Are You Now….

Or Have You Ever Been…

A serial killer.  So the theory all these years is that Ted Bundy killed Ann Marie Burr.  Perhaps she was his first.  When that vial of blood was found, there was a glimmer of hope that a lot of cases would be closed for a lot of families.  At this point, Ted hasn’t been ruled out but he sure doesn’t match the DNA profile they’ve got for her killer.

What does this mean?

Well, either Ted had a partner during that one (unlikely) or he didn’t kill her.  Who was his first then?  I’m inclined to believe that his victim list is a lot larger than we know.  That’s just based the hunting pattern we know he went by.  I mean, he drove hours to hunt.  There’s a lot of unaccounted for trips and hours.  Ipso Facto Columbo Oreo, bigger list.  Bigger list means filling in the gaps and answering questions.

I have a million questions about Ted Bundy.  Half of me feels like him being executed was the right thing.  The scientific part thinks we should have poked and prodded the shit out of him.  Just the idea that we fried his brain makes me cringe.  I would have loved to see a PET scan on him.  To see what his frontal lobe looked like during tests.  Would it light up when he saw a picture of a basket of puppies?  Or would it light up when he was shown a picture of a pretty brunette.

What more will this tiny vial of blood tell us?

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