Chapter 12


One has to wonder if she still has her letters from Ted. It would be interesting to read those. And Liz could publish them anonymously.  Amazon lets you self publish easily. Because honestly, I don’t think I ever want her to come out of hiding. That’s all her life would ever be after that. And even though she’s my BEC for most of this book, I think she’s a good person and she and Tina deserve a normal life.


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8 responses to “Chapter 12

  1. Kathryn

    Is that the end of the book? Just learned about all this while searching for “scary Halloween stories” online, as most of this happened before I was even born. Really bizarre and genuinely messed up. Thanks for sharing, great for the season.

  2. Kathryn

    Also, I’ve been pondering the times Ted pushed her into the lake, or led her into the woods where she got a bad feeling and turned back. Thoughts on those incidents?

    • We’ll get a little more into this later but Ted talks openly about actively thinking about killing her and Tina. Like the time he closed the fireplace vents while they were sleeping with a fire going. He came back and opened them so we know he had the power to stop his dark compulsions in certain situations. I fully believe he struggled with this a lot. I think some of the times he shut down was because he was having impulses to kill her. He also openly said he went out hunting other victims during some of those times. I am sure that weighs heavily on Liz even now. It wasn’t her fault, it was Ted’s but if I were in her situation, I’d feel just awful.

  3. Lisa

    I think Ted knew that he would almost certainly get caught if he did anything to Liz. After all, they were publicly linked, and suspicion would definitely land on him if something happened to Liz. Better to pick anonymous victims that had no association to him. Ted was a clever, slick psychopath, but he wasn’t stupid.

  4. Tolek

    When can we expect more chapters?

  5. Lisa

    Please post couple new chapters soon!!

  6. Anon

    I’m doubting she was a good person. Her boyfriend gets arrested and charged with abduction and attempted murder, and she still takes phone calls from him? There was a part of Liz that was a co-conspirator with Ted. She knew he was a theif, a liar, and seriously thought he was a murderer too. Yet she still kept him in her life. Liz was the victim of her own delusions. She wanted to believe she was ‘special’ to Ted…but she was just another one of his pawns. This book is nothing more than her regurgitating his PHONY love letters to reassure herself that he really did love her. She wants to fight the obvious truth that she was a chump that was played for a fiddle by a psychopath, and that she deliberately overlooked a lot of obvious signs. Come on, you catch your boyfriend sneaking up your stairs, getting a crowbar out from under the radiator and his pockets was stuffed full of surgical gloves??? There is only so far you can go in sympathy for Liz, clearly her own demons where full in her and she played some part in enabling this monster.

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