Jacob Wetterling UPDATE


This is fantastic news!!!

Now let me get on my little soapbox for a second….WHY are these things not a priority? How hard is it to sweep the damn internet and catch all these nasty pedo/hebes! I’m serious. Anonymous has done some really great digital investigations. There are endless hackers out there. Why can’t the FBI hire them and smoke out all the rings and groups? It’s not impossible. Fuck, it’s not even improbable. It’s just not a priority. Which is really really sad. We talk a good game but when it counts, we really aren’t there for our kids as a nation. We want to be the best, we should do the best. Instead we are focused on an asshat with a bad toupee and trashy families on tv. Yeah, I’m looking at you, creepy Duggars.

Could we, perhaps, be in the age of super heroes? I don’t know about you but if I saw Anonymous kicking ass and taking names on pedophile rings, I would be the first to be all, I for one welcome our new super hero overlords. Hopping down now…

So I’m not seeing a ton of info on the guy they’ve named so if you see anything, loop a girl in. I am hoping his family gets actual answers and not vague possibilities. They really have waited a really long time to find out anything. Wikipedia has a new update saying the suspect’s DNA matched another abduction. Let me go ahead and post this before I get back up on my soapbox and rant all day about how these people are just allowed to live among us like it’s no big deal…


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3 responses to “Jacob Wetterling UPDATE

  1. becky

    Glad there is some movement in the case. Here’s a link w/ some more info: http://www.startribune.com/new-developments-to-be-announced-in-wetterling-case/338399961/

  2. Why doesn’t National Center For Missing and Exploited Children add names of those who went missing before 1984 unless they are embarrassed into it like the Jaime Bordenkircher and the Gill Cases? Why is there a 1984 cutoff date that NCFMEC and most law enforcement practice? Why do non-profit charities for the missing are all too glad to take your money but NONE OF THEM will use that money to pay a private investigator to find the missing person…. WHY?!?! Why do most police departments, after one year, stop looking for the missing child and adult, thereby sending the powerful message “WE DO NOT CARE!!!!!!!”
    And they don’t.
    My female abductor tried to grab a knife and finish me off. I called the Prince William County Police. They know I am abducted, but, the woman cop tells me I am on my own and don’t expect any help from the police department because it is not their job!
    So, why are you sitting here at your screen acting bewildered that these things take place and all the different “entities” that are suppose to help the missing aren’t. They want YOUR MONEY but they don’t want to find the person.
    Missing children are big business and a major profit as long as they remain missing. If they are found and abductions are stopped, think about all the non-profits that would go out of business!
    IRS has strict guidelines to try to prevent corruption in non-profits, specifically to keep the board members from profiting off of the non-profit. There are so many loop holes in the laws that the board members of various non-profits are living high off the hog.
    Excuse me for being rude, but, stop playing dumb. I, a missing child, am not impressed with YOUR ignorance. I find it no different than a terrorist attack and people stand there bewildered stating “HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED?!?!?!”
    It happens because people just don’t want to “get involved”! It happens because people say “As long as it’s not me, who cares!!!”. It happens because people say “that is somebody else’ job!!!”, and it happens because people just don’t give a rat’s tail until it happens to them!
    So, PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!, stop playing dumb! it is really offensive to those of us that have been abandoned by NCFMEC, other non-profits, the police, and the local, state, and Federal Governments!!!!!

    • Hi, new reader 🙂 *waves* I’m really interested in hearing more about these foundations and if it’s not too intrusive, your story. Do you have a blog I could read or anything? Again, welcome and thanks for reading.

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