Who put the 4 in the 6?

A few of you asked about what 4n6 means. Since it’s a whole story thing I figure I’d make a post before I post a new chapter.

When I went to college, I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher. I chose a college that was a good teaching college. My grandmother was an alumni. They give you a lab class the first semester. What that means is they put you in a gym during a recess for a school on the campus. There was about 50 kids and about 150 kickballs. Teachers, you ask? They were taking a much needed break. From the teachers side, it was a pretty brilliant plan. Talk about weeding out the people who were not cut out for that life. This little girl comes up to me and puts me in time out. That’s when I knew I would not only never come back to that class, I would be changing my major. Y’all. It was scary stuff.

I’d been taking Psych 101 like most freshman. Ring the bell, show the food and the dog will drool. I quickly realized that was my home. But as electives, I took forensics. Actually, I took so many Criminal Justice classes as electives that my advisor told me if I took this one extra one, I would be able to get my Associates. Umm, hello free degree right there! My most favorite teacher was my forensics teacher. Dr. Kane. He was brilliant. A little cocky. Bad boy handsome. I got all As in every class on every test on every paper. And I listened to every word he said. During our handwriting section, we analyzed the Ramsey ransom note. I was very vehement about my views that it was NOT the family who killed JonBenet. So to drive me crazy, he called it Patsy’s note. He got us all certified to use a Krimesite Imager. You wanna see something amazing? Check that out. You just look through this scope and you can see and photograph untreated latent fingerprints.

During ballistics, he took us out and we shot mirrors to determine which shot came first by following the cracks around the bullet holes. He made alligator boxes with magazines and we saw how you can keep a bullet intact to test and compare to a crime scene. On the test for that section, was a sheet of bullet holes. Basically connect the dots and when you followed the first all the way to the last, it spelled 4N6. Forensics. When I wanted to change my normal screen name from my pro-ED days to my current interests, I chose that. It’s rare for anyone to get it but you guys are beyond amazing so it totally made my day that you guys noticed and figured it out.

Alright now who is ready for some Friday night reading?


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2 responses to “Who put the 4 in the 6?

  1. Beckey

    Do what you love. You are smart. I feel like an idiot taking dreadfully boring accounting classes but I’m trying to be practical.

    • Sadly, I haven’t gotten to do what I love. I’m within a few years of it, I think. That’s a sad story in itself but props to the math skillz. Math is my nemesis. I’m so terrible. My dad can do complex equations in his head. I’m over here trying to do FOIL on my fingers. I envy anyone who can math.

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