Am I back?

Every hit I get, it comes from the Ted blog.  Thanks to the few of you who bother to read some of my other posts.  No, I won’t be posting or emailing the book.  Check your local library, they can request a copy from other libraries or check Ebay.  Amazon has crazy prices right now but Ebay has a few fair priced onces. 

It’s odd.  If you google Liz, I’m like the number one link.  If you google Carole, I’m on the first page.  I’ve had over 7600 hits.  All because I wrote something about a serial killer.  A popular serial killer.  I’ve had some interesting comments to that post.  Honestly, it was a bit overwhelming. 

My favorite search that lead to my blog was “leann rimes is a cunt”.  Who ever you might be, lets be friends! 

So really I am just testing the waters to see if I want to blog again.  There’s no shortage of crime stories to talk about.  I guess keep an eye out for me.

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  1. nikhil

    wait, why won’t you be

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