Let’s talk about Morgan

I’ve gotten a good amount of comments about the Morgan stalking case. And I’m in the mood to talk about something other than Liz and Ted.  Next chapter will go up tomorrow though so humor me.

I read through all of Toni’s blog but let’s narrow it down to the daily narrative of Morgan’s last months.  I’ve seen a lot reactions from parents whose children have passed away under mysterious circumstances.  Putting all the questioning aside, the daily on this day this happened was very captivating. It very much built up suspense.  I binge read over three days.  I can’t imagine reading it in real-time.  I’ve never been stalked but I felt super uneasy the closer and closer it got to the day Morgan died.  I realized how being the victim of a stalker must be very isolating.  As much as Morgan’s parents felt like it was happening to them too, Morgan was the only one to truly know what that felt like.

Which brings me to, yes I do think Morgan was stalked.  Raise your hand if you’ve ever been a teenager fresh out of high school? *raises hand*  Drama fuels a teenager’s life.  Yes, even the best, most well-behaved teenager is just moments away from the most epic of all drama that could ever happen because it doesn’t even matter what the drama topic is, everything is life or death for teenagers.  It’s not their fault.  Considering the entirety of Toni’s blog comes from what she experienced and what she saw around her, she had no fucking clue what was really going on in Morgan’s life.  Once Morgan left the house, Toni’s perspective is nixed.

Let’s play the odds and say yes Morgan dabbled in sex, drugs and probably rock and roll outside of her parent’s house.  And with that comes all sorts of drama and relationships.

Let’s start with these questions I can think of off the top of my head and later I’ll add in some more. I have a whole list in my notes from the second time I started to read through and make notes. I wanted to do a whole series on it back then but life happened and I couldn’t jump back into it.

  1. Wasn’t Morgan saying she felt drugged twice? But no one suggested she go get tested at the hospital? Both were during the active stalking. Were both of these clues to Morgan’s drug habits?
  2. I’ve read articles and her friends have said they’d either heard about the stalking or been at the house when a stalking incident occurred. So I feel pretty confident in saying she was stalked but then the question is to what degree? Was it a teen feud between the neighbor kid, his girlfriend and Morgan?
  3. Morgan’s death.  I think she OD’d.  It happens.  We see it all the time in celebs.  We really will never know what all she took.
    1. According to the police report, Toni and Morgan had an argument the day before because Morgan took the car without asking and then would not answer calls.  I think at this point Morgan was so over being watched every two seconds on top of neighborhood kids being assholes so that night she took an extra pill or two to sleep.  The police report also states her boyfriend was there that night.  I think this kinda cinches the suicide theory and the murder theory with one stone.  The boyfriend would have heard someone in her room.  And I don’t think she would have taken pills to die with him outside.  The police report said she had two full bottles of prescription medication. Propanolol and Amitriptyline.  My theory is Morgan took the car to go talk to a doctor about her living conditions. Between the stalker, Toni being up in her face all the time and school. she needed some help and that’s where she went.  Just because she lived at home doesn’t mean Toni had rights to her medical information and Morgan probably kept a lot of it private. And who knows what she got from friends.
  4. Why was there no video from inside the house of all the noises they heard?


Alright let’s stop here.  Add, ask, tell,  I wanna know all the things on this!




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5 responses to “Let’s talk about Morgan

  1. becky

    Wow a lot of good points and questions here. I stopped following the case a while back but 100% agree with your conclusions. (The drug OD and probably exhaustion from everything going on and maybe she did see a doc her parents knew nothing about.) Also, I believe there was some evidence from her friends (and social media posts possibly) that she may have experimented somewhat with other drugs as well. If the neighbors were messing with her, that is kind of bullying or harassment or something though…. I would think they would be held to some account if that could be proven.

    • One odd thing I found out from reading some other sites was that some of the times the noises happened, Morgan had a boyfriend sleeping over. Although we’ve seen a few of her friends support Toni’s account, there’s not a ton other than one or two articles. Even from her brother.

      If you fall further into the rabbit hole, there’s sites where Toni went totally bonkers and cyber-stalked people I guess. I wanna nae nae but no matter how or why Morgan died, her baby still died just down the hall from her. That’s gotta make a person unstable.

      I also wonder….in all the “surveillance” all we’ve got is what, the guy in the driveway watching the cops and another blurry picture when it comes to photographic evidence. I’ve read through from day one until the end and I feel like if that were my kid, I’d have proof. I would. She said they kept knocking down the cameras outside. Fucking put them inside in the windows. Get a group of 20 people to sit outside all night for two weeks straight, you’d see something. If my 19 year old child had to sleep in my closet more than one night because they were being harassed, that’s on me. The stalking went on for like 9 months right? I know hind sight and all that jazz but her blog sometimes read like a Tom and Jerry episode.

      • becky

        Tom and Jerry is right! So true. I read it all the way too and they did make some hair brained mistakes. And the police were always screwing up too with the batteries and dogs etc.

  2. N

    I agree, I think Toni just cant accept the truth. What she is doing to the girl she is accusing is actually unconscionable.

  3. Sherrill

    The stalking – if that indeed is what it was – went on from the beginning of September to the beginning of December. Not nine months at all but less than four complete months.

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