You Can’t Tell Me What To Do

I love a good bad word.  I think it’s beyond silly that people get so offended by a simple word.  I love to say crazy things just to get the people around me all riled up.  My aunt taught me to say “fucking A!”  My grandmother calls my uncle “AH” in public.  It’s polite for ‘asshole.’  So perhaps I’ve been a little influenced in my word ways.

My paternal grandmother got Facebook.  Then we had a little pot calling the kettle black situation.  She’s got some issues and the words she chooses are just hateful and nasty but she thought she could shame me into not saying fuck anymore.  I was like…fuck that! Get off my page!

Seriously.  I took her off my page.

I accept that there’s people who hate using or hearing those types of words.  But I shouldn’t have to censor myself because someone else dislikes something.  I dislike perfume.  I dislike body odor.  I dislike the smell of coffee but I’m not trying to get rid of Starbucks.  I also dislike people saying they’ll pray for me.  Or asking for prayers.  Or posting bible verses on Facebook but again, I accept that it’s their pages and they have every right to write what they want.

Alas, that doesn’t keep people from yapping.  A good friend of mine posted today that her friends list went down by two so it was probably something she said.  My reply was “meh, fuck it.  Their loss.”  She agreed.  Because honestly, if someone gets their feelings hurt over Facebook, it’s silly.  I love everything she posts.  I have a feeling who dropped from her list and why.  It’s not some big deal.  But some rude lady is all “I would appreciate if u would watch ur mouth.”

I had a lot of comebacks I could have thrown at her.

“I would appreciate it if you would spell things out instead of write like a teenager.”

“I would appreciate it if you would keep your cunt mouth shut, you don’t know me.”

“Fuck this fucking fuckery you fat fuck.”

“Fuck off, eat shit, you fucking asscunt.”

But I love the crap out of my friend and I don’t want her to catch shit over some stuck up lady.  I’ve gone head to head with a family member of hers before.  He was harassing her online, putting her business out there and I wasn’t about to stand for it.  I’m fiercely loyal and protective of my friends.  No joke.  And this wasn’t worth enough for her getting bitched at for me telling this lady off so I just posted “hahahaha!”  She can reply or not.  If she does, I’ll politely mention that censorship isn’t what America is about and there’s a block button if she feels the need to miss out on my witty comments.

I mean, I’m pissed.  Who does this lady think she is?  She doesn’t know me.  I’m not on her page.  I’m not saying anything I wouldn’t say right on my own status message.   And my friend has no problem with my choice of words.  If it came from her, as I have had friends who have voiced their opinion on disliking certain words, I’d listen in a heartbeat. Where do people get off thinking they can boss people around on social networking sites?  I see it all the time.  It’s so insulting to be bossed around by someone I don’t know.

Plus it just makes me want to say crazier things.

But life goes on.  There’s always going to be some asshole at the party who wants everyone to sit quietly and twiddle their thumbs.  Doesn’t mean anyone has to listen to them.  Really.  Use your words!  Speak your mind!  Because there’s plenty of countries who have people who don’t get that luxury.  Exercise your rights, for fucks sake!

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