Goodbye 2015!

You guys, stop letting me get away with taking FOREVER to post chapters sometimes.  Fuss at me!

So I’m going to post chapter 13 tonight and honestly, it’s a big chapter.  I find that at different times, I feel different things about Liz. It all depends on when I read it.  But I’m curious to see how everyone reacts to it.  There’s a very specific part that SCREAMS to us.  I debated posting a follow up but I want to see what everyone says first.  If anyone sees what I see.

In the meantime…how was everyone’s holiday?  Ready for 2016? A ton of changes are coming my way.  I hope good changes.  Dare I ask how everyone is feeling about this insane election? Maybe we should just talk about this bonkers weather storm going on.  That snow right….


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  1. Becky

    Happy new year to you too! Are you thinking about the part where she says she wanted to marry him so she wouldn’t have to testify against him? I first took that to mean she KNEW he was guilty and still wanted to protect him. Made me mad. Then I gave her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it could have been like this: Because she loved him, she wanted to believe that maybe, just maybe, he could be innocent and just incredibly in the wrong place at the wrong time CONSTANTLY and experiencing the worst case of mistaken identity ever. But she knew that everything she would have to tell an impassionate jury would sound very incriminating and she didn’t want her words to get him sent to the chair? Sounds plausible to me. I really identify with Liz. I can just see her mental anguish and confusion in this and such denial.

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