Chapter Six

An extra chapter just because!










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13 responses to “Chapter Six

  1. Loved this chapter! You can really feel the tension between the two of them. I’ve been in a relationship like this before. You’re miserable with him and miserable without him. I don’t wish this kind of existence upon my worst enemy. Thanks for posting and I’m looking forward to chapter 7.

  2. Kate

    This is so interesting, thanks so much for posting! Could you post chapter 7?

  3. I told my husband I wanted this book for Christmas, not realizing that it has been out of print for years and you can’t find the stinkin’ thing for under $200… like ANYWHERE. So, a long, loooong Google search later, I came across your blog. Then, I had to go through the 17 (or so) step process of creating an account so that I could leave you a comment. So here it is: Thank you for posting these pictures (and I promise I won’t tattle).

    Anyway, I’m kind of a true crime junkie, and I’ve read Anne Rule’s book a couple times, and she had mentioned this one in one of her many re-printings. It’s interesting to me to have read Rule’s accounts of meeting and talking to Liz, and then to read Liz’s accounts of the same time frame. I think it’s very easy to criticize her (Liz) having all the after-the-fact knowledge that we do. She’s talking about all these times he disappeared for days, and I’m thinking either “I know where he was…” or “HOW could you not know something was seriously wrong here?!”

    But then I thought, “If someone told me that MY husband was out killing people, I wouldn’t believe them. Even if I saw a description of his car on the news, even if there were sketches that looked like him, and even if I couldn’t personally account for where he was when someone disappeared, I wouldn’t believe it.” So, maybe I should take it easier on Liz.

    I do agree with you on one of your earlier comments: It does feel to me like the point of this book, for her, was to somehow justify him. “Sure, he was a monster to THOSE women, but he LOVED me.” That’s kind of the vibe I’m getting here, too. I think that she very much has this picture in her head of what Ted was, and then she has all the evidence (including his CONFESSIONS, for Pete’s sake!!) of what Ted was, and she can’t reconcile the two.

    This book, so far, reads (to me) like someone nagged her into writing it. Like, there were a bunch of people around her who wanted her side of the story, probably hoping for some gruesome inside information, and finally convinced her to write something down by asking her to write about Ted’s “good” side. So,she’s trying to humanize him, and to justify her relationship with him.

    It also feels like she maybe didn’t have a very supportive family growing up. She talks a lot about how useless and ugly and unworthy she thinks she is, so maybe, even though (all the other, horrible stuff aside) Ted wasn’t the greatest boyfriend, she thought that he was the best she could do, so she tried to hang on to him. I don’t know about you, but I’ve known several other women with that mentality.

    Aaaaaand I’ve written you a novel. Sorry, I got so excited that there were other people who wanted to talk about this stuff. Most of the folks I know think I’m ghoulish for finding it interesting, but that’s another novel (ha) for another time.

    Thank you again for posting this, and more, please.

    • I am so happy that you’ve enjoyed reading it! I got lucky when I got my copy. I got it for my birthday about 10 years ago. Back when I thought it being $80 was bonkers. If I’d only known back then…

      I go back and for on Liz. Some days I’m like how could you not know? Even after she was the one to call into the police. And other days I think, she had a rough life. She was married with a child at a young age. She set out in a new city on her own as a single mom working full time. And this charming and handsome man was giving her attention. I think, in her shoes, it would be easy to shoo away the bad thoughts, especially since he did care for her. You’ll see that later on in the book. I’ve read the book at different points in my life also and that def puts a spin on how I look at what she’s saying about him. Probably why this is my most favorite case. It’s ever changing, even in today’s world.

      But now I expect to hear what you think about Chapter 7 so keep the comments coming!

  4. Jacklyn

    Thanks for posting! Could you post chapter 7, please? 🙂

  5. You’re a legend for posting this. Thanks so much!

  6. alexis

    More please!

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