I know, I suck

Sorry guys.  Life got intense.  I traveled for most of March.  My level of tired is super hard expert right now.  Me and the WordPress app just about threw down last night.  I’m chatting with a hosting site to see if that would be a better fit.

I’ll post a discussion on Chapter 14 but feel free to just comment on that post.

I solemnly swear not to leave you guys hanging anymore.  I have a question though.  We are coming close to the end of this book.  Are there any more hard to find out of print books anyone would want to read next? I’m always looking to add to my library.



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5 responses to “I know, I suck

  1. Joanne

    Yes!! Defending the Devil by Polly Nelson !

  2. Nina

    I’m glad you’re back! Also glad I found the book here. Ever since I heard about it, I’ve been scouring old book stores, yard sales and everywhere to find it cheap. Not gonna happen!

    I think as soon as I heard this book was out there, that it would be eye-opening in that here is a person SO close to a suspected murderer, that it would be helpful to see if she had hints but didn’t see them, or was totally blinded by love, or even badgered and gaslight into questioning her sanity. It’s hard to know how we would react….I am currently going through therapy after finding out that my mother is a malignant narcissist, who used me not only as her scapegoat, but also as her experiment. (Did I mention she’s a psychotherapist with a Master’s degree?) Things I wouldn’t even question as being untrue I am finding were all false. I’m in my 40s, and am just now seeing that it wasn’t as she said- all my fault!

    Having said all that, I am amazed/shocked that Liz didn’t question Ted on all the things she was wondering about, from the very beginning, and floored that she would bring a man around her small daughter without finding as much out about him as she could!

    Again, I thank you for posting this, and I look forward to more of Liz figuring out how truly close she was to one of the most dangerous men in the country at that time!


  3. SueQ

    So I’d love you to know you probably have a TON of silent readers here, enjoying what you’re doing and sharing. So from me, and all of them, thank you. Life happens. I’m patient for chapters, and have thoroughly enjoyed the book.

  4. becky

    I’m currently obsessed with identifying the East Area Rapist AKA Original Nightstalker AKA Golden State Killer right now so if you have any books on that case I won’t argue if you post them here!

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