Chapter 9












So Liz gets the courage to call the police and what happens? Mr. Detective says Ted doesn’t fit the profile and doesn’t look like a killer. Boy have times changed right? I really think Ted got away with as many murders as he did because of how he looked. Handsome, charming and well spoken to most of the people he met. And how eerie was it for Liz to meet Janice’s husband.

We are pretty much half way through the book right now. I’m thinking we’ll do a chapter every week or so until the end. I’m going to start getting more into analyzing page by page now that we’ve got a good footing on Liz and Ted’s relationship. Feel free to chime in with thoughts, comments, anything.



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12 responses to “Chapter 9

  1. Fletch F. Fletch

    It has to make you wonder whether Detective Hergesheimer was incompetent or if he just wasn’t revealing what was really going on behind the scenes of the investigation. As far as he knew, Ted Bundy could have been using Liz to play games with the police. Hergesheimer may have suspected Liz of trying to help her boyfriend find out what the police knew. I don’t think her motives in contacting the police were anything other than what they appeared to be, but I’ve got to believe the police, at this stage of the investigation, were looking more closely at Bundy than they let on. Otherwise, they really were incompetent and negligent, because there were so many coincidences. I’d like to know what criteria they used when they supposedly “cleared” Bundy twice.

    I also found it interesting when Liz was told that she had just met Janice Ott’s husband, and she said “I knew who had murdered his wife….”. If she was so sure she knew, then why did it take her so long to stop questioning herself and finally end things with Bundy? It’s almost like she wants things both ways. She wants to turn him in, but she doesn’t want the truth to be what she apparently believes she already knows.

    • Beckey

      Wow I’ll bet you’re right. Makes perfect sense they have to ease her fears so she’ll carry on normally otherwise Ted might get wise and it might blow their investigation all together!!

  2. BundyGirl

    Ted definitely was able to get away with things thanks to his look and charm.
    And he used it to his full advantage

  3. BundyGirl

    Tomorrow (7/14/15) marks 41 years since the Lake Samamish abductions. Eerie.

    Any chance for an episode to read on that day??

  4. I’m looking for the next chapter? 😦

    • Fletch F. Fletch

      Hey Princess, we’re anxious to continue the discussion. Would love to see chapter 10 if you have time.

  5. Ruth Smith

    Thanks for sharing the book. I just found your blog last night and couldn’t stop reading.

  6. Bethany

    Love this blog!!

  7. Brooke

    Just discovered this blog yesterday after trying to find this book and discovering it was over $180 on amazon!! I tried putting a hold on it at the library, but it’s missing. Somehow I’m not surprised:/. I’ve already read all nine chapters and I feel like I just got to the good part!! Thanks so much for posting this online for people who don’t have access to it. Please post more soon as it seems you have quite the following. I know I would greatly appreciate it;}

  8. Susy

    thanks to do this effort, cant wait to read chapter ten.

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