Chapter Eight










Alright y’all, give me what you got so far? How are you feeling? Discussion is happily encouraged.


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12 responses to “Chapter Eight

  1. Beckey

    Yay! Thanks for posting. Nice to see you’re back. I really feel bad for her! How can he be such a dr jeckle and mr Hyde? It the other hand, while she was dragging her feet, and drinking, and pulling out her hair– MORE WOMEN DIED!!! If only she had given that officer his name how might things have been different?

    • And how about her always pulling him out of jams. She’s busy typing up HIS stuff because he’s too busy hunting to do his own work. Sometimes I feel really bad for her and sometimes I want to shake her and be like REALLY?!!

      • Beckey

        Yeah I know what you mean. And sometimes I really wish that I could know how she and her daughter have gotten on in life since. Does it haunt them? Because it must. They were SO LUCKY to have survived. I hope they are both doing well.

      • I also wonder if Rosa and Tina have ever met. Tina kind of got the father experience with Ted where as Rosa never really knew him. I really hope Liz turned her life around. I hope she gave Tina a stable childhood. I like to think she’s got a happy life because she has yet to reveal her identity publicly. It would be easy for her to make a quick $100k for an interview. I like to think that she learned from her horrific past and she’s got a bunch of grand-babies and she’s truly happy.

  2. Courtney

    When will you post the other chapters? I can’t get enough of it.

  3. Bethany

    Thanks for posting!!

    She is young, inexperienced and naive.
    She also seems like marriage is her end game, knowing full well he’s a thief, which goes against his whole law and order facade.
    AND she’s ok with it . Just as long as he doesn’t get caught?
    She is also a parent, and that gives her no excuse IMO.

    I have to wonder, she felt like this, but kept her daughter around him, wondering if he might be responsible for these missing, murdered women who will never come home to their parents?

    As a mother, I feel a huge sense of empathy.
    I had a lot of empathy before my boys, but now? Whew.
    I can’t imagine what the parents of the children he took felt, and feel to this day. If I had a notion, a sense or whatever that the man I was dating might be a possible killer of young women, and had a young daughter of my own, I would have took her and got away from him as soon as possible. I don’t understand her reasoning I guess.

  4. SM

    Ok, this isn’t a great comparison, but Liz’s thought process reminds me of how I used to feel when I was younger and inexperienced and dating shady guys who I suspected were cheating on me. I can identify with her uneasy preoccupation, the self-doubt and wondering if “it’s just me, I’m just crazy,” the snooping, and the huge fear of getting caught and losing the other person for being suspicious/crazy and snooping. I now know to trust myself and that if I’m feeling THAT uneasy then something is definitely wrong, but I didn’t know that when I was Liz’s age and in my first real relationship.
    The glaring difference, of course, is I was worried about infidelity and she was worried tha he was a serial murderer. I’d like to think I would react differently and handle the situation better, but it’s impossible to say how anyone would react if they were in her shoes.
    I really don’t feel bad for her though. She clearly and intentionally stuck her head in the sand for so long and so many women died while she wrung her hands and fretted, and that just makes me ragey.

    • Very well stated! On the days when I get super frustrated with Liz, I try to remember she was a young, single mom that had just gotten out of a bad marriage. She was in a new state trying to make ends meet on her own. But on the flip side, if I suspected anyone I know of being a serial killer, I’d go Veronica Mars in two seconds flat. But like you said, it’s impossible to know how anyone would react. It had to be a complete mind maze during those years. Every time she thought she knew what was happening, I am sure Ted would turn on the sociopath charm and turn things around. Speaking of this, I have an idea for a new discussion topic so thank you 🙂

      • SM

        Thank you! Sometimes I’ll write a comment for these chapters and just delete the whole thing because I go back and forth so much on how I feel about Liz… Ultimately, you’re totally right, Ted was a huge mind-f**ck to her (and everyone he knew, really) and he designed his entire existence to be disarming and innocent enough to get away with the unspeakable atrocities he was committing. Liz frustrates me too, but that’s kinda unfair to her because we’re all looking at this with loads of information and hindsight.

      • SM

        Also, “I’d go all Veronica Mars” <– my new quote for anything awesome and detectivey I want to do 🙂

    • Anon

      She was selfish. She wanted her Prince Charming and that was more important than protecting her daughter from a freak and a thief and from getting the heck away from a man who she had serious concerns was a murderer.

  5. Anon

    I’m sorry, I have NO sympathy for a woman who would willingly be in a relationship with a thief! Not only that, she didn’t even have a problem with the morality of it, only that her precious Teddy might get caught! She had more than enough to evidence that he was a bad man and yet she stayed with him and allowed the creep around her daughter! Liz was not a victim, she was immoral as well.

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