Chapter One

So honestly, I’m pretty blown away that people still read my blog.  Or at least, my Bundy post.  And tonight I saw one of my pictures and quotes on Pinterest.  So that was really cool.  It’s beyond time right?  I’m not posting it all at once and I’m not emailing it to anyone.  Let’s play by the rules of be a sport and don’t report.  That way we can avoid being fussed at about posting it here.

Put your mittens on your kittens and away we go!P1















Chapter one is a wrap!  How are these pictures looking?  Are they easy to read or do I need to do something better?  I would love to see some discussion from everyone who has really wanted to read the book.  This may be really interesting.


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11 responses to “Chapter One

  1. Joan

    Wow, that is a such a great surprise! Many many thanks for this, the pictures are of excellent quality. Looking forward for the next chapters!

  2. Amanda

    Hullo babe, i actually read your post on Ted Bundy and realize that you have been posting up chapters from The Phantom Prince. It’s really nice of you and chapter one is an easy read.

    Like you, i am baffled by Elizabeth’s love and affection towards Bundy after knowing that he did so much heinous crimes. However, like they say “Love knows no boundaries.” Guess that is a part of Elizabeth that we will never understand.

    Anyway, i am excited to continue on the chapters and once again, thanks!

  3. Stephanie Brooks

    Amazing!! I’ve been trying to read this book for almost a year now. Very happy I found your blog!! Any chance for more ‘book pics’?
    Keep it up!

  4. Kim

    I am beyond thrilled to find this book ! I can’t thank you enough for going to all the trouble for us . As you know this is an impossible to afford book . I had this book years ago and loved it and read it twice always meaning to re read again and I moved and somehow lost it and was going to easily order it from Amazon not knowing how rare it had become and fell off my chair at the price . I could kick myself for losing the book and have since talked to dozens of people dying to read this book . Thank you thank you thank you

  5. alexis

    I stumbled upon your blog by accident…thank you so much for doing this. The book is like a billion dollars online.

  6. Marcia-Ann

    Hello! Thank you so much for posting. How can I️ get the passcode for other chapters?

  7. Lilly

    I stumbled across your blog while reading (more, since I seem to know everything about him and his cases/execution YET I still research for new facts) about Ted Bundy. I would also LOVE the passcode for your other entries! I have been wanting to read this book for years and I do not have the money to buy the books on eBay or amazon!

  8. Megs

    How do we get the password?

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