Chapter Seven

Chapter 7 on the first 7th of the year. As always, I welcome discussion. Even if it’s about another case or something else.

Chapter 7

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15 responses to “Chapter Seven

  1. Mark

    Wow hard to believe he’s out prowling and killing right under her nose. Who knows what else she might have found in his room if she kept snooping! Can’t wait to read the next chapter

  2. Cierra

    Thank you SOOO much for posting this. I’ve been wanting desperately to read this book, but haven’t been able to come up with the several hundred dollars most sellers want for it. :/ I can’t help but to feel pity, even empathy, for Liz. There’s not much to her writing abilities, but she tells a raw, honest, and ultimately captivating story. I can’t wait to read more!

  3. Erin

    I agree with Mark – how creepy it must have been for poor Liz then and even now knowing what she knows

  4. Amanda

    We can see how needy Liz has turn into after knowing Ted, she seem to hang onto every word of his. I agree with Cierra about feeling pity towards Liz. Looking forward to the next chapter too. Cheers!

  5. Kim

    Ohhh I can’t wait for chapter 8 . This book is really good ! Thank you so much

  6. A

    Thank you for posting this! 🙂

  7. A

    Yay! This is an amazing read. I live just a few doors from the former “Kong Lenz” crime scene, and walk by Ted’s old house a few times a week. This is thrilling!

    P. S. Michael Alig hasn’t really paid his debt to society yet, if you ask me…

  8. Wow, this is book is so interesting. Seldom to we get to hear from the loved ones about the dreary day to day life of a monster. But it is important to see that they look like everyone else until the truth is know. I gotta disagree with an earlier poster though, I Love Liz’s style. It is simple and real and compelling. I cant put this down and think it would be the perfect page turning, thrilling beach read if only it weren’t true. I hate to think this is a true story that really happened! Looking forward to ch. 8 even though I guess we all know what happens. Thank you very much for sharing this.

  9. Emelina

    Thank so much for sharing your book with us!

  10. Lillian

    A Great read, can’t wait until chapter 8!

  11. Beckey

    Hello, will you be posting any more of the book? Thanks for posting the previous chapters.

  12. Hello!
    Firstly, i want to congratulate you for this amazing blog i only discovered today, but have already fell in love with. You post really interesting facts.
    Secondly, i believe we share a common passion, that being serial killers. As a child, I’ve always been fascinated of morbid stuff like these, so today, when i first read about Ted Bundy (i must’ve been living under a rock this whole time) i spent my evening searching every single detail i could find about his personality, character and victims. I even watched his interviews.
    Anyway, i really hope you’ ll post the next chapter soon and maybe another random post, if possible. I trully enjoy your writing.
    Sincerely, Eliza

    • Beckey

      Gotta second this, I never paid much attention to Bundy before, more interested in missing people and identifying possible victims than this creep as he makes my skin crawl. However, I am interested in psychology so reading his girlfriend’s real life experiences and insights is the best source of info available and most fascinating to me. I appreciate the blog owner posting all these chapters. Since reading these, I read two other books, (The Stranger beside me and Ted and Ann) and neither of them are even close to the first-person insight we see here. The only thing that could give us more insight into his brain would be if his mother (too late she died) or siblings would open up about Ted’s upbringing and childhood stories. Hope to see more chapters at some point but I know life get’s way hectic sometimes!

  13. S A

    Add me to the list of folks who are soooo happy to be able to read this book! Thank you!
    A couple of things stick out for me in this chapter. First, doesn’t it seem odd that Liz never seems to have her daughter with her anymore? I understand she’s a young single mom and would want “me” time apart from her child once in awhile, but it sounds like she ships her kid off to her parents for huge chunks of time. I wonder why this is? Maybe there’s more to that story; maybe it’s not true and the daughter was actually with Liz most of the time, but Liz has decided to “relocate” her daughter in the book so readers think Ted had very little interaction with the child during this time. Or if Liz was struggling much worse than she lets on and her parents agreed to take the child because they were worried about her. Maybe I’m just reading too much into it.
    The second thing is that I find it fascinating that Ted was truly such a chameleon. Through the years many observers have mentioned that Ted seems to look drastically different on a day-to-day basis. Liz reiterates this when she says she suddenly notices his eyes after knowing him for 4 years; that the police sketches all looked like different people with drastically different basic features (straight hair vs. curly), and even his VW seemed to magically change colors! It’s chilling, really, and I’m sure his ability to shape-shift through life was part of the reason he got away with it for so long.
    Sorry for such a long comment, I couldn’t resist jumping in. This book is a rare gem and I’m anxiously awaiting the next chapter!

  14. Anon

    Um, he pushes her off a raft into freezing water out of the blue, stands stony faced and does not help her get back in, and she just brushes this off? Something is not adding up with this girl. Either she wasn’t too bright or she was so deep in emotional abuse she couldn’t see straight. Also come on, a man dressed in expensive tennis clothes with a British accent, and a brown VW and she still doesn’t think it’s Ted? I’m wondering if there is a part of her that knew, but was so obbsessed with this man that she went into denial. Kind of like Bill Cosby’s wife. Real sad and pathetic really. She needed the courage to face the truth but she was too busy drinking to find the strength to.

    Also noticed her daughter is out of the picture at this point.

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