Chapter 13 Discussion

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This. This is the part that made me cringe. That made me majorly side eye Liz in a big way.



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5 responses to “Chapter 13 Discussion

  1. Becky

    That’s cringe-worthy alright. Especially knowing what we know about him now.

  2. Deadviolinist

    Hopefully this is why she stopped this book from publishing. Because I don’t think the backlash she must have gotten were that great. I do not anticipate an ending where it seems she has completely and one hundred percent seen the light by the overall looks of things. And hopefully she did learn from the backlash too. It’s all very conflicting; what I think about her. I think she really, really knew by then that he did it. So her compartmentalization skills may have even surpassed that of Bundy himself.
    One can argue that Bundy charmed even his prison guards and inmates who would tear the ones who hurt children and young women apart. But I think Liz was just in general, a very weak person. In contrast, Stephanie did not try to actively pursue Ted for amends after he dumped her, and she was the first one to call it quits in the past. But I think Liz, in Stephanie’s situation, (after Ted abruptly and without warning abandoned the marriage promise) would still try to call him to give him a “piece of her mind”. And when ol’ Ted would try to calm her down again, she would then again fall for his sorry’s and promises and excuses of him being a broken child. Then the toxic cycle continues.
    Still, Liz seems the kinder person over both Carole and Stephanie. Just not the smartest or the strongest.
    I like Angie. And I wonder how much hair she pulled from her scalp at the frustration at Liz at this point. At the same time she wanted to protect her friend, but she was also smart enough not to get herself into all that drama. And ‘drama’ is to put it veryyyy lightly considering the magnitude of what Ted was being accused of.
    Jesus, woman.

  3. Hey all! I actually came across this article the other day, and SO much of it made me think of what we’ve heard Liz say in the last 13 chapters. Right down to her self-esteem issues, to their intimacy, to how they first met in the bar. It’s really short and worth a read!

  4. Shivis

    I know, right? She was just too infatuated with this man that she couldn’t see clearly. I feel for that woman 😦

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