didn’t have any money to steal.  True, because I never carried cash.  And good luck on them charging shit on my cards.  Perhaps they just saw a young woman that they thought they could scare.  Or too many people were around.  Who knows.

I got to the stairs and hauled ass.  I ran down them and through the turn stile, swiping my card and down more stairs to the train back to my safe little neighborhood.  I was there by choice.  I cannot imagine how people feel living there.  Or working there.  That’s happening all over the city.  Google it.  Walk the streets.  Yet all the assholes are spending their time trying to ban circumcisions and sitting or lying on the sidewalk.

So if I took over the world, I would bring our troops home and declare war on the gangs.  They’d police our streets and our jails.  Right now, gangs are housed together in jails to deter gang violence.  I’d put all the gangs together and the people who came out alive would  be shipped straight to the arctic circle.  Let’s see them act all bad ass when a polar bear is going to eat their face.

How would I enforce this war?  I am SO glad you asked!

First, all people found with gang tattoos will have them removed.  Anyone with a tattoo bragging about how they’ve murdered someone will get tattooed all over with the American flag, dressed completely in America clothing and dropped into Al Qaeda territory.

Second, all those slums will be town down and replaced with nice apartments with security.  How will we pay for it?  With all the money we save from being at war.  If we can give tons to Haliburton, I’m sure Haliburton can figure out how to build long lasting apartments.  Security will monitor the comings and goings.  Big brother?  A little.  But hey, once those gangs are kaput, that security can be CCTV with their own little security guard just there for peace of mind.

Third, all children go to school.  A nice school with books and supplies.  How will we pay for that?  See #2.  Kids won’t have to choose between going to school or banging.  Because that choice will be made for them.  And without gang territory, they don’t need to join a gang.  Smart kids are proven to grow up and be productive in society.  With their parents not having to worry about rent, they can focus the bulk of their income on utilities and food and tutors.  And saving for college.   In fact, in an entire apartment building, there has to be a nice staff of unemployed people who love to cook and they can have their own cafeteria so there’s no wondering if the kids are going to school with empty bellies.

Fourth, how to deal with your basic gang member?  Give them a choice.  Flag, Arctic or military.  Our own creative draft program.  They’ll go through intensive training and schooling.  That probably means a revamped military training system but if anyone can do it, the number one nation can.  And you know what? We could totally rent them out to other countries to fight in their military too.  And they won’t get paid until they put in a certain amount of time.  They’ll be fed and housed and given the basic needs but that’s it.  No salary.  No cars.  No tvs.  No music.  Just training.

Fifth, no funerals for gang related deaths.  If you are banger and you die from fighting for your dumb ass cause, you won’t have a family sitting around in RIP shirts with your picture on it.  You’ll be buried in a potter’s grave.  If that sounds harsh, look it up.  Look up the enabling of family members when it comes to gang activity.  If you wear the colors, you support the gang.  You support your child dying for that gang and there’s no honor in that.   How do I know you have a choice?  Hilma.  Who’s Hilma?  The most feisty little lady you ever did meet.  Hilma and I met in grad school.  By looking at her, you’d think she was a little old lady.  Hilma’s son had pissed off some school gang members and they’d followed him from a friend’s house.  She met them at the door with a baseball bat.  And then she shipped him home to his father so there would be no way he would ever get involved with a gang.  She gave him a future.  She looked those punks in the face and said, NOT MY BOY.

Sixth, we keep on them.  If it takes years, we have our military working for years.  We pay them well.  We didn’t give up against Nazi’s did we?  Where are they now?  We didn’t give up in abolishing slavery did we?  Well personal slavery.  Sex slaves are still very much happening and those are probably my next targets.  Persistence pays.

So there you go, my plan on taking the gangs out of existence.   At least that would be a war worth fighting because people here, on our own soil, innocent people are killed all the time because of stupid ass gangs.  It won’t stop until we do something.  They’ll continue to take over if they are allowed. A gang-free America is possible if we take action.  But my guess, 50 years from now we’ll still have gangs.  Because no one really cares.



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3 responses to “Gang-Free America? It’s Possible.

  1. Shannon

    Hi,! No spam here. I found your blog because I just finished The Stranger Beside Me and was trying to remember Liz’s real last name. Your post about her book came up and I really enjoyed reading it. I also watched that Dateline episode but didn’t get to finish it. I thought the same thing you did about the guy saying his friend wanted to kill someone before he was 60. Odd. I wasn’t going to leave a comment because it is WAY past my bedtime (I have spent two and a half days in Bundy-Land) and I have to get to work in the AM, but I had to say hello when I saw your post dated today. 🙂

    • Hi Shannon! Thanks for the comment! The Stranger Beside Me was such an amazing book. If you ever get a chance to read The Phantom Prince, go for it! I know it’s out of print and hard to find but it’s interesting to see things from Liz’s perspective, skewed as it is haha, and see what his life was like during a lot of the murders. Anne’s got a way with words when it comes to crime. And I love how she picks cases that normally don’t get a lot of attention. I’m quite excited that Bundy’s DNA is in the system now. Considering how much hunting and traveling he did, there’s got to be a ton of cold cases that are his and it will give experts a better idea of where he was and why.

  2. My spouse and I stumbled over here from a different page and
    thought I might as well check things out. I like what I see so i am just following you.
    Look forward to looking over your web page yet again.

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