Fuck this new layout

I seriously cannot find anything.   I hate it. I hate it hate it.

So yeah anyways….

Basically we are at the part where Liz gets on my nerves.  She knew what was up for and it took one drink and half a nice sentence and she was all oh it’s us against the world, me and my rapist serial killer dreamboat ❤  Trust me, we’ll come back to this later where you guys are gonna be like hmmmmm.

New year!  Hey you guys, can I get mushy for a second and say how much I appreciate all of you.  I really do.  It’s been really fun posting this book and discussing it. I’m in  a discussion with a group about the Avery case. I think about how easy Ted fit into the real world.  He held a job.  Mostly.  He was social.  He was likable.  So I could see how most people need to see a real “monster” to believe someone could burn a woman’s body to smithereens.

Ugh I watched Nancy Grace for the first time since forever. I quit soon after Casey went free.  Nancy went into a tailspin.  I really feel like she taints fresh cases.  Media spin is powerful.  She does not use that with great responsibility.  She’s still a drunk twatwaffle. But she had Jodi on, sort of.  It looked to kind of be a short interview with Jodi? It wasn’t live.  It wasn’t much new stuff. We knew Avery and Jodi had DV stuff going on.  He threatened to kill his ex-wife in a letter to his kids so I wouldn’t be shocked if he told Jodi the same thing.




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5 responses to “Fuck this new layout

  1. Deadviolinist

    It’s like a mini little book club here. I do agree it’s quite fun! 🙂
    Plus, it’s hard to find anyone in real life with the same morbid curiosities as me, haha.

    I wanted to share this very very recent interview of the first guy who caught Ted Bundy for the broken tail light. He drives and tours the exact rode and route in which he followed him.

    It’s quite fascinating. It’s strange to think that people he has directly affected are still alive today. It’s weird for me and a bit difficult to register, because when I read of him, it’s so unreal and so far away in the past that it seems fictional. But there are many people still alive who had known him and encountered him today. I guess I find that eerie since it’s kind of like a reminder that the stories are very much real.

    And on Nancy Grace, to be honest I’ve been forced to watch her a couple times and I dislike her already. I do agree how these type of people with power in media could potentially taint a case in some way. (This was also one of Ted Bundy’s arguments for himself)

  2. Becky

    Apart from the Radiolab episode, I haven’t followed the Avery case. I read the Wikipedia article and if Wikipedia is accurate on his murder/attempted murder of a kitten early on; he should have been given the death penalty right then and none of these other incidents would have had to happen. I know all I need to know about a person and what they are capable of when I hear animal abuse horror stories like that.

    • Tina

      The Avery case is VERY compelling and any true crime fan has much to consider. The Netflix doc-series “Making a Murderer” is fascinating; I highly recommend it. I am an animal lover (have dogs, cats, birds) and looked further into the cat incident. It seems Steve Avery was younger, drunk, and egged on by drunk friends around a fire pit, when he tossed the cat above the flames. It doesn’t make it right (it’s despicable), but sometimes drunk, vulnerable/troubled youth do really stupid things. Nevertheless, from everything I have studied since seeing the doc, is that Steve Avery does deserve a fair trial at this point. There are way too many suspicious circumstances with law enforcement officials that deserve scrutiny. Some powerful people in Manitowoc County were about to lose millions of dollars, their jobs, and retirement benefits when he is suddenly accused of Teresa’s murder. The evidence is just not there and a cat killing is not a reason to throw away this man’s rights – whether we like him or not. Teresa’s suspicious boyfriend was never questioned, while he and her brother had hacked her voice mail (before she was found dead) and deleted messages that the guy’s can no longer recall (yeah, right). Those two need to be scrutinized. Also, a cop – who stood to lose so much due to his part in the erroneous Avery rape case – called in “a plate check” on Teresa’s car 3 days days before the RAV4 and her body were conveniently discovered on the Avery property. He and another Manitowoc County official were at the Avery search scene days later – against an agreement they would NOT get involved and, after the bedroom had already been searched multiple times, they just happened to find Teresa’s car key siting on the floor (curiously absent of her DNA). I think certain Manitowoc County officials saw the already murdered woman as a chance to “get out of dodge”…and sure enough the $36 million civil lawsuit was instantly dropped. Suspicious circumstances and reasonable doubt = new investigation and trial, imo.

  3. BundyGirl

    Did anybody notice that Wednesday marked 38 years to the day since the Chi Omega murders?

  4. Anyone

    Where is chapter ten of The Phantom Prince? Thank you very, very much for posting this book. Not even a library near me has it.

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