Morgan follow up

Did anyone check out Morgan’s mom’s blog? I would so super love some opinions on that. I think there was a flurry of sleuthing on a few boards about it but I don’t feel like sorting through the bowl full of crazy crime boards have going on.

Most of the nay sayers say someone wouldn’t stalk a girl for months on end. But we know Ted hunted. What if her possible killer is a young Ted….


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8 responses to “Morgan follow up

  1. beckey

    Wow interesting and sad! I found the mom’s blog ( and clicked around a lot and grew increasingly irritated at the lack of info. I believed at face value the poor girl had been stalked and murdered so where were the details? The crime scene must have been pretty gruesome right? Uh no crime scene description. Apparently it was pretty serene. Hmm well lots of video cameras and motion detectors around the house, so there are probably plenty of pictures of the creepy stalker right? Uh no. nothing. I kept clicking links on her blog to get ANY info. Finally I had to google it and then found people saying it was a suicide by drug OD or natural causes. Well, either way, it must be super painful for her family and I feel really bad for them. BTW, I was stalked very briefly in college. So I know how real and terrifying it can be, maybe there was a stalker, I hope he doesn’t get away with this if he is the true culprit!

    • Start here Basically the mom blogs a year later and writes what happened that day in Morgan’s life. So it’s stretched out over the four months Morgan was stalked. I’m 70% overdose which I think was caused by her being stalked. But when I read through her blog, I took a ton of notes. I’ll have to type them up but I had a lot of questions like Morgan’s panic button was ripped off her night stand and there was that weird photo of the guy in the driveway watching the cops drive away. I think there’s more video that she hasn’t released. But I agree, for all the time and money they spent running around the house and trying to catch the stalker, they didn’t come up with much video. But….if he was on the roof for all that time…maybe it is possible…

      • beckey

        OK now I’ve been reading this obsessively for days! Its amazing how much detail I have read from the mom and it seems like I still have the same overall theory as before: that she OD’d (accidentally or on purpose). I feel sooooo bad for her mom (and her dad! he was sobbing on the Dr Phill show!) . But we’ve all known parents like this. My own family was like this with my sister, who ran away and got on drugs and was arrested. We never really knew why my sister was doing all the stuff she was doing and putting our family through. I thought it was drugs but my parents believed it was the bad crowd she was influenced by. Parents always want to believe the best about their kids. It may very well be that there was a stalker messing with them, but it seems the parents spent all their free time worried about this and putting up cameras and traps, while Morgan just used it as an excuse to spend all her time away with friends and maybe also for why her health was spiraling downward, when in fact it was probably just the escalating drug use. Even though it is very late, and finger prints and crime scene evidence is long gone, I would really like them to do a thorough investigation and maybe then the mom can finally take off her PI hat and grieve for Morgan and perhaps even start to enjoy her grand kids and her life again. Becky

      • Once you start reading it’s so easy to go down the rabbit hole with that blog. I’ll post my notes tonight and maybe we can compare. I know a bunch of message boards have poured over all the details and I haven’t really dug into those but I did read the mom scrubbed all of Morgan’s social media and I guess Morgan had posted some pretty dark stuff. I think she was struggling with depression. Did you read that one part where the mom posted that Morgan felt drugged at a friend’s house? This was during the stalking, how do they not get her to the ER to test her or something? Morgan had a boyfriend during some of it and the boyfriend was staying the night during some of this stalking yet the mom never mentions him in the blog. And as far as I know, we haven’t heard a peep from whoever that boyfriend was. I know there was an article from her ex boyfriend but it didn’t really lead to anything new.

  2. Beckey

    I agree that her mom seems to be withholding lots of details like scrubbing the social media postings and about the boyfriend. In fact, to read her blog you’d think Morgan was an infallible perfect human being. I think this stuff really damages her credibility. I believe that family was stalked and went through hell. I also believe police botched the whole thing, didn’t do their due diligence (they seemed to sit back and let the family do the work since they were willing to). And didn’t properly investigate when a felony stalking victim ended up dead. Since it was botched I don’t know if we’ll ever find out what really happened. I think murder is kind of a stretch tough and the fact the panic button was torn off … Could it be she wanted to get it away because she wanted to go through with a suicide and didn’t want it to be within reach???

  3. Hello to all! I’ve followed the death of Morgan since the beginning. I fell down the rabbit hole, started scratching my head, they went searching for answers. What I found, IMHO, Morgan died by accidental or intentional overdose. Since then, Toni has pointed a finger and publicly named her own suspects. Call it grief, I call it malicious.

    Toni never thought of murder until Jennifer the psychic told her it was murder. Now that’s morphed into stalkers evading MULTIPLE cameras; walking on the roof, barefoot, on below freezing Colorado nights to use a telescoping rod to tap on Morgan’s window; drug injected, but residue of pills found in her stomach; her room was ransacked and things stolen, but never reported, until after one of her suspects was arrested on another charge. I could go on, but you get the point.

    Toni is vicious to anyone who disagrees with her. Including her own family. I hope someday Toni will allow Morgan to rest in peace.

  4. Late to the party, but after reading every word on the Morgan blog and most of the Websleuths thread about this case I am fully convinced that Morgan’s mom is just off the rails and her version of events should be taken with a very large grain of salt. There was no hyper-intelligent super-slick ninja stalker lurking on their roof and just waiting for the day to slip in her room and covertly kill her under the guise of a suicide. At worst, Morgan was being teased by other kids in the neighborhood and dabbling in drugs on her own accord, and tragically ended up dying from an overdose. I can’t begin to imagine how painful it must be to be Morgan’s mom, but dragging other 19-year-old kids through the mud BY NAME, slamming the local law enforcement, and generally making these very serious accusations on her grief/murder-mystery blog is just way beyond the pale. She has zero evidence, zero support from authorities on her wild claims, and a massive Internet audience. Not a good combination.

    • I think the truth is somewhere in the middle. I think some neighborhood kids were being assholes to her and harassing her. This based on her friends and an ex boyfriend being witness to the noises at the house. But I agree, I think Morgan OD’d which is very sad but not murder.

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