Chapter Two

Chapter one posting was successful.  No fussing, no C&D or anything.  Are you ready for chapter two?  Again feel free to discuss in the comments.  I’d love to hear some of your thoughts.













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6 responses to “Chapter Two

  1. So interesting I can’t wait to read more. My initial thoughts are that she was in love with the “idea” of Ted and the future they would have together. No one would want to believe that the man they invested with their dreams , would turn out to be a serial killer. Thank you for posting this book !

    • I think in the beginning, she was very much in love with the idea of him. He was truly charming. And he was very good at spinning things. So even when she had doubts, he always had a way of explaining things. Plus she’s a young, single mom.

      But on the other side, here is this young mom who meets a guy in a bar and brings him home for the night AND lets him pick up her daughter when they had just met. That’s not the best message to be sending to Tina. I know I sometimes forget that Tina wasn’t a toddler, she was a young girl. She must have many memories from back then.

      Fantastic insight 🙂 Check back for chapter three early this week!

  2. so where exactly is chapter three lol???

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