Why isn’t anyone talking about…

Michael Alig?  I’ve skimmed his twitter a bit.  Read a few interviews.   Any thoughts?



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3 responses to “Why isn’t anyone talking about…

  1. I don’t know who he is, I can’t find chapter one either. Can you add me on facebook Sidd Irwin. I’m a street artist, philosopher & yoga instructor. I’ve read a lot about true crime, mostly organized crime as I’m fascinated with the Mafia, Colombian crime lords & king pins. I usually don’t show an interest in serial killers but Ted Bundy for some strange archaic reason fascinated me. From what I’ve gathered he was unlike any other Serial killer. His personality, intellectual & academic intelligence etc gave him the potential to accomplish many great things. Instead for some reason that is beyond my & most peoples comprehension he became a sadistic psychopathic deranged necrophiliac, rapist & serial killer who committed crimes that were utterly horrendous & reprehensible. I don’t believe in capital punishment I stand fiercely against it but for what he did, I’ll make an exception. He was the lowest form of human being ever, but nonetheless I still find him interesting. I don’t know why I just do.

    • You can find chapter one here https://4n6princess.com/2014/07/06/chapter-one/ I think we are up to chapter 7 right now. I am not scanning and emailing it. I am posting it in hopes of discussion of each chapter. Next few chapters will be posted soon though so feel free to join in! Bundy was certainly in a category of his own. He truly was a monster. Because of the book, we are able to see that from Liz’s perspective which is very interesting.

  2. Andrea Danielle

    Michael Alig. He’s fascinating. I think he was a very social and creative person. Despite his horrific deed I do not think him inherently evil. His life was fully consumed by drugs by the time that the murder happened, and after reading a few different accounts of the crime it’s clear that the victim provoked it. Our adrenaline does skyrocket when we are in danger, and with all the mood altering and emotion suppressing drugs that he was on what happened was no surprise. His blatantly honest account of why he chose not to call the police after the murder was twisted logic but plausible for someone blasted out of their mind. I was a junkie, I knew that my drugs would be confiscated and I would suffer horrible withdrawls in prison. He was dead, the deed was done and nothing could change what happened. It could only get worse, not better if we told. It was an accident.
    Of course, he is without a doubt a narcissist. He has a very difficult time empathizing with others and needed attention all the time from others. He was manipulative. And yet, he seemed very honest in the interviews I’ve read since his release. I very seriously doubt he would kill again.

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