My beef with that damn Avery stuff

I’ve watched this documentary play out in the press, social media and message boards.  Theories, facts, figures, accusations, questions.  But what it boils down to for me is this…

Even then, our justice system fully had the technology to forensically determine how, when and where Theresa died.  And with that they could definitively decide who killed her.  But instead a bunch of dudes with tiny dicks and big egos stumbled, bumbled and jumbled up every damn part of the entire case.

Which leads to the whole world asking what the hell?!

If they did it correctly in the first place, LIKE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO, we all wouldn’t be talking about it today.  If someone is murdered, the very least they should get is justice. Unequivocal justice.




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11 responses to “My beef with that damn Avery stuff

  1. BundyGirl

    Was definitely frustrating watching this series

  2. Deadviolinist

    I really need to watch this series when I find the time. I’m skimming through most your posts about this though, as to avoid any bias. I want to take it in for myself and see what I draw from it. So far, I guess this would be very interesting. I only watched the first couple of episodes, but whilst I was half asleep.

  3. BundyGirl

    There is a special tonight at 9pm on Investigation Discovery about the Avery case.. should be interesting, they said that some new clues and information will be revealed

  4. BundyGirl

    New chapter coming soon? :-))

  5. BundyGirl

    No new episodes for us? It’s been ages! 🙂

  6. BundyGirl

    It’s been months now 😢

  7. Deadviolinist

    Yo, you told us to bother you if you didn’t keep your word, but you’re too nice for me to do that 😛

    Anyways, to everyone still stalking this occasionally, we finally have a face for “Stephanie”

    Anyone else think she looked bizarrely similar to Ted’s first victim, Lynda Healy?

    • BundyGirl

      I have read about it too. She does look like linda Healy. it’s scary!

      She did tell us to stay on top of it of she didn’t post any new chapters.. i keep patiently waiting but damn it’s almost loosing it’s magic. Reading it so many months apart takes away from it.

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