Never leave your best girl home on a Saturday night

I always giggle when I see my Fuck Off Kyle post getting hits. I felt very Veronica Mars in that post.

So I’m thinking we need a new chapter tomorrow. Until then, what’s happening in your world? Sometimes I wonder who you guys are. Like what do you spend your time doing? Favorite tv shows? Book series? Coke or Pepsi? Do you ever think Kinder Eggs will be legal again? I miss those things. Chocolate and tiny toys, how could life get any better?


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19 responses to “Never leave your best girl home on a Saturday night

  1. Beckey

    I like reality TV way more than fiction. I am so bored w TV drama because real people are so much more interesting and way crazier than anything you could make up. That’s why I like reading about Ted and trying to figure out the how’s and whys of a mind like that and what it was like for people involved. I like researching the real life mystery cases of missing people also. For example the case of Maura Murray us a huge obsession. Becky

  2. G

    Thanks so much for the chapters! I have always been fascinated by serial killers such as Ted. How can they kill without remorse? What makes them this way? Can it be prevented? I once read that for every 100 people 1 is a psychopath & I can believe that. Of course not all kill. Some are CEOs or that asshole you might work with that will back stab anyone to get ahead. I liked this topic much more before I had kids bc the fact that there are what, about 30? Serial killers operating at one time in the US scares the shit out of me! Also, I am really into reading about the Cleveland Kidnappings. Those women are amazing! How did they survive? I just can’t bring myself to read their books. What is your opinion on it? Thanks again! Much appreciated!

    • I think we need some very specific studies done WITH serial killers to find out exactly what triggers them to kill and if that could be prevented and if so, how. It’s quite interesting to think about how many active serial killers there are versus how often we hear about them in the news. I haven’t looked at the 10 Most Wanted recently but I would bet maybe 1 would be a serial killer.

      Cleveland broke my heart. I’d seen Amanda’s picture and story on many, many websites. Michelle changed her name to Lily but I’ve watched every interview she’s done. I think it’s interesting that Lily and Amanda are not on speaking terms. I hate to speculate but I from what I’ve read about their time with that vile man Amanda’s experience was very different from Lily’s.

  3. CathyP

    I am learning about psychopaths. I am learning that I have been victimized by psychopaths. Not the Ted Bundy type, but the bosses and ex boyfriends that so many of us have had to face. Discovering Ted Bundy helps me to feel not so victimized. I feel fortunate that I was not murdered. However, I suffered nonetheless.

    We are a type. Those of us to fall victim to a psychopath are a type. I am that type. Liz is that type. I feel for her. I also feel for the victims that do not live. It is very sad

    We are a type.

  4. Rachel

    Thank you for posting these chapters. I work in the mental health field, mostly with addicts. I am quite interested in Liz’s story. I wonder what her thoughts are now, where her life has gone. I can understand why she fell into Ted’s trap and why she stayed as long as she did. Likewise, I would be interested in any insights Ted’s San Francisco girlfriend and Carole Boone would have.

    • Goodness I sure would love to hear from Carole. Although I just said tonight that I wish Liz a peaceful anonymous life, I’m not so sure I feel the same about Carole. She knew he was a serial killer. She willingly procreated with him. She has his direct DNA link. On purpose! I mean for god sakes she married him during the trial.

      • Beckey

        Oh man you’re so right. Since we don’t know what exactly makes people serial killers (how much is nature and how much nurture) how could she breed with him!? Yet, that raises an interesting thought. We’ve known of quite a few serial killers now and have we ever seen a case where it ran in a family?

      • Beckey, For someone as bad as Ted was, I fully believe that DNA has a link to something. !00%.

  5. Deadviolinist

    I just love to learn things. I’ve been eating up science and history books recently. And Ted Bundy is very interesting. I’ve just read about 5 books on him. And there are more out there I have yet to get my hands on. I don’t read much fiction but my favorite book series is Harry Potter which I have read 8 times so far. It feels like home whenever I’m reading it. As for shows, I don’t watch much shows either but I guess Game of Thrones. I am waiting for netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events though. They better not ruin my childhood book series. I’ve read the series 4 times, in fact I might do it again.

    Also, Pepsi all the way but sprite trumps all.

    • I totally think we can be friends. Between your Pepsi choice and your Harry Potter love, high five! You know if it was any other network, I would say you should maybe not get your hopes up but Netflix seems to be more about letting shows do their own thing. And it’s about damn time. I’m so tired of networks fussing with our awesome shows *cough*Fox*cough*.

  6. BundyGirl

    Love the 2 chapters! I’ve been studying serial killers for a few years now but no one has captured my attention and interest like Bundy did..

    I do not like how Liz tries to present herself in the book I think it comes across as fake and not genuine.. but maybe that’s just me

    Can’t wait for the next chapters 😉

    • I do wonder how much of the book was her. We really have nothing to compare the book to. She doesn’t have any interviews with anyone. Most days she drives me nuts too. Check out chapter 12 that is up. She’s such a doormat when it comes to him!

  7. Deadviolinist

    Is the 4n6 in your name supposed to sound like “forensics”? As in forensics princess?

    • beckey

      wow great PI skills! I never thought of that. I actually pondered that briefly a couple times and just figured the author must have a couple of little girls (princesses) aged 4 and 6. ha. Silly me.

      • Deadviolinist

        Just googled “4n6” right now. And apparently it’s an abbreviation for the word forensics. Yay, so I was right. 🙂

        At first I thought it was just some hidden personal meaning the blogger had so I didn’t bother to google it.

  8. CathyP

    That is cool…forensics.

    I lived abroad for a while and I ate lotsa Kinder eggs.

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