Sorry for the interruption

This past weekend one of my good friends suddenly passed away. She was young, like me.  She was happy.  She was talking about marriage, babies, life with her boyfriend.  She and her hetero soulmate were not speaking at the time.  That happens in any 25+ year friendship.  They fight, they make up, they have fun.  But this time they didn’t get to make up.  My friend had what we think was a heart attack in her sleep.

I last spoke with her on Thursday.  Just a check in text since I knew she and her friend were on the outs.  I didn’t text back. I got busy and thought I’d text her this week.  That she would be in town soon anyway for work and we’d see each other.

And now she’s gone and I can’t text her back. I certainly can’t keep calling her number just to hear her voicemail message. My whole world has been turned around so if you guys could have a little bit of more patience, the new chapter will be up soon.  And also a relocation announcement.



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3 responses to “Sorry for the interruption

  1. Nina

    I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. I hope that you can receive comfort from the memories.

  2. Nina

    that you shared. Sorry, didn’t notice that wasn’t included.

  3. SM

    Oh my gosh, I am so so sorry. I’ve experienced something similar and your comment about wanting to text your friend, just to realize you can’t, really sums it up… it’s so hard when your mind keeps wanting to turn to this person and you keep having to remember that they are gone.
    Thank you for sharing, and it really is a happy thing that you got to know someone who made a big impact on your life. I hope you feel better soon.

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