Goodbye Ann

And with that, the lovely lady took her leave.

Ann brought me into the world of true crime at a young age. I found her books in my mom’s closet and I’d hide in this little hidden nook and read them. My first Ted experience was through her. Before the internet, before blogs there was A Stranger Beside Me. She wrote about so many cases you would have never heard of otherwise. I loved how most of her books had one big main story and a few smaller cases. You knew she actually took the time to really know the cases.

Ann got 83 years in this ‘verse which is pretty amazing. Kids, grandkids, great grandkids. She got to do what she loved. You can’t ask for much more than that.

So please take a moment out of your day to think about Ann and send good vibes to her family who no doubt misses her already.

Yes a new chapter is coming, I promise 🙂


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13 responses to “Goodbye Ann

  1. isabeau8410

    May she rest in peace!!!
    An incredible woman, mother, writer and friend.
    Her book set the bar for all of the Ted Bundy books.
    I also started with The Stranger Beside Me.

    Goodbye Ann….

  2. Sad coincidence that the day I discovered her work, she died.
    I find no reason to mourn though since she lived a long, fulfilling life. I feel more obliged to celebrate her death, and not in a morbid way.
    I devoured “The Stranger Beside Me” in two days. I couldn’t put it down. (Checking a Thrift Store tomorrow to see if they have any of the Michaud and Aynesworth books on Bundy.)
    I found your blog on my search for the Phantom Prince, and thank you so much for posting them!
    I’ve read all the chapters you’ve posted so far today.
    I don’t know why Bundy is so captivating.
    I don’t know whether to feel sorry for Liz. Sometimes I want to claw my eyes out from her stupidity, but then again, who’s to say we wouldn’t all be fooled and naive just as she was? Aren’t we all still spellbound by that man years after his execution?
    Ann mentioned Liz (as Meg) in her book and describes her as ‘not pretty’. Well damn, I can see that Liz is or was very insecure. Bundy had stated that he could tell with some people that they just had fear or insecurity in their eyes. I think that is one of the reasons why he targeted Liz (other than the fact that he is financially dependent on her).
    Ann thought that Liz/Meg might have reminded Ted of his mother.
    I also think he was just fishing for some chick to make his that day at the bar since he wanted to paint a normal second life so that he wouldn’t look anything suspicious.

    One line that affected me in the book was when Ted said he spoke to everyone about their problems yet he couldn’t speak to anyone about his… I think he was deeply troubled and although his emotional pain would be nothing against the pain he caused to the families of those girls, he still did experience some sort of pain inside from his condition. And I pity him for that, because his troubles were beyond eccentric, so who could he really go to for help? To top, part of his mental conditions made him too arrogant and cynical to ask for such help.
    Today he could probably find a handful of his like minded people online.
    It makes me wonder that if he was born in this time, when we know so much more about mental issues and when they are encouraged to be brought up in discussion, if he could have been cured or at least controlled.
    I also wonder how he would react in knowing that incredibly twisted, bizarre, and violent porn is available freely with variety and quality, online today. xD

    So many what if’s…. But I think with some people, the moment they are born, they are a lost cause. For that I have trouble having any animosity towards him. The only part I felt hate for him was when Kimberly Leach’s situation was described. (I cried). I can stomach most stories of deaths, except when it is that of an animal or a child. Poor kid, she was so psyched for that dance. 😦

    Sorry this post is so scatterbrained. But anyways, I love sparking discussions like this. Thank you for allowing such a platform for these discussions on your blog. Will be looking out for the next chapter! 🙂

    I also have one question:

    Do you think if it all worked out with Stephanie from the beginning, Ted would have never have set out for some overkill revenge? Or was he always doomed like all broken things, as Ann put it, to “self destruct”?

    • You asked some amazing questions and I’m sorry it took me so long to answer them. I honestly believe Ted killed before we knew he was killing. I think there’s cases out there that aren’t solved that are his and they started early. I think we’d see someone building his confidence in his kills and I would bet a million internet dollars that his first 5 were incredibly sloppy. So I think by the time he got to Stephanie, he was already a lost cause. I think though he had enough confidence in his crimes by the time he met her that he was able to blow her off later on like he did to “show her.” I’ve always been curious about that. To know the destruction he caused to women and here’s the one woman he wanted and loved and she broke his heart and he chose to break hers in the same way she broke his. He didn’t hurt her physically or murder her. Why not?

      So here’s where I start to wonder if putting him down was the right choice. I almost would have rather they put him in a plastic cube like Magneto and study him. So many questions left unanswered. Purely selfish questions on my part but hey, questions none the less 😉

  3. G

    Thank you so much for posting “Phantom Prince”! I would like to read this book but of course it is ridiculous how much it costs online. Any chance you will be posting a new chapter soon? (I read all you have posted in one night!) Thanks again!

    • Two new chapters are up 🙂 I got lucky on my copy, I received it as a birthday gift 11 years ago. I thought it was expensive back then but whew the prices now are bonkers.

  4. BundyGirl

    When will we get another episode???

    Much anticipated!

  5. Kathy Robles

    Thank you so much for posting the Phantom Prince! I, too, have wanted to read it for years but the expense has kept me from buying it……..thanks again from a very grateful reader of your newly found (to me) blog!! 🙂

  6. Brooke

    Pleeeeeeeeeease post another chapter haha!! Thanks!!

  7. Heather McCall

    Thank you for posting these – a truly fascinating account! Your discussion ideas are great too – I too have been wondering about Ted’s feelings for Liz. He comes across as more normal than is comfortable to think about…..

    Really looking forward to more!

  8. Heather McCall

    Forgot to add….I live in Seattle, a couple blocks from Green Lake. Which makes reading this book WAAAY creepier

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