And so it begins…

The holiday season. Is everybody ready? It comes earlier and earlier. Except for these amazing chocolate bars Target usually carries during Christmas. All the ornaments are up, trees are out, candy canes are stacked box by box. But alas, no yummy yummy goodness.

I love Christmas. Gift shopping has always been my most very favorite thing ever. I’ve already gotten started this year.

Next chapter will go up next week. I’m trying to figure out if I want to keep WordPress or not. Any suggestions for that?



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2 responses to “And so it begins…

  1. smaireful

    So excited for the next chapter, and I’m totally with you on the excitement about oh ummm HOLIDAYS!!! Twinkly lights are already being strung all around my neighborhood!
    I’m curious how many chapters we have left, too. From pictures it looks like a thin book, so are we nearing the end?
    Happy holidays, y’all! Loved your explanation of “forensic princess”, I always wondered what the “4n6” was all about 🙂

    • smaireful

      P.s. I’ve commented before as “SM” but because of the WordPress change my name has as well. Btw, like the new site/format!

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