Chaper Four












page29So what does this tell you about Ted and his perception of his family?  And Liz and her perception of their relationship?  It sounds like she was pressing marriage and he was looking for a way out.




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10 responses to “Chaper Four

  1. Kyle

    Ted is an enigma. Most accounts I’ve read write him off as a sociopath, but I believe there was much more too him than a cunning, coldblooded manipulator. He stayed with Liz and weathered their tumultuous relationship for many years, took care of Tina, and seemingly treated them both very well. He probably resisted marriage due to his middle class status–feeling he didn’t make enough money to dive into that sort of commitment–coupled with his parents disapproval of Liz and his secret life, which was growing harder to temper. I want to believe that he truly loved her and wanted the best for her. He wasn’t a man that stood for being controlled and this is definitely what she was doing, attempting to push him into something that he wasn’t ready for. What do you think?

    • I totally agree Liz was trying hard to change him into a family man. Look at the beginning of the book. She brought him into Tina’s life on that first night without even blinking. And compare that to Ted’s past with women and I can see how they didn’t exactly mesh well. I think he wanted it to work because that was the “normal” thing to do at the time. I’m always fascinated by Liz. Besides Carol DaRonch, I see Liz as one of the few survivors of Ted. I think Liz was his little stop at reality. He would disappear for days on his hunts but he would come back to her and live as long as he could in their life together. Take out the murders. Ted would be that one friend that can never settle down but always has that one long term girlfriend that he could marry if he ever got his shit together. Those guys are a dime a dozen. At anytime, he could have made both Liz and Tina his victims. In the book, he talks about how he closed all the vents in the fireplaces but came back and opened them. The one time they were at the lake and he made Tina swim really far even though she was struggling. There’s little stories here and there where he could have done something to them but he stopped himself. Sociopaths tend to not have those human connections but Ted did. So what was it about Liz that made her his anchor to the real world?

      • Anon

        Get real. There was nothing special about Liz. She was not the ‘love of his life’. Stop trying to find that one shred of humanity in Ted that can make you breathe a sigh of relief that this world really ain’t that bad. Yes it is. Psychopathic evil creeps who only care about themselves live in this world and use and abuse and kill other people.

        He wanted Tina to drown in that swimming incident.

        Liz was his chump. She paid all their bills, gave him a car to drive around in all day, gave him a place to sleep, gave him the cover of looking like just a ‘normal guy’. Don’t think for a second that if he could have murdered her and Tina and gotten away with it, once their usefulness to him was over, that he wouldn’t have. The ONLY reason he didn’t was that he was too smart for that. He had connections to them and he knew he would be a suspect if they turned up murdered, and then that could had led to the police also discovering more of his murders. That is why he tried to plan ‘accidental’ murders, like swimming that poor little girl to death, or closing up fire vents. He only thought better of it because he knew it was too close to home.

    • Anon

      You are wrong. He was a cold hearted psychopath. He didn’t love Liz. She was his cover for a normal guy image and she financed his lifestyle, he had free use of her car and so on. He used her. The only reason he didn’t kill her was because he was too smart for that. He knew he would be a suspect.
      Also he tried to drown her little girl by making it look like an accident!

  2. gina

    please post the next chapter!!! and thank you for your postings

  3. Marilyn

    This book is absolutely fascinating, thank you so much for posting! Can you post the next chapter? 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for posting the book! I have been wanting to read this for years. I think the reason he doesn’t want to marry her is because he still loves Susan.

  5. Amanda

    I think if perhaps Elizabeth would go with the flow instead of pushing Ted, i suppose things won’t turn out nasty.

    For example, at the last part, she chose to put his clothes away when her parents are coming over shows that she is reluctant to tell her parents that she is already living with this man, it might make Ted seems that he is shameful to live with them.

  6. Anon

    This is classic narc stuff.

    Teddy is ashamed of his middle class family. Just like all narcs that don’t have money, he has delusions of grandeur; of one day being rich, and covets all the finer things of life.

    The whole marriage thing, well clearly he had no intention of marrying her. It wouldn’t surprise me if he told his mother that and said just play along until I can talk Liz out of it or something. Why else would he take his mother away privately to tell her? Sociopaths do this all the time when they need to lie and manipulate people.

    The whole ripping the marriage licence up. Classic. He was desperately waiting for his big moment to create a false drama and pull out of the marriage so he could blame Liz for it.

    This a lesson for women to start respecting themselves. Seriously, why do women throw themselves at low life’s like these. Men have too much power over women and clearly it was that way back even in the 70’s. If people had kept Gods laws and not actually fornicated before marriage, women would have more power. Do not sleep around before marriage and you might actually find a decent guy that will respect you.

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