Chapter 14


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9 responses to “Chapter 14

  1. Rebecca Lester

    Good chapter. I have always given her the benefit of the doubt but her level of denial is almost too much to take at this point. She is like an addict that you can’t talk out of their drug even though it is clearly life-destroying. And she doesn’t care about the other girl’s testimony or the fact that Ted clearly had other girlfriends! That last scene was disgusting.

  2. Scarlett

    How much do you think she has (either intentionally or not) embellished her so-called “tender moments” with Ted? I can imagine that sort of personality being highly manipulative and convincing, however I can also imagine her personality being pretty delusional when it comes to interpreting his signals. Thanks for posting, can’t wait for the next chapter!

  3. SM

    Ugh. This bish. She’s more upset by Ted’s possible side-piece “Kim” than the fact that he is on trial for fucking attempted kidnapping or that deep down she knows he’s a murderer. She writes they tried to “make love” one last time. MAKE LOVE. TO TED FUCKING BUNDY. I just… Wow. This woman really exists?!?!

  4. Shelby

    Chapter 15…please!!!

  5. Juliet

    hi, I’ve read the whole book, and I love what you said in a post about the book as a whole saying how Liz really wants to prove how much he loved her. and I do agree she is very much in love with him when she wrote the book.
    I was really infuriated with her at the start of reading and at chapter 9 I had to put the book down and just mull over my anger towards her because everything she was writing was pissing me off. she only talks about him crying and saying how he loves her. and what gets me is that even if you take out that he was a murdurer, he was just a plain bad boyfriend! she should have broken up with him with the way he was making her feel. and she only ever really got mad at him when she thought he was cheating or when she thought he would break up with her. she didn’t care how he treated her, even after pushing her into a lake, and exausting her daughter by making her swim way way to far, she still only gets mad when she thinks he’s not going to be hers.
    another thing is that she left out this very popular story of how she woke up and found him with a flashlight staring at her body. why did she leave that out? would that be too much, too obvious that he was a creep?
    so anyways you see that I had to put the book down because I was going into rants like this left and right.
    while I wasn’t reading it I went looking for her, for who she is now or who she was then, trying to find a yearbook photo of her, she’s not in any yearbook for some reason.
    from chapter 9 I read till the end, and my feeling started to change because I started to put myself in her shoes and feel the way she felt. I got really inthralled with the story, too much to where I was shocked when she got a call that he’d been arrested. and then at chapter 13, I just really lost it and I cried and I felt sad. the part when she starts reading the letters, I would have been rolling my eyes thinking who would fall for that crap, but I was falling for it. I felt the love in that passage and that moment. I still don’t totally understand why the rest of the book made me sad and why I was weeping in the last two chapters. when I finished the book I just put it down and I wanted to leave, I was in a car and I took my seatbelt off and just let the wind hit my face. I didn’t want to be apart of it anymore, it was really done and I just wanted to get the book away from me.

    I wanted to share with you and the readers and see what your thoughts are. as of now, i feel completely different about him and her and even myself. I think maybe he did love her as much as he could and I think she loved him so much and put him before herself.

    someone mentioned in an earlier chapter that Tina was always with some other family member, I thought that was weird and there was more to that the she let on.
    she did leave out bad times and left in good times, I think she wrote this book still in love with him, and I think she wrote it to paint this certain picture of Ted, the one that she clings to as being a prince.
    in an early chapter she says when they were cooking she was so happy she finally did something right by having garlic, shows how she thought she was beneath him. the she says how Tina was testing the water and demanding too much attention. that for me shows how she didn’t want any interference from anyone else, she wanted Ted to only be focused on her and she saw her daughter as a neuusance, which I think is partly why Tina was always with some relative through the whole story. I think Liz really wants to be a doting wife and will give over all she has for s husband, I mean she did that for Ted. also why I was so mad with her. she puts no value in herself and all the value in her significant other.

    I wrote a lot, so I’m stopping now because I could go on forever. bottom line thanks for putting this up and creating this discussion.

    • becky

      Thanks! Great post. You are the first person that sounds like you have been as enthralled as I have been by the book. The first person account of someone in such a dramatic situation is much more intriguing to me than any kind of fiction or non-fiction written by a third party researcher. I had a completely different experience though in that I gave Liz the benefit of the doubt completely the whole first part of the book and tried to see things from her perspective, but then, after Ted’s arrest, I began to get angry at her and felt that she was no longer as innocent. That she must actually see now that he is guilty and I couldn’t believe she would still want to be with such a monster. How have you read the whole book? Has the final chapter been posted?

      • Juliet

        the last chapter hasn’t been posted on here, but I read the book already online. the last chapter has some personal and tender moments, I’m sure manipulation on teds part, but reading it i felt very sad for them as a couple. I guess because they would really not be together. it’s not like I’m rooting for them but just, it was such a big part and now it’s ended for good.
        I would get mad at her, like at the part where she sleeps with him, how could she when she knows he guilty, she’s suspected him the whole time and now he’s going to court for it and he’s going to get sentenced, yet she stills goes back into it with him. but then he would say how he loved her and it was just more emotional layers to deal with and conflicting feelings. for me, at least. i think I was starting to fall for his charm. that’s what gets me about this book, and I think why I wanted to get away from it when I finished. too many feelings!

  6. Anon

    Oh wow. Just when you think it can’t get any sicker. Liz and her whining about how bad Ted treats her, Liz talking about Teds other girlfriends, Liz hearing that poor girls testimony and she couldn’t care less, and then Liz like the absolute mad woman she clearly was hissing “revenge is sweet” to the detectives as they finally get to take the low life away. Liz sounds like a real piece of work. This wasn’t some love crazed woman, she had badness in her too.

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